One random day at dinner;

"Izuna…" Madara began quietly after haven studied his brother with a raised eyebrow for awhile. His brother had been quiet all day and that was never a good sign. Besides that, he had barely eaten anything at dinner.

"Mmm?" The younger Uchiha hummed.

"What's wrong?"

"… Nothing." Izuna smiled nervously. Madara gave him a pointed look. "I'm fine. Really!"

"Then what's with the long face?"

"... Nothing special. What makes you ask?"

"... Nothing special, I guess."

"All right then..."


The following night;

"Aniki." Izuna called from the doorframe to the older Uchiha's room.

"Mmm…" Madara answered drowsily from his position on the bed.

"Aniki… Please wake up."

"Mmm…? What is it, Izuna…? Is it thundering…?"

"No… But I was wondering if you have some kind of… erotic novel that I could borrow?"

Madara frowned, and then glanced at the clock on his bedside table. Had his brother seriously woken up in the middle in the night to ask him for "porn"? It seemed like it…

"… Are you seriously asking me for porn at this hour…?" He asked dryly, but the attitude was mostly because of the drowsiness.

"… Yes…" Izuna whispered warily. "… Can I…?"

Madara considered it for second, before nodding;

"… Sure…"

"Thanks!" Izuna smiled gratefully. He then turned around and skipped to his brother's bookshelf, which was filled with all kinds of different books, but especially pornographic novels.

"Whatever…" The older Uchiha groaned, before closing his eyes again. "Just pick some damn book and let me sleep…!"


Izuna quickly grabbed something he believed to be highly interesting and then hurried down the corridor to his room.

He didn't get much sleep that night; he stayed up the whole night and finished the book. He couldn't remember the last he had felt as satisfied as when reading the book.


A few days later;



"... Were you ever sexually frustrated when around my age?"

"Not as bad as you presumably are, but from time to time I might have been. Why do you ask?"

The younger Uchiha was surprised that his brother actually asked, when it was obvious he already knew why.

"... It's nothing special; it's just my hormones that are plaguing me."

"Hmm... How so?"

"... I want to meet someone that I'm strongly attracted to, and that want me just as badly. I just long so badly for some sexual action...! For sexual release! You know what I mean, right?"

"Hn. Sadly I do..."



The following morning;

"You know…" Izuna began quietly the next morning with a thoughtful expression on his beautiful doll face. "The weirdest thing is that my cravings come and go."

The older Uchiha lifted his head to glance at him through tired and yet attentive eyes.

"That in the evening I'm craving so badly for sexual release and comfort, but when I wake up in the morning, I'm glad that I don't have some sex-obsessed guy around me that craves attention." Madara raised both eyebrows and snorted slightly amused. "I may miss it in the evening, especially when it's cold, but in the morning… Never!"


"It can't possible be anything but annoying! And I'm a morning person and the cuddling type."


"… I seriously don't understand my friends on such areas…"

The older Uchiha shook his head with a small smile gracing his lips.

"Neither do I, Izu… Neither do I."


A few days later (again);



"I'm going to Hashirama's place. To you want to come along?"

"Sure! Just give me a second to find my jacket."


Small time shift;

"Where's Tobi?" Izuna asked casually, when haven grown slightly frustrated at watching his brother and Hashirama cuddle on the couch.

"He's at his guitar class, but I'm sure he'll be home soon." Hashirama answered calmly.

Izuna immediately snapped to attention at the mention of guitar.

Where there anything hotter than an attractive guy with a guitar in his hands?

Not even a second later, did the door to the living room open and a handsome, tall, white and spiky-haired guy with light brown eyes entered the room.

Izuna immediately gaped.

He had completely forgotten how sexy the younger Senju actually was!

"Hey, Hashi-nii!" Tobirama greeted his brother as he took of his jacket and hung it on a knot.

"Hey, Tobi." The older Senju smiled back. "Have you noticed there's an extra Uchiha present today?"

"Oh yeah!" Tobirama smiled pleased, when seeing Izuna pretty face. "Long time no see! How are you doing?" He then asked, while sitting down on the chair across from the youngest Uchiha.

Izuna, who didn't try to control his lusting hormones, smirked in response before licking his lips seductively.

"I'm good, baby, how are you?"

The Senju looked surprised at him, before grimacing slightly.

"... I'm good too." He then responded with a small grin.

"Only good?" Izuna asked amused with a coy smile. "I bet I could spice up your life in no time, if you know what I mean!"

Everyone in the room looked perplexed at him.

"… Oh, my god! Izuna!" Madara then groaned when snapping back to reality again.

The Senju brothers exchanged glances.


"Izuna! Pull yourself together! You're acting like a dog in heat!" Madara yelled at the younger Uchiha the moment they were both safely locked inside their own apartment.

"… I know…" Izuna whined, while clutching his hair in despair. "What am I going to do…?"

"Get laid!" Madara snapped.

His brother gave him a pointed look.

"With who? I would if I could, but I don't have any sexual attractive friends…!"

Madara merely blinked in response.

Had his brother really already forgotten about the younger Senju and the flirting?

"… What am I going to do…?" Izuna whined again, before slumping back down on the couch in a sitting position.

His brother was just as frustrated.

"… I don't know…" He sighed deeply. "I guess you just have to wait to have actual sex." Izuna didn't answer; he just frowned down at his hands. "… But in the meantime, you could always acquire some sort of sex-toy to lessen your… lust."

"… I thought about it, but… wouldn't it hurt like shit when you're still a virgin…?"

"… Yes…"

"… Orh, dammit…!" Izuna cursed, before hitting his fist against the sofa table. "Ow!"

Madara simply raised an eyebrow in question as he watched his brother swing the hurting body part in frustration. He couldn't remember ever being as frustrated as his brother... but unlike him, he began his sex-life in his early teenage years.


A few days later at the kitchen table in the morning;

"So, what are you doing today, Aniki?" Izuna asked that morning, while his brother was still eating breakfast.

"Work, and who knows… Maybe see Hashirama." Madara shrugged. He then eyed his brother warily; he had no reason to trust Izuna's hormones anymore. "… Why?"

"No reason." Izuna smiled. "I'm just curious."

"… Hn." The older Uchiha obviously didn't believe him. He raised an eyebrow at his brother overexerted smile. "Did you remember to masturbate this morning?"

His brother gaped at him.


"Did you?"

"… Yes."

"Good." Madara nodded in approval. He wasn't in the mood for any of his brother's crazy hormones/mood swing. "Do you have anything planned?"

"Not really. There's a party at my school, but I'm not sure I want to attend."

"Oh? Why not?"

"No special reason, but you know I'm not the type that drink my brain out, and I'm not in the mood to watch random couples suck each other senseless."

"I see."

"... But I could always watch them going at it." Izuna then mused quietly, when haven realized that there might actually be a great reason to attend even though he didn't want to drink.

Madara immediately snapped to attention and stared perplexed at his brother for several seconds.

"Izuna." He then growled.

Izuna practically shrunk at his tone.

"… What…?"

"Go to the party and get laid!"

"… H-Hai…!"


At the party;

Izuna sighed quietly to himself as he walked outside and away from the drunken people and the high music yet. He was not in the mood to drink the way everybody else always did…

'What now?' He sighed again when seeing how dead it was outside. 'This is a waste of time... Maybe I should just go home… '

"Hey…! Izuna!" A familiar voice suddenly called from behind him.

Izuna reacted by turning around; he found none other than Senju Tobirama.

"Hey Tobi!"

"So… What's up with you?" The Senju asked with a curious smile. "... You're not on your way home, are you?"

"N-no… No, that wasn't my plan at all. I'm great."

"… Are you sure? You have been acting a little… strange lately."

No answer.

"… Izuna?"

"… Okay… I'll tell you why, but it's really embarrassing."


"… Lately, with the whole becoming an adult and being in puberty, I'm finding myself…" Izuna stopped in his tracks, unsure of how to continue. "… How do I put this? Hmm… Erotically charged."

Tobirama raised an eyebrow.

"Is that secret Uchiha language for "horny"?" He questioned slightly amused. 'So, that's why he has been so weird lately… It actually makes sense.'

"… Yeah. I have all these uncontrollable feelings and I just don't know what to do with them."

The Senju stared at him rather blankly but then tapped his chin thoughtfully.

"… Why don't you just get laid? I'm sure that will work."

"… Yeah, that's kind of what I believe too…" Izuna answered rather… unsure.

The Senju titled his head and looked confused at him.

"Then… What's the problem?" He asked then, while checking the smaller man out. "I mean… it's not like you're not attractive. You're the complete opposite; you could get just anyone you want."

A blush found its way to the Uchiha's face.

"… Well… You see… Um… The thing is that, I kind of don't want to be with just anyone."


"I want the guy not only to be sexually attractive in my eyes, but also experienced and trustworthy like a close friend. I want chemistry. A person that I trust, you know?"

"… Ah-hah…" The Senju somehow got out. He then grimaced. "Do you realize just how… craving you are?"

"… Yes…" Izuna pouted. "… But I can't help it… I just want to be sure I don't get raped or something likely horrible."

Tobirama chuckled, but then looked at his friend with a serious expression plastered on his face.

"Hey, I've got an idea."

"Really? What?" Izuna asked slightly curious, but it quickly turned to a pleased gasp when he was suddenly pulled into a warm, tight embrace and kissed straight on the mouth.


"What are you -?" He somehow got out with a deep blush, when pulling back.

The Senju merely gave him a flirty look as answer.

"Let's go to my place."

Izuna's heart immediately began pounding loudly in his chest.

"All right."

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