James Howlett, also known as Logan, owns a night club where mutant women, that have been rejected by the public, come to show that people actually do want them – even if they don't say it out loud. These mutants, called X-Women, are prostitutes that have a different way of pleasuring men. When the curtains are closed, people give up their prejudices and accept the change they are too afraid to face in the real world.

Based on the movies. WARNING: This story contains mature content, so if you don't want to read something like that, please leave now. Because I'm not English, there may be some grammar mistakes, but hopefully not too many.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, they belong to Marvel Comics. I just used them for this story. X-Men isn't mine and I'm simply a fan using these characters for my own good. I don't own anything, this story is simply fictional. I make no profit of this.

Chapter 1: Logan

It's was typical Friday night. The club was once again crammed with men. Normal people, or whatever they should be called. Logan ran his glance through the couches, the stage and the bar. Everything seemed to be in order. The girls were dancing, giving close contacts, leading men to private rooms. No one seemed to wanna be a trouble maker but you couldn't count for that to go on for the rest of the night. Someone always wanted more than they paid for and then they acted out. Sometimes the girls got hit, sometimes they got raped. Those were rare occasions because Logan had brushed up the security. Some men just wanted their fantasies to come true and only mutant women could offer them that. But in the daylight they declared their hatred for their kind. It was all very complicated but they all needed each other. The mutants wanted to be left alone and they were, when they had a successful business that brought money to the city. The people got money and their wishes came true in the darkness of the club. That was the deal. Many knew what happened behind these closed doors, but most of them didn't say a word. Most of them were the clients and they didn't want to lose their precious X-Women.

In the club, the mutants were the kings and queens, not the other way around. People respected them, yearned for them, wanted them. It was only a glimpse of the power men had all over the world, but it was still something. In time people wouldn't fear them anymore, Logan believed. They would be equal, even in some amount.

"How's it going?" a very active client asked as he was walking to Logan. Logan was awoken from his thoughts. He nodded, like everything was under control.
"Everything's fine", Logan said, raising his eyebrow and watched the man in the suit. "Who's it gonna be tonight, Earl?" he asked. The man smiled. He was anxious.
"I heard the young one is really good. They say he gives a blowjobs to die for", Earl told.
"Oh, you mean Rogue", Logan suspected. "You haven't tried her yet?"
"No", Earl shook his head. "Is it true?"
"Well, I haven't tried her myself but I haven't seen anyone leaving the room without a wide smile on their face", Logan imparted and asked Earl to follow him to the private rooms. "There's couple of things she insists."
"Oh? What are them?" Earl asked, loosening his tie.

"She doesn't like to be touched. So use these", Logan told and gave him rubber gloves. Earl glanced them strangely.
"What's up with that?"
"You don't wanna know", Logan said and gave him condoms. "Oh, and you might wanna use these too."
"Christ. Is she contagious?" Earl feared.
"No. My girls are all clean", Logan assured. "I won't spoil the surprise for you. Just experience it yourself", he gave the man a smile. "I'll let her know you're here. I'll come pick you up", Logan told him. He left Earl standing there with rubber gloves and condoms. The look on his face was priceless. Logan loved it. The men had no idea what they were in for...