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Moon White Rose

What I'm Thinking

Seven years. It's a long time to think, especially when nearly all your mind is under someone else's control and only a tiny part of yourself still answers to you. As if he would ever get all of me; I would never belong fully to anyone. Sure, I may have to do his bidding. Yeah, I'm sitting here motionless, rotting in a tin can. I may have to call him King and Master, and other garbage on the occasions he comes, but no matter what, at the end of the day, even if I have to do it with one brain cell, I will answer to myself and myself only.

The day that I, Nabooru, the great Gerudo thief, the Desert Queen, do otherwise, is the day I die by my own hands and sword.

I vowed long ago that no one would own me; that I would be free to rule my life as I saw fit. I also vowed seven years ago to not go insane and let those hags and their pig slime king steal my humanity when they captured me and stuck me in this Iron Knuckle ruse. If I were not as strong as I am, I probably would have submitted to the numbing, obedient, silence that has almost consumed me completely due to how maddening my situation is. I sit here, day in and day out, never tiring, never getting hungry or thirsty, hot or cold, or even aging.

I just exist; the thoughts of my most inner self being my only lifeline at not surrendering completely and becoming yet another one of his mindless puppets. So every day I think, and think, and surprise, surprise, do more thinking. I've come to many conclusions and some are better than others.

One thing I've learned is I make very good company for myself. Really, I had never known I was so smart; I'm so smart in fact that I can admit I am also probably one of the biggest fools to ever grace the world. I was an idiot for being so bold those seven years ago when I thought I could kill him all by myself. Besides all of that, the thing I have firmly cemented in my mind, body and spirit is that I completely despise Ganondorf; that vain, swaggering piece of rotten, festering Redead waste.

It really is a shame that he turned out the way he did; he is our one male after all. If anyone should have gotten our unconditional support, respect and adoration than it should have been him. He was supposed to be our champion, leader and guide to better lives. It was he who was supposed to pave the way to security for our daughters. Looking back on it however, I truly realize we never had a prayer; he was bad from the day his mother had him. Maybe it was the way Koume and Kotake raised him, his bloody personality that was bent towards chaos and demise, or a bad mixture of both.

Subtle little things done over time however- a scorpion in a bed here, a dead animal in the courtyard there, talk of spilling the blood of degraded Hylian women, disowning his own daughters- were all little hints that one day he would become the sick, twisted monster that would run his own race into the grown just so he could have nice clothes and a fat gut. Well, he is succeeding and I hate that fat gut of his for it. How dare he abandon his own people, his sisters, and still expect us to serve!

Ha! The rest may follow him if they choose, but not me. He does not care for us, and I don't care for him; the only way I would ever care about him is if he were dead. Speaking of his downfall, that is another way I pass my time; I envision numerous ways of him biting the dust. All are quite enjoyable and make me smile. I am not really one for torture, but he has crossed the line; he did long ago and on more than one occasion.

He crossed it when he left us, when he turned our image from thieves who steal to get by to cold, heartless murderers.

He crossed it at every innocent life he destroyed and every infant he killed while the parents watched.

He crossed my path for the last time when he gave me the choice of being his brainwashed slave or his bed girl.

When he presented me with those choices, I saw only one clear course of action to take. Though it was stupid, I simply couldn't resist. I answered with my foot wounding his pride and after receiving a searing slap across my face from his large hand, I was stuck in this room which I have now been in for seven years. I don't know how I have such a good concept of time or what goes on around me, but I'm thankful for it.

It just means I've had seven years to think, ponder, and wonder. Seven years to prepare mentally for the day I will be free to get my revenge. I won't do it alone though; never again will I make that mistake. I may answer only to myself, but I know I can't do this alone. I'm fine with that. Surly there must be others who want him dead. I'll find them, no matter what, and I'll do my part to help kill that rotting piece of Skulltula slime or I'll die trying.

First things first though, I have to get this curse on me to break. It will; one day it will and wh-

Movement; the door, I hear it open, but it is not he who approaches. A young man clothed in emerald green does, and for the first time in seven years I feel as if my heart is singing.

It's singing with happiness at the freedom that must be coming, but it's yelling my own personal war cry as well. Soon I will be free, and when that time comes, Ganondorf better say his final prayers, because I maybe won't potentially make him pay.

I intend to.

A\N: So what do think? I hope you still like it, sis. Love you!

Moon White Rose