First Time's a Charm

A Naruto Fan-fiction

Hinata was just sitting around in the Hidden Leaf Village. She wished that she could somehow win over Naruto, but she knew she couldn't. Naruto would always love Sakura. Hinata thought that Naruto would eventually end up dating Sakura. She thought that until something went boom.

Hinata looked over and saw Naruto running with a worried and scared look on his face. She blushed until she saw who he was running from. It was Sakura.

"STAY STILL SO I CAN KILL YOU FOR PEEPING!" Sakura yelled as she chased him. Naruto quickly used the Shadow Clone Jitsu to distract her. Sakura saw through the trick and tried to stab Naruto. WHOOSH! Naruto used the substitution Jitsu replacing himself with a log and got away.

Hinata wondered where he went for a little while until she saw him beside her.

"Hinata, could you please help me?" Naruto asked her desperately. She thought about this. She would gladly help him with no question normally. But this time she had an idea

"I will if you go on a date with me tomorrow." She said to him.

"Alright, whatever." Naruto replied. Hinata forged a note in Sasuke's handwriting and threw it at Sakura. Then she opened up a secret passageway for naruto to escape through.

To Hinata, this was a grand day.