First Time's a Charm

A Naruto Fan-fiction

Suddenly a man with a suit like Kakashi's and a bowl cut came in and kicked Neji in the face, sending him flying into the wall.

"You know you're only allowed to attack Lee randomly." The man said to Neji.

"I was protecting Hinata." Neji grunted as he staggered up.

"The branch of the Hyuga clan that you are part of and the one Hinata is in have been feuding," The man explained "You just wanted to attack someone who wouldn't beat you."

"Who said anything about him beating me?" Naruto interrupted. He tried getting up and nearly fell, Hinata stopped him.

"Just follow me and leave these two alone." The man told Neji. He reluctantly nodded his head and followed the man out of the ramen shop.

Naruto got up without falling, this had been an insane day for him. First he fought Neji, then he went on a date with Hinata, and then another fight with Neji! He was just going to go to his house, rest, and get ready for his next d-rank mission.

"Well, I'll be off."

"Naruto!" Hinata yelled. As soon as He turned around, Hinata kissed him. She expected him to pull away with confusion, instead he let the kiss last for few seconds.

"Hey Hinata, wanna go on another date next week?" He asked her. She nodded her head and the both left Ichiraku's.

For both of them this had been a really great day.