Kurt took a long drag off of his cigarette at the cafe. He sighed, looking at his watch. 1:15 it read. Blaine was supposed to call him with the news if he made it into NYU at 1:00. He took a sip of his latte (which tasted disgusting with his cigarette) and grasped his phone in his pocket, his knee bouncing nervously. Blaine had amazing grades at Dalton, so why wouldn't they accept him? They accepted Kurt, and if Blaine got rejected something really must be wrong with that school.

Blaine was still in a meeting with a counselor from NYU. The meeting had gone longer than planned but Blaine didn't mind since he was accepted! He had a huge smile on his face the whole time as they set up his schedule and talked about housing arrangements. He finally got out around 1:25. "Oh shit," Blaine thought. He pulled his phone out and called Kurt instantly.

Kurt jumped as his phone rang and Blaine's face flashed on his phone. He immediately felt guilty, stubbing out what was left of his cigarette in the ashtray and answering the phone. "Hello? Blaine? How'd it go?" Kurt said quickly.

"Sorry it took so long. But...I GOT IN!" Blaine practically yells. He hears Kurt let out an excited scream. Kurt congratulates Blaine and starts to talk about how excited he is to be going to the same school. Blaine interrupts, "Hey babe? Can we talk about this tonight at dinner? I have some things I need to take care of...Uh...Just be ready around 7? I'll pick you up."

"Uhh…Sure!" Kurt doesn't even bat an eye at Blaine's rush to get off the phone, They were going to the same school! Everything they'd ever dreamed of was happening and Kurt couldn't hold in his excitement. "I love you! Sososososossooo much! Congratulations baby!" He said squeaking again, gaining looks from some of the other cafe patrons. "See you at seven!" He hung up and dreamily sipped his latte. Things were going to be perfect.

Blaine was happy that Kurt was so excited. But there was still something Blaine hadn't told Kurt. Something he was planning on talking about tonight. Blaine goes back to his apartment to change before another "meeting" he has to get to. It takes him a few hours to get everything settled. Blaine is starting to get very nervous. He calls La Lune, the fancy French restaurant uptown, to make sure he still has the reservations for 7:00. Once that is in place, he goes home to take a shower and get ready for dinner. He texts Kurt, "Just got home. About to take a quick shower. When you get dressed, think fancy ;) I love you –Blaine."

Kurt smiled at the text. This was the perfect opportunity to wear his new D&G suit he bought just for a special occasion. He jumps into the shower and when he gets out he slowly dresses himself, making sure everything is pressed, straight, and wrinkle free before carefully sitting down and beginning to work on his hair.

Blaine quickly takes his shower then tries to find the perfect outfit for tonight. He finds his best suit and puts it on carefully. Tonight has to be perfect. Blaine hopes Kurt has no idea what is in store for tonight. He fixes his hair exactly how Kurt loves it. He then sends a quick text to Kurt, "Hey baby, you almost ready? I'm about to leave."

Kurt stares at the text and freezes. He hasn't even gotten a chance to start on his hair. "Yep, I'm ready, come whenever! xoxo" He replies, knowing it's a lie. It wouldn't kill Blaine to wait for a few minutes while he does his hair. It wouldn't be the first time. Plus it would give Blaine time to talk to his dad, who is visiting from back home. Kurt couldn't help noticing they haven't spoken in a few days which was rare.

Blaine replies with, "On my way, see you in a few gorgeous." Blaine goes to get something out of the dining room and heads out the door. When he pulls into Kurt's apartment's parking lot, his nerves catch up with him. He takes a few breaths and heads towards the door. Mr. Hummel answers the door and leads Blaine into the living room, telling him Kurt is finishing up his hair. Burt and Blaine take the next 15 or so minutes catching up when Kurt finally comes out of his room. He sees Blaine holding a dozen red and white roses.

"Blaine..." Kurt gasps walking over to his boyfriend and capturing him in a kiss. "They're beautiful." He says with his arms wrapped around Blaine's shoulders. "I'm still here you know!" Burt teases and Kurt pulls away from Blaine, slapping his father's arm playfully. "Dad, I know you're leaving tomorrow to go back to Lima so I'll try to be home before 10 to take you to the airport tomorrow." Kurt says, kissing his father's cheek. "You better be home before 10 P.M tonight!" Burt joked, eying Blaine suspiciously."Scouts honor..." Kurt said giving a mini salute before grabbing the roses from Blaine and kissing him on the cheek as well, running to go put them in a vase.

Blaine blushes at this and waits for Kurt to return. He tells Burt how nice it was to see him again. They say bye to Burt and head out the door. Kurt is filled with curiosity. He has no idea where they are going. Blaine can't keep his smile off his face at the way Kurt is all excited and giddy about their college plans.

"UGH! Blaine I am so excited! I can't wait to start college so I can get out of that shitty apartment and hopefully board with you! And-" Kurt continued going on and on about college and what they were going to do when they get their degrees as they got in Blaine's car. "-I should probably stop talking now." He said pausing to take a breath and chuckling a bit. He looked over at Blaine, who was driving quietly with a smile stretched over his freshly shaven face. "You've been awfully quiet about this... I know I want it... But is it what YOU want Blaine?" Kurt said cautiously. It was true, Kurt had gone on and on about New York and college and all that jazz, but not once did he ask Blaine if he even /wanted/ to do any of this in the first place.

Blaine looks at Kurt, confused. "Sorry I'm being so quiet. I'm just nervous about tonight...Trust me, I am very excited about college. It's exactly what I want." Blaine smiles that smile that Kurt just can't resist.

"Why are you nervous?" Kurt asks, sliding a hand over to Blaine's thigh.

"Well, there's something I want to talk to you about. Something very serious. That's why I picked La Lune...I'm just kind of nervous about how you will react..." Blaine says nervously

"We're going to La Lune?" Kurt gasps. He'd always wanted to go there since he and Blaine moved to New York. "Oh wait- I'm sorry that was inappropriate... What are you nervous about?" Kurt said scooting closer to Blaine but also trying to keep the seat belt from wrinkling his suit.

"Yes, La Lune," Blaine smiles at how excited Kurt is. "Could we talk about it when we get there? I'd rather not be driving when we talk about it."

"Of course..." Kurt says, he scoots back over, adjusting his seat belt more. He bounces in his seat a bit. Today has been so perfect, and he could tell tonight was going to be amazing. And he was going to be home at ten alright. Ten tomorrow morning. His father's flight wasn't until two. He would survive a couple hours at the apartment without him. He just knew he wanted this evening to end perfectly, and what better way than spending the night with the man you're in love with? That and he was wondering what Blaine could be nervous about, Blaine was never nervous. They pulled into La Lune's valet and Kurt felt like he was practically going to explode with excitement. Blaine walked around to open the door for Kurt and they walked inside, his arm laced around Blaine's.

Blaine knows he doesn't have much time. Kurt isn't going to let him wait any longer once they sit down. Blaine is trying to figure out how to bring it up. He feels Kurt slip his hand into Blaine's. This gives him a little more confidence. By the time they are seated, Kurt is still slightly bouncing at how much he loves this place. It's gorgeous. They sit and Blaine decides to gradually lean into the conversation. "So...What are you planning on doing as far as living arrangements when you start school?"

"Well, like I said earlier, I was thinking we could board together." Kurt said, sipping water out of his goblet. He looked at his menu, "Oh god the salmon from L'adour sounds delicious." Kurt said happily.

"Order whatever you like. It's on me. And I'm actually not going to be staying on campus..." Blaine admits, nervously awaiting Kurt's reply.

Kurt freezes, looking away from the menu and at Blaine with wide eyes.

Blaine starts to get really nervous. "I've actually been looking into apartments close to NYU. I had a showing at one earlier today."

"Oh..." Kurt says looking at Blaine with the same expression. He calls the waiter over and asks him to bring out some wine, whichever he recommended. When the waiter brought out the wine, Blaine sipped daintily on his glass while Kurt swallowed his glass whole. They were only 19 but the waiter didn't ask for ID and that wasn't Kurt's problem. He was upset. He was looking forward to staying with his boyfriend during college. He gestured for the waiter to pour him another glass and shooed him away instructing him to leave the bottle.

Blaine thought Kurt would catch on by now. But he should've known that Kurt would've thought he didn't want to board with him. He needs to turn this around quickly. "Well...Kurt, this is what I've been nervous about...But I didn't want to talk about it until I had a few options ready. I have a few apartments picked out...But...I was wondering...If you'd like to move in...with me?"

Kurt nearly choked on his mouthful of wine. He swallowed quickly. "Wha..what?" He rasped, tears forming in his eyes quickly. He just made himself look like such an ass. "Blaine I-I..." He put his glass down and dabbed at his eyes with a napkin, "Ijustthoughtyoudidn''tknowwhattosayand...and...Yes!... of course I'll move in with you!" He said holding back a sob.

Blaine has a big smile plastered on his face. He gets up to kiss Kurt. "Of course I want to be with you. Just in our own place. Somewhere we can call ours. I want to be with you forever, Kurt. That's why I got you this..." Blaine pauses to pull a little black box out of his pocket. He gets down on one knee. "Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, I love you. I love every little thing about you. We are only 19. But I have every intention of marrying you one day. That is if you will take my hand in marriage. But this, this ring, is a promise ring. I promise to love you until the day I die. I promise to never hurt you. I promise to always be here for you. I've already talked to your father about this. He gave me his blessing. Kurt, will you accept this promise ring?"

"Blaine..." Kurt breaks down, he knows he looks ridiculous but as soon as he lets out a choked yes, and stands up to kiss Blaine everyone around them claps and cheers. Probably not knowing it was a promise ring and thinking it was a proposal but it was still amazing. Blaine removed the platinum band from the box and slips it onto Kurt's finger. He can't control his sobs and he kisses Blaine again. "I love you so much..." he whispers into Blaine's neck.

Blaine is so happy, he starts to tear up. "I love you too baby. So much. I want to be with you forever. You just made me the happiest man alive!"

Dinner was amazing and afterwards they went for a walk through a park with a gorgeous fountain and danced to the sound of the water splashing against the concrete. "Blaine... I just want you to know how happy you've made me..." Kurt said tearing up again. "I am so in love with you." He whispered, pressing his forehead against Blaine's.

Blaine smiles back at his beautiful future husband. Future husband. Blaine gets all giddy from the thought. "I fell for you the day you stopped me on that stairwell. I haven't stopped falling for you since. I love you so much, Kurt."

Kurt leans in for a kiss and pulls Blaine close, wanting to take in every inch of Blaine. "I never want to stop telling you that Blaine… I love you...I love you so much..." He said in between kisses.

"I love you too, Kurt. I'll never get tired of hearing/saying it. But...It is almost ten...what do you think..."

"Blaine, do you really think I'm going home at ten? The last time I did that we were still seventeen and you were still terrified of my father." Kurt said chuckling, wrapping his hands around Blaine's waist.

Blaine smiles that 'Blaine Warbler' smile. "I just wanted to be sure," He laughs, "So what do you want to do now? It's your turn to choose."

"Well I was thinking we could go to the library and study up on a bit of antidisestablishmentarianism..." Kurt said jokingly.

"Lead the way," Blaine chuckles

"Okay but I'M driving..." Kurt says skipping off to Blaine's car. Kurt drives quickly to Blaine's apartment complex and as soon as Blaine opens the door to the apartment and closes the door behind him Kurt pins him against the wall, kissing him furiously.

Blaine is a bit surprised at first. But kisses Kurt back as fiercely. Blaine looks up at the taller one, staring into his lustful eyes. Kurt looks so damn sexy like this, it's hard for Blaine to stay pinned against the wall.

"Just think..." Kurt says while kissing up and down Blaine's neck, "When we have our own apartment. We can do this /whenever/ we want. I can fuck you in every room of that goddamn apartment." Kurt says squeezing Blaine's ass and pushing him harder into the wall.

"Fuck, Kurt. When can we move in? I can't wait. God, I want you inside me so fucking bad, baby!"

Kurt strips off Blaine's suit jacket, tie, and shirt, kissing his collar bones and running his hands down his chest to start to unbuckle Blaine's belt. He pulls down Blaine's pants and boxer briefs in one quick movement and unzips his own pants, freeing his throbbing cock. He pushes Blaine harder into the wall and grinds against his naked boyfriend. It gave him a sense of power really, Blaine being completely naked and Kurt being clothed. He held up his fingers for Blaine to suck. Once Kurt felt they were wet enough he lifted Blaine up and Blaine wrapped his legs around Kurt's back as Kurt eased a slippery finger into his boyfriend.

Having Kurt control Blaine, drives Blaine crazy. He loves how Kurt can make him come undone. Blaine moans as Kurt slides his finger in and out of Blaine's tight ass. He adds another finger, slowly stretching Blaine. Blaine leans forward a little to kiss Kurt, hot and passionately.

Kurt shivers, pressing a third finger into Blaine. He loved the feeling of Blaine's tight ass squeezing around him. "Are you ready?" Kurt asked. Blaine gave a quick nod and Kurt removed his fingers slowly and lifted Blaine up, placing the head of his cock at Blaine's entrance. He slowly starts to lower Blaine down on his cock and the thought of hurting Blaine was the only thing keeping him from thrusting up into that tight heat.

Blaine groans against Kurt's neck. He needs more. Blaine tries to grind down onto Kurt's glorious, hard cock. "Fuck me, Kurt. Please. I want you to fuck me hard baby. Please. I need you to fill me." Blaine doesn't admit it, but he secretly loves when Kurt makes him beg. Something about giving complete control to Kurt turns Blaine on so intensely.

Kurt can't help it and plunges deep into Blaine, moaning loudly. "You like it when I fuck you huh? You like it when I have my cock shoved in that tight little ass. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you right now." Kurt said feigning dominance and trying to hold himself together. He was pumping in and out of Blaine excruciatingly slow. "I want your fucking neighbors to know my name Blaine" He whispered into Blaine's ear.

"FUCK! KURT! I want you so fucking bad. I love when you pound my tight ass! I need you to fuck me hard baby! Please, Kurt! Fuck! Fuck my tight little ass as hard as you can!" Blaine moans against Kurt's chest.

Kurt was driving himself crazy but he was getting too much enjoyment out of making Blaine beg. God knew all he wanted to do was fuck Blaine senseless, but he was having too much fun. He quickened his thrusts slightly and angled himself to brush against Blaine's prostate once or twice. "I'm not sure you want this badly enough..." Kurt says through clenched teeth into Blaine's ear.

"KURT! FUCK! YES! I'll do anything to prove it. I swear. I want it so bad. I need it. PLEASE BABY?" Blaine was falling completely apart from Kurt's teasing. He knows exactly what to do to tease Blaine until he just can't take it anymore.

Kurt moaned loudly and thrust into Blaine as hard as he could, nothing but the sound of skin hitting skin and Blaine's wanton moans echoed through the room. "Fuck…" Kurt moaned, angling himself so he would brush against Blaine's prostate.

"OH! Baby! Fuck!" Every time Kurt hits his prostate, Blaine can't help but to scream. "So...Fucking...Good! Don't stop...Please...Don't Stop"

"Fuck...Blaine…shit..." Kurt said, pumping into Blaine."God damnit..." He moaned loudly, reaching for Blaine's cock and pumping it furiously. "I want your fucking cum all over me Blaine. The thought crossed his mind that he was wearing a $900 suit, but he really didn't care, he just knew he wanted Blaine's warm cum on his chest.

"Fuck, KURT! MMMM BABY! I'm so close. So...Fucking...Close!" The angle Kurt has Blaine at makes sure he hits Blaine's prostate with every thrust. Between Kurt's thrusting, pumping, and that fucking sexy voice, Blaine is completely falling apart.

"Come on me Blaine... Please... Fuck" Kurt whines, ramming Blaine into the wall harder with each thrust.

That last whisper from Kurt is all it took to make Blaine orgasm so hard. He came all over Kurt's beautiful chest. Kurt continuing to thrust into Blaine's tight ass as he cums all inside Blaine. They hold on to each other as they ride out their orgasms together.

"God...I love you so much... Kurt says with his head buried in the crook of Blaine's neck. He feels like he has no more strength left in his legs so he lets Blaine down gently and they walk over to Blaine's bedroom and Kurt removes all of his clothing except for his boxer briefs. He's sticky and covered in cum, but he could really care less, he collapses onto Blaine's bed and snuggles under the covers with Blaine, smiling as Blaine wraps his arms around him and pulls him closer. "I love you", Kurt says sleepily.

"I love you too, baby. Thanks for tonight." Blaine responds, so close to falling asleep.

"No..Thank you Blaine.." Kurt says twirling the ring on his finger before drifting off to sleep.