Notes: This fic is a whole lot of fluff. All of our favorite CSI characters are involved in this story, but it revolves around Greg and a birthday gift created for him. I hope you enjoy reading this. Please review!


"Hey, hey, Greggo! Happy thirtieth, man!" Nick greeted Greg with a clap on the shoulder as a whole slew of fellow Vegas crime lab employees followed him into the break room where an unsuspecting Greg Sanders had just poured himself a steaming mug of coffee, the first mug brewed from the birthday bag of Blue Hawaiian he had treated himself to. Hot coffee splashed onto the floor as Greg hastily set his mug back on the countertop; the arm belonging to Warrick that had been slung around his shoulder made it a bad idea to hold onto his brew, not to mention the fact that he was being accosted by what seemed to be every member of the lab… Catherine and Sara both kissed him on the cheek, Archie pulled a "The Todd" impression and yelled, "Birthday five" as he nearly broke Greg's wrist giving him a high five, Wendy hugged him, others clapped him on the shoulder much as Nick had done, and even Grissom moved in to comment, "Welcome to the adult world, Greg" with a smile on his face.

Before Greg even had time to respond, Catherine had whipped a cake seemingly out of nowhere, lit the two candles shaped as a 3 and a 0, and led everyone in a rousing, entirely off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday." Nick and Super Dave, arms over each other's shoulders, finished the song a few measures behind everyone else; they had ritarded the last line, and everyone both cringed and laughed as they finished howling, "Haaaaaappy tooo-oooo-oooo yoooooooooooooou!"

"Wow, guys, that was lovely. Spectacular really. So great I think you woke Mr. Fisher up from the dead… Doc, you might wanna go pull him out of the freezer!" Greg cracked himself up with his wit; he elicited a couple of giggles from his comrades as well.

"Yo, Greggo!" Nick interjected. "Candles, man. Blow 'em out." Sara nudged Greg toward the cake and he made a production out of blowing out the two measly candles by using six breaths to do so. Red in the face and smiling at his own antics, Greg said, "Hey, guys, thanks. I really wasn't expecting this. It's just another day, you know."

Catherine answered with, "It's not every day one of our favorite CSIs turns 30, you know. Actually, we all felt we needed to celebrate this big day because it's been a while since any of the rest of us have seen 30!"

"Hey!" Sara mockingly fumed with her hands on her hips. "I'm not that much older than Greg, thank you very much. There's still a 3 at the beginning of my age. Just because you're a dinosaur…"

Sara smirked as Catherine scoffed, "Dinosaur? What the hell? Go on Warrick, tell her I look younger than she does."

"Oh, I'm smarter than that, Cath. I am so not going there!" Warrick was grinning at both Sara and Catherine as he enjoyed the banter between them.

"Fine, well, I am at least still young enough to wield a knife. Hand it over, Doc, I'm cutting the cake."

"Excuse me, but I believe blood spatter analysis is your strong point. Precision slicing is mine. It would obviously be best if I did the honors. Let's see," Doc continued as he raised his eyebrows at Catherine and took the knife to the cake, "I'll start with a Y incision… perfect. All right, hand over the plates. Interesting… the chest cavity generally contains ribs… Oh come on now, who ordered chocolate instead of red velvet? You're ruining my fun!"

Again, everyone was laughing, and Doc placed perfectly cut slices of cakes on the "Big 3-0" paper plates. Mandy and Hodges helped pass the loaded plates around the room, and soon, there was considerably less noise as everyone enjoyed their cake, at least until Wendy stood up to throw her plate away, tripped, hit Grissom's arm, and caused him to drop his cake, which landed icing side down on his shoe.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" Wendy held her hand over her mouth as she apologized to Grissom for fear that her barely contained laugh might escape as Catherine handed Grissom a handful of napkins.

"Oh man, that might be the best birthday present of the day; that's was freakin' hilarious!" Greg was laughing at Grissom's plight and Wendy's embarrassment along with everyone else.

"No, Greg, it isn't. This is." Grissom took the opportunity to hand Greg a box. "Go on, open it. I guarantee you that this is the best birthday present."

Everyone was eagerly watching Greg as he tore off the gift wrap, which had to have been chosen by someone other than Grissom. There was just no way Grissom would buy luridly flowered gift wrap; he seemed more of a solid colors or dark plaid gift wrap kind of guy, which made Greg realize Grissom couldn't be the only one in on this gift.

Once Warrick snagged the gift wrap out of Greg's hands, he was left holding a book. The cover read "Defining Greg Sanders: A Dictionary of A Friend with contributions by Henry Andrews, Jim Brass, Warrick Brown, Bobby Dawson, Gil Grissom, David Hodges, Archie Johnson, David Phillips, Al Robbins, Sara Sidle, Wendy Simms, Nick Stokes, Mandy Webster, and Catherine Willows."

Everyone watched as Greg read the title. His face expressed confusion and he looked up at Sara and said, "You guys made something for me?"

"Course." Sara grinned. "I'm thinking about demanding one for my big 4-0, even though I'm probably never going to admit it when I hit that milestone. It's pretty freakin' cool. Way cooler than showering with you, anyway." Sara raised her eyebrows flirtatiously and then winked at Greg, grinning as she referenced one of their more embarrassing moments together.

"Haha, I'll have you know women have been known to practically line up to shower with me. In fact, this one time in college, there were these three girls on my floor who…"

"DUDE!" Nick interrupted. "TMI, buddy. Just open the book already."

Greg obliged and what he saw as he flipped through the pages of the book in his hands astounded him. His friends had created a page for every letter from A-Z with dictionary entries for each letter. It looked as though they had added the reasons behind the terms they'd added on each page as well. Speechlessness was not a phenomenon Greg was overly familiar with, but he had to admit that right then, he really didn't know what to say. He was touched. Really touched.

"Holy crap, guys, I really can't believe you did this for me. This is so awesome! Can I read it at home, though? I mean, I'm sure I just saw "Hot" on the H page in here, and I wouldn't want to read out loud about how Sara has the hots for me. It might embarrass her."

Everyone cracked up and assured Greg that he could indeed further peruse his gift at home, although none of them were fooled by his teasing words about Sara. They all knew he was afraid of getting too emotional about the contents of the book in front of them all and for that everyone was exceptionally grateful. They knew they'd succeeded in making Greg's day and heck, he hadn't even really read any of the entries yet.

Fortunately, the impromptu birthday party had taken place at 6:15am and shift ended at 7:00. Greg left the lab, his gift under his arm, to well-wishes for a great day. Exactly seventeen minutes later, Greg stepped into his apartment, tossed his keys on an end table, and plopped down on the couch to read his new book.


A/N: "The Todd" is a hilarious character from the TV show Scrubs who delights in giving every other character on the show various types of high fives. I can definitely see both Archie and Greg watching Scrubs. Also, the next chapters will contain the contents of Greg's gift. I hope you're looking forward to reading it!