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Usagi and Rei



A few hours removed from the Zimmy incident at the beach, my life's been totally flipped. I really mean flipped. What am going to do? How could've this happened? One minute a bright flash of light blasted us head-on and we wiped out that slimy freak like he was nothing. Then, when I was looking across at my own body... I flipped.

Am I dreaming? I wish I were dreaming, but this is reality. What happened really did happen. The worst thing that could've ever happened to me and her.

As I wiped my hand across the bathroom mirror, I had just gotten out of the shower and gazed myself across the mirror. There I was standing and staring at my reflection. The blonde hair, usually with an 'odango' hair style, the blue eyes, and the smaller body frame. I gazed over my body with a pink towel wrapped around it. I pressed a hand against the wall and sunk my head, groaning with disbelief.

I was in Usagi Tsukino's body. I never thought after all the times I've teased her... karma came back and bit me square in the ass. I was in my best friend's body and with seemingly no way of going back to my real body. As for my body... well, that's pretty damn obvious.

"Shit," I cursed, shaking my head as I stared myself in the mirror again. "This can't really be happening to me. Heh, maybe this is what I get for teasing you, Usagi."

After all the dumb blonde jokes I've bombarded Usagi and Minako with, what an ironic twist that I'd become a blonde myself.

Suddenly, the door suddenly opened as Mamoru came barging in unexpectedly. Startled, I whirled around and gasped while instinctively backing off.

"Ah! M-Mamoru-san, I... I didn't mean to..."

"Usako...? I mean..." Mamoru just remembered who he was talking to and quickly corrected himself. "Rei-san, sorry, I didn't mean to barge in. I was meaning to check in since you've been in here for an hour. Please, take your time. If you need anything, just come for me." I smiled to him and nodded as he closed the door, giving me room to gather my thoughts.

Mamoru-san's such an understanding person. He knows I'm not really Usagi, but every time he looks at me, he'd naturally call me by my friend's name. I mean, it's obvious. They have been living together for a couple years. It doesn't come across a surprise to me. Oh, and to make the situation worse, Usagi and Mamoru have Chibi-Usa. How am I going to approach her while in her mother's body? Ugh, and I can't imagine how Usagi is going to handle dealing with my kids back at the shrine! This couldn't get any worse.

I know Ami promised to have that device Zimmy used modified. She promised a few days at the most. So, the most me and Usagi can do is adapt to our new temporary lifestyles. It shouldn't be that hard, right?

After finally walking out of the bathroom, I threw myself on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Sitting next to me were a pair of clothes Mamoru picked out for me to wear. I pivoted my head and stared at the set of clothes picked out for me. A pink shirt with a bunny monogram, white shorts, and white socks. Pink and white are so Usagi colors. No use complaining. Once putting on the set of clothes, I checked myself in the mirror. I puffed up my chest and regained my confidence.

"Ok! I'm going to do my best!" I openly declared and stormed out of the bedroom. I stopped to find Mamoru in the kitchen preparing for dinner. Seated in a baby's chair was infant Chibi-Usa clapping her hands merrily. Luna was on the counter, looking at my direction. "M-Mamoru-san?"

"Feeling better, Rei?" Luna asked with concern.

I nodded, rubbing my head. "If I was in my real body, I would be."

"Rei-san, you don't need to help me make dinner. I've got this."

I walked into the kitchen and openly insisted. "No, please, allow me to help, Mamoru-san."

"Momma?" Chibi-Usa blinked as she called over to me. "Momma!"

"Rei-san, listen, I know it's been hard for you, but try adjusting. At least you're adjusting better than Usako at the moment."

Upon hearing this, I couldn't help but groan. Oh god, did anything go wrong at the shrine?

"What happened? Are my kids ok? And Helena, Tyra, and my sister? Are they ok?"

"Relax, Rei. They're all ok," Luna tried to reassure me being the worried parent and caretaker I've become.

Mamoru eased my anxiousness as he led me to the dinner table and sat me down. Chibi-Usa curiously looked over to me as Mamoru sat down next to me. When I look up at the man, I recount the days when we were a couple. Indeed, he was my first boyfriend, but shortly thereafter when he and Usagi were revealed to be reincarnated lovers, I respectfully stepped aside in their fated destiny. I watched as Usagi and Mamoru grew more closer. But, I wonder... what if those string of events never occurred? What if Mamoru and Usagi's memories as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion were never revived?

If Usagi and Mamoru never got together, would I still be his girlfriend? Would I be married to him? Would I be bearing this child now?

These questions have been lingering in my mind for these past few hours. I suppose I'll never know. What matters is adjusting and fitting into Usagi's lifestyle until Ami repairs that device. I have faith in my friend to get the device repaired, but what if Usagi and I never regain our bodies? Would we be stuck like this for the rest of our lives?

I hate to say it, but I don't think I can take it. This is especially the case since I am now a mother of two and will soon be inheriting the shrine with my sister after grandfather passes on. I have too many responsibilities ahead of me to leave behind. I'm a working class woman and a shrine maiden. I'm not a housewife.

"It'll be all ok, Rei-san," Mamoru said, pulling me into a hug as I nodded and embraced him. "Ami said a few days. Maybe even just one day. I wouldn't give up on her."

"I'm not. Listen, I'll do my best as a housewife."

"Well, it's not that hard."

I sighed. "No, it shouldn't be."

He's right. I'm letting this put me down too much. I'll get the hang of this. I just need to picture myself in Usagi's shoes! As scary it sounds, it shouldn't be too bad. I turned and walked back into the kitchen. On the counter, I noticed Mamoru was chopping up carrots. I took a piece and ate it, much to Mamoru's surprise.

"Um, Rei-san...?"

"Huh?" I just realized what I did. "Oh, shoot. I forgot Usagi hates carrots!"

Luna sweatdropped. "I thought you knew?"

"Momma... no eat cawwots... no eat..." Chibi-Usa kindly pointed out, barely managing to speak out in sentences.

"I cut the carrots for myself. I never serve them for her because you know how she hates those things."

I swallowed the carrots and slapped a hand over my mouth, devilishly giggling. "Oh, ho. Then what Usagi doesn't know won't hurt her."

Speaking of Usagi, I wonder how she's holding up in my lifestyle...




Cammy, Tyra, Helena, infant Ryuuhi & Koori, and Yuuichirou gathered around their places as I, garbed in a Miko's hakama and haori, carried a tray full of burnt food dishes. Everyone, except the babies, gawked and stared in disgust at the burnt dinner I had prepared for them. I stood proudly with arms folded.

"Dinner's served!" I proclaimed.

Helena pointed at the burnt pork on her plate. "Even with my help, you still couldn't manage to cook it right?"

Tyra shook her head. "Rei wasn't a perfect cook, but at least she knows not to burn the food!"

Cammy looked at me with pity, murmuring. "Oh, Usagi, I'm sorry..."

Yuuichirou prodded the food on his plate. "...did I just see the food on my plate move? Rei-san, are you completely having an off day or something?"

Even in Rei's body, I still couldn't cook worth a crap.

"You guys haven't even tried it," I growled deeply. "Dig in. I'm not going to let this food go to waste!"

"She's right everyone," Helena concurred as she picked up a piece of burnt meat with a chopstick. "Let's respect the meal she's prepared for us. We shouldn't go out of our way to trash it if we haven't even tried it."

Reluctant to even eat, Tyra forced herself to pick up a piece of pork.

Sitting down, I watched as everyone ate pieces of their dinner plate. I watched as they slowly crunched and swallowed their food. I noted their faces turning blue as a content smile adorned my face.

"How is it, guys?"

All of them, except the infant, gave me thumbs up before slowly swallowing their food. Tyra quickly grabbed her glass of water and chugged it down.

Heheh, maybe I did add a little too much spice. I giggled in thought. I walked over to Koori and Ryuuhi, while rocking their baby seats. "Sssh, it's ok, guys. Momma's going to feed you next."

"Um, about that," Cammy interjected after drinking her water glass. She whispered to my ear. "Usagi, listen. My sister gives them supplemental breastfeeding."

"Oh, I see. I do that with Chibi-Usa, too."

"But, you're breast feeding two babies and they require a lot to milk consumption."

Realizing this could be problematic, I wasn't used to breast feeding more than one child. How Rei could handle two children is beyond me. But, I was prepared to give it my all and give my best friend's babies the best nutrition they could need.

"When's feeding time for them?"

"In an hour and then she puts them to sleep after dinner," Cammy informed me.

Cammy-chan is such a life saver. Breast feeding isn't too difficult since I've already been accustomed to feeding Chibi-Usa that way. I mean, what's the worst that could happen when feeding two kids.

I would learn the hard way fast when I felt Ryuuhi's teeth.

"OW!" I pulled Ryuuhi away from my left breast and tried hard not to cry. I should've known the little ones have already completely teethed months ago, but whoa, Ryuuhi has some sharp little teeth! Now I know how Minako-chan felt when he bit her finger!

Suddenly, the twins began bawling their eyes out as I tried comforting them. Cammy, Tyra, and Helena came running to my aid as Cammy sat me down. Tyra and Helena grabbed the kids while I sat down, taking a few deep breaths.

"God, it's like they don't even know their own mother..."

"I take it because they knew you're not really my sister," Cammy said. "Demons do have that sixth sense we Mikos have. They sensed you're in my sister's body and recognized you not being their mother. And the way you tried feeding them is not how they're accustomed."

"What does Rei-chan do to calm them?"

"She sings to them. You do remember Oh Starry Night, right?"

"Yeah, a little. It's been a while."

I hit me hard. I'm used to care taking just one child and I use different means to bring comfort Chibi-Usa. I would sing a lullaby to her, but Rei's kids are probably more accustomed to their mother's lullaby songs. I get that they've probably sensed different vibes about me. I mean, what with me in their mother's body. It's perfectly understandable. Boy, am I beat after all that went down at the beach and the body swap incident. While taking out that freaky Zimmy was good, it left drastic consequences as all it took was our attacks hitting that device. Then, all Rei-chan and I remembered was a bright flash of light that covered the area.

The next thing I remember was seeing myself standing in front of me.

And both of us going ballistic!

That accident seemingly caused us to switch bodies. It was surreal and now my friend was in my body. I was in hers and boy is living in her shoes stressing. I do hope Ami-chan can repair that device. Though, when she said it would probably take her a few days to fix it, I realized that I would have to gut it out and adapt to living Rei-chan's shoes. Stripping myself down and jumping into the bath, I lied still in the tub and quietly reflected to that moment our bodies switched. It was quick and really spontaneous. The last thing I'd ever think would happen is us switching bodies. Would this have been karma coming back to get us after all the times we've argued? Here I am sitting in the tub living in my friend's body and living her average life.

Ugh, and tomorrow Cammy said I'd have to be doing a lot of chores around the shrine.

I sunk my head into tub and blew bubbles in the water. I was consciously aware that if things went well according to Ami-chan, I would only have to stay in this body for a day or two, at the most. I just hope Mamo-chan and Chibi-Usa-chan are doing ok, and that Rei-chan is doing the best she can. I trust her with my home and family. Just as I'll do my best taking care of her family and home.

After washing myself, I stepped out and put a towel on while staring in the mirror. The dark hair, the delicate skin, and purplish eyes. I was only beginning to realize how beautiful my friend's features were up close and a smoking hot body, too. I envy my friend being so beautiful. But, hey, why should I be jealous? I am in her body until Ami-chan fixes that device and uses it to somehow return us to our original bodies! I don't think being Rei-chan for a day or two is gonna be that bad!

After getting dressed, I stepped outside for a second and sat on the porch. I gazed out and saw Hiei sitting on a tree. As I tried calling for him, he turned his back to me and vanished. Humph, he gave me the cold shoulder! Jerk! But, I guess I can't blame him. Though he'd never admit it, but he'd rather Rei-chan be back in her body than me in her place.

"Usagi-san..." I heard someone whisper behind me. I looked over my shoulder as Cammy approached me. "Don't worry we already fed the kids with the baby formula we had available."

Nodding, I folded both arms over my lap. "It's funny. After all the banters between me and your sister, this happens."

"I'm sorry about what happened. That was a freak accident I'd never expect."

Yeah, freak accident is a big understatement, Cammy-chan. More like a BIG FREAKING accident.

"Yeah, tell me about it. Chores day tomorrow, huh?"

"Yeah, and it's back to school for me and Helena. Tyra's got work. You think you can hold up fort while we're gone?"

"Well, I'll have y'alls grandfather and Yuuichirou to help... do they know?"

"No," Cammy replied. "They haven't. It's a good thing, too."

"Right," I said, shaking my head and almost nodding off. "I'm already falling asleep."

"Yeah, I need to get to bed early. Goodnight, Usagi-san and sleep tight. If the kids are crying, just come get me and I'll help, ok?"

"Thanks, Cammy-chan, for getting me through this," I felt assured as I walked back into the shrine and marched into Rei's room. I plopped myself right on her bed and zoned right out. Today was rough, but I have a feeling tomorrow might get more taxing. Then, I turned over to my right side as a tear fell down my eye as I immediately thought about my Mamo-chan and my daughter.



I couldn't believe it. I was sharing the same bed Mamoru-san was occupying. As my face turned beet red, I saw the man sleeping on the left side. Turning over my right, I slowly sat up and stepped off the bed. I couldn't do this. I know I'm in her body, but I feel like I'm violating Usagi's space and didn't want to get too deep into this relationship.

"Rei?" I heard Mamoru turn the light on and caught me near the door. "What are you doing?"

"Mamoru-san, I can't sleep with you. I mean... you and Usagi... you're together... and I..."

Being the understanding man I knew him to be, he nodded and smiled. "It's ok. If you don't feel up to it, there's the guest room. You can use that. You'll be closer to Chibi-Usa-chan, though."

I acknowledged this with a nod. "Thank you, Mamoru-san." With that, and after closing the door, I sank to the floor and lightly groaned. He's been too kind. Is he ever like this with Usagi? I know he's doing he best to get me through this difficult situation, but maybe I should've been more upfront with him before we went to bed. I couldn't tell my friend I actually slept with her lover. That'd probably make me a two-timer in her eyes since Hiei and I are kinda a couple. The difference between my relationship with Hiei and Usagi's with Mamoru... our relationship was more deeply rooted from respect, acknowledgment of each other's powers, and the Houou's involvement. Usagi and Mamoru's was a destiny since the Moon Kingdom. That's the difference in our relationships with our love interests.

I love Mamoru-san, but only as a friend. Usagi is meant for him. They have their child.

Me. I have my own family awaiting me back on the shrine. I don't think I can get too deeply involved anymore.

Entering the guest room, I stopped and turned as my eyes fell on the sleeping child in her crib. I walked over and smiled down to the child.

"Goodnight, Chibi-Usa-chan. Momma's coming home soon."

I headed to the guest room and fell on the bed where the future Chibi-Usa would sleep. I pulled the blanket over me and fell asleep, recharging my body for a rigorous day tomorrow.



It was morning. And I had accidentally slept in! I was awakened by Yuuichirou, who kindly reminded me of the chores I had to do. Perplexed, I didn't know where to even start! After putting on the Miko garb, I swept the steps as fast as I could. I over watered the plants. I even accidentally tipped over a statue while sweeping. I even tripped over my sandals a few times and hit my face on the ground. I was making the graceful image of Rei Hino look like a total klutz! Yuuichirou freaked out and wondered if I had awoken on the wrong side of the bed. And it was such a warm day! How can Rei-chan do all these chores in this heat? And so early, too!

"Rei! The kids need to be fed!" I heard her grandfather summon for me.

Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself to feed the twins. "Coming, grandpa!" Oh, that was convincingly good! For one day, I get to be the cute old man's granddaughter!

I quickly hurried and walked inside to feed the kids. Ryuuhi growled the minute I tried getting near him, recognizing I wasn't Rei. I crouched over and tried singing a lullaby Cammy told me to sing. It was one of Rei-chan's songs she sang during her school events. I sung her Oh Starry Night song to calm the boy. Ryuuhi's ears twitched as he slowly crawled over into my arms. After feeding the kids, I rubbed my nipples after giving breastfeeding another try. Small as they might be, those teeth of theirs sure were pointy. Overall, it wasn't too bad and after they finished they were sound asleep. I took the kids back to their crib and walked outside while adjusting the Miko robe.

I saw Rei's crows, Deimos and Phobos, cawing and hopping around on a tree. Hmm, I'm going to try something here.

I put my right hand out and waited for the crows to come to me. They didn't budge from their spots and I stood awkwardly. Shaking my head, I dropped my hand and groaned. They didn't acknowledge me. The kids and the animals knew I wasn't Rei. Heck, when I tried to go for the fire prayer and I couldn't even remember the freaking incantation! Being a Miko is so hard! My friend truly is dedicated to this. I wish I had a firm grasp about this! But, I'm not spiritually attuned like she is, nor do I... wait... that's it! The Houou could probably could give me a few pointers!

'Princess Serenity, listen, you're doing the best you can in my vessel's shoes. I do admire your tenacity.'

"Easy for you to say! I just wish I knew what I'm doing! At least I was able to handle the kids fine this morning."

'We have this whole day. If you can just manage to get through, everything will be fine. Your friend, Ami, will make this right. Have faith in her, Princess Serenity.'

How could I not? "I do and I won't give up. You're right! I'll make it through this! This is nothing! Being a Miko for another day shouldn't be bad!"

The Houou acknowledged my high spirits. 'That's the future Queen I know. Now to teach you how to read fire...'

"I'm ready!"



I surprised Mamoru-san when I had awoken at 6:00 AM. Normally Usagi sleeps in just a little before eight. The minute he walked into the kitchen, I had made and served him coffee. I had also began feeding Chibi-Usa. I had pretty much covered everything Usagi would do when at eight.

"Now, Rei, if you need anything, just call me."

Holding Chibi-Usa, I smiled and nodded. "I think I got this pretty much covered, but thank you, Mamoru-san."

Decked in a green shirt, baggy jeans, and a bandana around my head, I was hard at work being the housewife. I vacuumed every corner of the house, getting rid of every dirty spot. I wiped every chair and table. I even cleaned up all the bathrooms. Ugh, having to clean up after my friend was the worst part about it! Is Usagi really this messy in her own apartment? I've had to spot food crumbs on the carpet and vacuum all that crap! Luna watched me and I discerned the pitied look on her face. She really felt bad I was cleaning up after my friend, but I was doing this since someone had to be the housewife. Going from a well renowned Miko to a normal housewife felt like a downgrade. Here I was wearing raggedy wear over my distinguishing Miko garb. It was surreal and a quite a pill to swallow. But, this was just for a day. I would indeed have to suck it up and deal with cleaning on my own without anyone to help.

I turned as Luna offered me a toilet scrubber to clean the toilet.

"Thanks, Luna," I said, taking the scrubber.

"What's it like cleaning after your best friend?"

I just shuddered. Luna laughed and cheered me up.

"You're doing just fine, Rei. Usagi does a swell job as a housewife."

"Hmm, we could use some music to lighten the mood."

I turned on the stereo player and played some Sakura Fubuki by Keiko Kitagawa while wiping the windows. I was singing along with one of my favorite album singers while rigorously cleaning. Chibi-Usa even clapped and smiled while I sang. At least I'm putting a beautiful smile on her face. I went into the kitchen and dusted the floor with a broom. Now this is something I'm used to doing! Sweeping the floors was easy. Now, what to do next?

Ah, dusting off the sheets and picking up the clothes from the dry cleaners.

"Chibi-Usa-chan," I turned to the child. "Ready to go run some errands with me?"

This really isn't so bad. Being a house wife is not really that different from when I do chores. Though, being in a less athletic body like Usagi's, I am getting a bit tired after working so fast.


The monster finally growled. I had forgotten being being in Usagi's body meant I now had her big appetite. Oh, what the hell? I went into the kitchen and made some pancakes. I sat on the dining table with Chibi-Usa watching me gorge down my plate.

"Still hungry."

Luna and Chibi-Usa watched as I made more pancakes. After all I times I teased her eating habits, here I was making a pig out of myself, but, eh, this is my friend's body. For all intents and purposes, I was feeding her body. I just hope she doesn't learn I ate a few carrots.

I quickly inhaled three pancakes and I was about to eat the third tiny one. I stopped and watched Chibi-Usa's mouth watering. I pushed the plate over and fed the child. After we finished eating, I noticed she had crapped her diapers. Ugh, ok, time to change the baby's diaper. After putting baby powder and changing her diaper, I got her dressed. Looking myself over the mirror, I was a mess. I had baby powder, dust, and syrup stains all over my clothes. Sheesh, is this what being a housewife is supposed to be like? Then again, I was cleaning around really fast and round the clock. At least on the shrine, I had my sister, Tyra, Helena, Yuuichirou, and grandpa to help me around. Now I was alone with Chibi-Usa and Luna. At least, these two were able to encourage me to get through the rest of the morning. I never felt so tired in a long time. I fell on the couch and groaned, throwing an arm over my face. In my real body, I'd have way more energy to keep going, but in Usagi's, I almost gassed out. I guess Usagi uses a more timely method when she's cleaning and tries not to screw up while doing so. She's already become accustomed to that. Maybe I overworked myself and just realized my friend's body had certain limits.

I hated being cooped up indoors. At least, on the shrine, I'd be outdoors and with nature so close to me.

Gazing over my arm... correction Usagi's arm, I missed my body already. I can't even contact Houou like I'd normally would. I wonder if she and Usagi have started conversing yet.

Luna jumped over to my side and gave me a towel to wipe my face with. "You've got this, Rei."

"You... you no... mommy..." I saw Chibi-Usa point to me as she grabbed my hand. "Me... still... love you."

"Chibi...Chibi-Usa?" I smiled and pulled the child into an embrace. "I promise your mommy will be back soon."

Yeah, I better make sure to stay true to my word.



"AUGHHH!" I freaked out after the flame wall expanded and extinguished. My cries alarmed Yuuichirou, who stormed in to check on me.

"Rei-san! Are you ok?"

I whirled around and scratched my head modestly, giving him a ditzy raspberry face. "Um... sure? Guess the fire just scared me."

"Oh, Rei-san, your timing has been off lately today. Are you ok? Are you feeling well?"

"Yeah," I answered with a fake smile. Timing off? Yeah, that bit is true. I don't know what I'm doing! If only Yuuichirou knew... maybe I should tell him. "Listen, Yuuichirou..."

"I know."

I looked at him in befuddlement. "Huh?"

"I know and felt a different vibe about you. You can't fool a Lycan. Usagi-san, is that you?"

What he said hit me hard. I regrettably nodded. "Yuuichirou... I'm sorry... look Rei-chan and I... we switched bodies after the accident on the beach."

"I know. Cammy told me everything this morning before she left for school. You were still sleeping. Listen, don't overwork yourself. Let me do all the work."

"But, Yuuichirou..." I openly tried to plead to him, but he'd have none of it.

The stubborn man insisted as he gently escorted me out of the prayer room. "You did good being in Rei's position. Go wash up and rest. I'll tell the old man you got a headache and need some rest."

Saved by Yuuichirou and he was so understanding. I didn't think he'd know, but I suppose it couldn't helped if Cammy told him. I was led into the bathing room as he brought me some of Rei's casual wear.

"Thank you, Yuuichirou."

As he closed the door behind me, I sank to the floor and sighed, feeling weak-kneed. Ugh, this really is stressing. A lot of running back and forth around the shrine. First Rei's grandfather calls me over for something and then Yuuichirou asks me a question. How is she able to run a shrine with so many people living in it? She's a shrine maiden, a mother of two, and a caretaker of a shrine with a lot of people. I'm not up to the task of taking care of that many people and the shrine labor. Rei-chan is very dedicated in her line of work. I wish I had that level of dedication. I guess I could consider this training before I become the future queen. Guess fate chose this to be one of those times I've had to work hard to accomplish something and hope for the best.

"Chin up, Usagi! You can do this!" I said with determination and stood facing the tub.



After picking up clothes from the dry cleaners, I took Chibi-Usa to the grocery store to buy food for dinner. Picking up what I needed, we returned to the apartment and I unpacked the food in the kitchen. God, what a day. A few people, including Naru and Umino, tried talking to me, but I generally just told them I was busy. In fact, I doubt they knew Usagi and I switched bodies. I don't think this has become common knowledge with those outside our inner circle of friends and partners. What else could happen next?

The door bell rang as I walked over to answer it.

"Who is it?"

"Rei, can I come in? That's you still in there, right?"

Shingo was one of those outside the circle of heroes that knows about what happened.

Opening the door, I let Shingo into the apartment and followed him into the living room. We sat a few feet from each other. Shingo had that concerned look on his face.

"I just got back seeing Cammy after school. She went home to see if my sister is doing ok. How's it been living in my sister's shoes?"


"Really? Well, between finding out my sister is Sailor Moon and all my friends have super powers... and now you in my sister's body, things have been crazy!"

I nodded, turning off the television as I focused on looking at Shingo's direction. "I'm a Miko. I'm not a housewife. I hate being cooped up here and not being able to interact with nature. I can't even sleep with Mamoru-san without it making it seem like I'm cheating with your sister's lover. I pushed myself away from getting too close and asked to move to the guestroom. Admittedly, I enjoyed spending time with Chibi-Usa. She even knows I'm not her mother. She caught me eating carrots."

Shingo resisted the urge to laugh, which I couldn't blame him. "Oh, boy! Won't that surprise sis that you already contaminatedher body! She hates carrots."

"Yet, her name is Usagi." We laughed together as I immediately stopped and sighed. "I want to get back into my old body and soon."

"Heard anything from Ami?"

"Yeah, she told me she's able to modify it and she might have it done tonight. That's why I'm going to try to cook up a good meal for dinner prior. Shingo, I'll need your help. Can you do it?"

"I'll have to call mom and dad first, but since I'm here they'll be ok."

"Does your mom and dad know?"

"They know nothing about the incident, Rei. You can relax."

"Good," I sighed with relief and stood. "Well, I'm counting on you to help me prepare dinner!"

"And let's hope Ami will have that device ready tonight."

If things go well and Ami has the newly repaired device ready, I'll be back in my old body in no time.

"Rei, make sure to call Cammy and my sis to come over if that's the case."

"Right!" I sensed my spirits being lifted already. I do feel optimistic and I trust Ami-chan will have the device ready to go.

All we can do now is hope.



"Usagi-san!" Cammy barged right into the kitchen and pulled me over to her room. "Guess what? I just got a call from Ami just now!"

I turned as my heart raced, hoping to hear any progress. "Oh, really? And?"

"She said she's almost finished fixing and modifying the device that shorted out."

"Ok, go on."

She said as excited glee adorned her face. "According to her, the modification part would be necessary because that flip was not what the device was originally intended for. So, she's able to make it work so it can switch you and my sister around to fix this!"

"So, you're saying...!" I squealed happily with delight and pulled Cammy into an embrace. "Oh god! This is great!"

"But, we're going over to Mamoru and your place. I hear Shingo and my sister are preparing dinner for us. Ami said she'd get there when the device is ready."

Oh, just when things couldn't get any better! Finally, our ticket to getting our bodies back is just a reach away!

"Right. I'll be sure to tell Tyra and Helena to look after the kids while we're gone."


I had my hand pressed against my chest. I could feel the rhythm of the heart racing like a race horse. Was this excitement I was feeling? Though not my heart, I still felt the exhilaration and the quick rush that swept over my whole body. Hopefully by midnight, I'll be back where I belong.



It was after dinner. We had delicious spicy teriyaki beef soup and pork buns. Oh, god, it was so good. Shingo and I couldn't have made a better dinner than we did. Usagi, Mamoru-san, and my sister enjoyed our well cooked meal.



Man, that hit the spot! I'm surprised these two were able to put together a well made dish. Now that I'm filled up, we all waited for Ami-chan to come with the repaired device. After an hour and a half wait, the door bell rang as we quickly turned to the door.

It was time.

We were on the rooftop as Ami-chan held the device Zimmy used to fired those mind control collars. Rei-chan and myself turned and faced one another, grabbing a hold of each other's hands. Shingo, Cammy, Mamo-chan, and Luna had their fingers crossed, awaiting for the experiment to commence.

"Ready?" Our blue-haired friend asked, holding the device in hand. As she prepared to press the button...


A blast fired seemingly out of nowhere. The blast was so quick that we were caught off guard. All of us looked up to find a mantis-looking Youma swinging his arms, firing sickle-shaped projectiles at our direction. Ugh, if this wasn't bad timing enough!

"Girls! Transform!" Luna called out to us.

"We've got this!" Rei and myself shouted in unison.



We quickly transformed into our Super Sailor forms and sprang into action. Myself wearing Sailor Moon's garb, Sailor Moon still in my body, and Sailor Mercury lined up in formation. Mamoru suited up into Tuxedo Kamen as he and Cammy guarded Shingo from the fight.

This shouldn't take long.

I was the first to spring into action, being Sailor Moon, and grabbed a hold of the tiara. "Back me up, guys!"

"Right!" They cried out.



Being in Sailor Mars' heels, I swerved around and cut the disgusting mantis off on one side. Mercury cut it off from the opposite side.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" The blue-haired Senshi propelled a wall of water over at the insect.

The insect monster evaded Mercury's attack, but opened up the opportunity for me to strike.

I focused and channeled a ball of fire in my hand. I did it! "Mars Flame..." Then, the arrow spontaneously combusted and knocked me back.

"SAILOR MA-MOON!" Mercury corrected herself mid-way as she saw me hitting the side of the roof.

Ow! What just happened? Could it be I'm not used to using Mars' powers? Makes sense, which means... oh no!



"Moon Tiara Action!" I flung the disc across and tried hitting the mantis with it. But, it quickly jumped out of the way. I watched as it lunged toward me! "SHIT!" Instinctively, I dodged out of the way and let the creature cut through the edge of the roof. No, I can do this! I can beat this thing using my friend's body! I turned as the disc dropped neat to me. I picked it up and watched as it unleashed a sickle-like attack at me.

"SAILOR MARS!" I heard my friends calling out to me. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a white Valkyrie Dagger flew in front of me and nullified the mantis' strike. I opened my eyes and saw it was my friend's Valkyrie Dagger that shielded it me. I instinctively grabbed the dagger and charged forward, cutting off its right arm. Then, I turned and stabbed its torso. With the giant insect immobilized, I pulled off the tiara off my forehead and shot a murderous gaze to the creature, shouting a warrior's cry. "Moon Tiara Action!"

As the insect attempted to move, a blast of water barricaded it. As it tried to fly up, a rose pierced its forehead. Attached on the end of the rose stem was an ofuda. Mercury, my sister and Tuxedo Kamen had taken action.

At last, to heat things up...



"Fire Soul!" I managed to shoot out a fireball from my fingertips. It worked and it merged with the Moon Tiara disc!

We watched as the burning disc cut through the nasty bug and reduce the whole thing into ashes. Ah, doesn't this just take us back?

"We did it!" I turned and raced over to give my friend a hug. "Did you see that? We were able to use each other's attacks!"



It was fun, but now it was time to get back in our old bodies. As I walked alongside Moon, I turned from the corner and caught Hiei standing on another rooftop. He had actually come to see if we could've taken out the insect. He didn't seem at all surprised I had adapted so well using Sailor Moon's body and powers in the end. I gave him a sly and overbearing smirk, much to his chagrin and as facial message that conveyed 'I'm damn good no matter whose body I'm in' kind of vibe. I saw him just rolling his eyes as I stood next to my friend.

"Sorry for the interruption," Mercury announced as she pressed the device's switch. "Cross your fingers."

Reaffirming our faith in Mercury, Moon and I grabbed each other's hands while shutting our eyes simultaneously. I was getting that sense of euphoria about this. Nothing else was going to intervene!

Then, a bright flash of light hit us head-on.

As the light dimmed, I opened my eyes and looked down myself.

It worked. It really did work!

"Sailor Moon?" I turned to my friend as we shared genuine expressions.

"We're back in our bodies, Mars."

"I know, but this experience has really helped me appreciate and understand you more."

"Me, too." Moon and I exchanged hugs as our friends crowded over to us.

And that ends one unpredictable summer we'll never forget.


My commentary: Sakura Fubuki is an image song for Rei Hino's character in the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series. It's indeed sung by Keiko Kitagawa, the actress who plays Rei in the series. And the Oh Starry Night is the dub song sung by the anime version of said character. Just two homages I wanted to throw in.

Before the closing statement, I wish to take the time to explain the motive behind this chapter. This and the Zimmy chapter were intended to be a special bonus treats, which follows up the Cammy chapter. All this took place in a two day span (August 31st to Sept. 1st), respectively on the last day of summer vacation and the return to school for students.

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I did add one fight with the Youma. Why a mantis? No personal reason. Just wanted a generic monster to add some tension for Rei and Usagi to fight in their switched bodies. I made it so they weren't sure how to use each other's powers, but they'd rebound after recalling each other's battle strategies. Yeah, pretty much by knowledge from all their team-ups and on the spot tactics. ;D

Like the Zimmy battle, I decided to go with old school Sailor Moon action. No Valkyrie power-ups or anything. Just classic Sailor action, all with good timing with the relaunch of the Sailor Moon manga and debut of Codename Sailor V manga in the US (plus the impending and hopeful return of the anime, potentially redubbed by FUNimation!). Consider this, Miho, Vivian/Duke/Tristan, and Zimmy chapters early shout-outs to celebrate the upcoming SM 20th anniversary in early-2012. ;)

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