*So heres my other new story. I am working on finishing up a few old ones this week or getting them close so I now have room lol Ok so I dont know if any of you have Johns journal but just so you know Katie in this story is the girl Dean took on his first date at age 13. But thats all it says about her I just thought hey I can use that name lol. Ok so I hope you like : )

Dean and Sam walked slowly into the gentlemans club. Lights where flashing and the music where blasting. There were girls dancing on stage and Dean tried his best not to look. They were here for one thing and one thing only. Now was not the time.

"Dean, are you sure this is the right place?" Sam asked as they pushed their way through the crowed, "I don't know about this."

"I'm sure and this is going to work. Just let me take care of everything. We can do this." Dean said.

The two made their way across the club and stopped when they came up to a set of red double doors that had two large bouncers in front of them, "Can we help you?" one said to Dean.

"Yeah. We're here for the private auction." Dean winked and pulled our a hundred dollar bill along with a car, "Personal friend of Mikes."

The bouncers looked between each other and nodded, "Right this way gentlemen." They said and pushed open the doors.

As soon as the door where open Dean and Sam looked down a long hallways, "Go to the end and take a left. The auction will start in five minute. Have a great night." The bouncer on the left said and gave Dean a pat on the back.

"I plan to." Dean said.

Dean and Sam walked through the door and listened as they slammed behind them, "Dean, I don't know about this."

Dean sighed and stopped, "Ok look, why don't you wait outside and call Bobby. I can handle this." Dean said.

"I'm not leaving you in here. Dean, these are demons." Sam said.

"I can handle it. Last thing we need is you freaking out. Just…wait outside. I'll call if I need you."

"Do you have the money?"

"Yes I have the money. Just go."

"Fine but be careful and don't do anything stupid." Sam said and headed back through the door.

When Dean came to the end of the hall he looked to his left just like the men said and slowly opened the doors. He walked in and saw the room was filled with tables, girls half dressed walking around passing cards and drinks. Time to get to work.

"Will you be bidding tonight sir?" A girl asked.

"Yeah. Bring me a whiskey now bitch." Dean seethed.

"Of course. Just take a seat and I'll be right with you." She said and handed him a card with a number before walking off.

Dean took a seat and looked up at the stage. He was getting anxious. He wanted to kill every one of these bastards but now was not the time. "Are you having a good evening sir?" Dean turned and was face to face with Drake, the lead demon that ran this place. "You must be new."

"Friend of Mikes." Dean winked. Mike was the co owner that Dean took care of an hour before coming.

"You know Mike?"

"Great guy." Dean said and got up, "Listen, I don't have time or the patience for cheap tramps like the ones you have serving. I want the goods. I'll pay top dollar." Dean said.

"My kind of guy. Well why don't you follow me to our back room. That's where I keep my own personal collection for out favored guest."

"Lead the way."

Drake led Dean into the back and Dean looked around. There were only about six other men in this room. "Just have a seat and we will begin." Drake said and walked up on the stage.

Second later a curtain slowly opened and he saw a line of girls in cuffs standing on stage. Right there in the middle was the girl he had been looking for. Katie Baker. She was taken by demons seven years ago when they killed her family. Tonight he was going to save her no matter what he took. He made her a promise years ago and he was going to keep that promise.

"Let the bidding begin!" A man called out. The first girl he pulled up was Katie and Dean sat up in the seat. He had to get her.

"Number 14 my best piece of ass. Buy her and you'll have the night of your life I can assure you." Drake smiled, "Trust me I know." He said and the demons in the room laughed as Drake ran his fingers through her hair, "She is a real gem. Aren't you baby?"

Katie just stood there and shuttered.

Dean gritted his teeth and balled his fist. He was going to kill every one of these bastards if it was the last thing he did.

"We'll start the bidding at fifty thousand."

Dean didn't waste any time before yelling, "Five hundred thousand cash," Which was all he had.

"Sold!" Drake said.

Dean got up from his table and walked up to the stage and handed him the money, "You are going to have one hell of a night with this one. Hope you can handle her." He smiled at Dean.

"I can handle anything this slut has to give me." Dean said.

"She's a fighter."

"Just the way I like them." Dean said.

"She'll be in room 31. Head that way now." The demon smiled. "Take this key and it will open the door. Let me show you the way." Drake said and wrapped his arms around.

"Thanks." Dean said as he listen to her scream as the pulled her out of the room and into the back.

Drake led Dean down the hallways and Dean could hear screams coming from every room. He felt bad but Katie was the only thing on his mind. As soon as they found the room Dean pulled out the key and unlocked the door. When the two walked in he saw Katie tired to the bed in nothing but a ripped bra and panties. She was sobbing.

"She is very special to me. One of a kind I promise. You will never find another better than her." Drake said as he walked in behind Dean, "You have three hours before she goes back up for auction. Let me just say she is worth buying over and over again. You can touch all you want but you cant keep. I keep a close eye on this one. Go ahead and make sure you like what you see."

"I might have to take your word for it." Dean said.

"No please go ahead. I like for my top payers to be pleased with their purchase."

Dean walked over to the bed and touched grabbed her by the face and turned her to him. He hated being rough with her but it was the only way right now. "She's perfect. Perfect mouth on her if I do say so myself."

"Yes it is. I'll leave you to it." Drake said and backed out of the room and locked the door.

"Please…Please don't hurt me. Please." Katie cried when she was sure Drake was gone, "I'll do anything you want. Just don't hurt me."

"I'm not going to hurt you." Dean said and took off the blind fold. "It's me." He said.

Katie opened her eyes and looked at Dean but nothing clicked, "Who…who are you?" she asked.

Dean's heart broke. They had really done a number on her, "Katie…its Dean." He said.

"My name is not Katie. Its Kit." She said.

"No it's not. You're name is Katie Baker. Your father was Kenneth."

"I have no father." She said, "Just please don't hurt me." She cried.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to get you out of here." Dean said and got up from the bed. He pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the ropes off her hands.

Katie sat up and looked at him confused, "You don't want me? Oh no I've disappointed you." She said. She knew what would happen to her if a customer was left unhappy. "Give me a chance to please you." She said and moved her hands up his chest.

Dean cupped her face and looked into her eyes, "Stop it! You did nothing wrong. I am going to take you somewhere safe."

"But I can leave here. This is my home." She said, "They'll kill me."

"Not if I kill them first." Dean said and took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, "Come on. We have to leave now."

Dean walked her over to the window and opened it up. "Sam!' he yelled in a whispered.

"Over here." Sam said and ran over to the window. When he saw Katie his heart broke for her. "Oh God."

"Just help me get her out of here." Dean said.


Dean turned to Katie and wiped a tear from her eyes, "That's Sam. He's going to help you out. You have to trust us."

Katie nodded and began to climb out the window. Sam took her by the hand and helped her down, "How are you Katie?"

"Do I know you?" she asked.

Sam looked at her and then back at Dean, "We have to get her to Bobby's." Dean said as he jumped out of the window. They new that Katie was messed up. Maybe Bobby had a way to undo what the demons had done to her.

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