A/N a random oneshot that has dwelled half-done in my doc manager for like two months. I finished it YAY. This is about a girl named after the Alice in Alice and Wonderland, not the actual Alice. And this is set in the early 1900's. Not totally sure about the coherence of this wee lil ficlet, (or if it's spelled right becuase my grandma's computer has no spellcheck 0.0) so do review! Enjoy!


The name meant noble. Truth.

The name held a very different connatation then that for him.

It was a name said in a hushed, reverent voice. Five letters that called to mind an image of a dreamy eyed girl, so far above reality. Named after the wayward girl who tumbled into rabbit holes.

This was a name for a girl who cared little of what others thought, did or said. This girl lived in a different reality, but the same world. Although seen through her eyes, it was a different world indeed. A park was no longer an expanse of green, it was a hallowed ground were rabbits tapped watches impatiently and creatures beyond imagining lurked behind the trees and shrubs others just passed. A wonderland were anything at all was possible, and the well-worn trails could lead anywhere beyond the lowly reality they dwelled in.

Alice was the name of blond curls bouncing, of blue eyes though saw beyond the room she was in. A spirit uncontainable.

A girl who played with monsters.

But when the monsters betrayed her, a girl who lost this transcendence.

She screamed as the playmates she had once seen anywhere came for her, as the invisible beasts only she could see tore her apart , but left her there. Reduced Alice into Tom's sick daughter. Into the poor dear wrong in the head, that stayed hidden away under the covers, screaming as the nightmares took her.

The doctors were little use. They said the monsters were soley in her mind, that this was all in her head. That she was sickly, insane, that his daughter was gone.

That she had finally disappeared into the looking glass, never to return.

But then this new doctor came, a blond woman who dismissed the grim diagnosises of the other narrow-minded doctors, who instead saw the other world his daughter dwelled in. She explained his daughter was not sick, but an abnormal. Alice could manipulate her surroundings, the doctor explained. Alice could create entire other worlds all in her head that would seem totally real to anyone that experienced them. This was the world his daughter had been trapped in, Alice's perception of the abnormals that dwelled alongside humans making the abnormals populate her worlds as well.

These were the monsters that turned on her as her powers became too much for her to handle. Alice had accepted this world of wonder at first, but now as she grew she was becoming more aware of how very much different she was. Her confusion made her powers go haywire, the doctor explained. But this doctor ran a place where Alice could meet others that were different. Where she could learn to use her powers for good, to control them and understand them. Where she wouldn't be a freak, she would be as normal as the other oddities that roamned the floors.

A Sanctuary, the doctor called it.

So he kissed his daughter goodbye, and sent her to a place where her nightmares would plague her no longer. Where she could no longer fall down the rabbit holes, where she could control the Wonderland.

He visited, of course. He visited and watched her grow fromt he small girl in curls who chased rabbits and awoke in terror every other night, into a young woman who now dwelled in this reality, but with a dreamy look in her eye could take anyone into her land that was once more a place of wonders.

All thanks to the doctor, Helen Magnus. A woman he was surely not the only one indebted to.