We're back to present time;

Izuna sighed yet again; what a mess. If they really liked each other, why had the final click never happened? And why was he still in love after all those years and a few crushes on other people/friends?

Why did love always have to be so damn complicated?

Turning his attention back on the Senju, he discovered that he was still deep in his sleep and presumed that he was not to wake up anytime soon.

Sighing at that fact, he figured that he might as well head home; he did have some thinking to do after all...


Later that day at the Uchiha mansion;

When Madara came home from work, Izuna didn't hesitate one second with telling everything and of course asking for advice. Madara simply sighed and grimaced slightly, and then proposed that he (Izuna) took a test like he did those years earlier.

Which is where they were at this point;

"Question 1 out of 8: I think about him constantly; 1. If I see him, he takes up most of my thoughts the rest of the day, 2. Yes! All the time! Actually from the moment I get up till the moment I go to bed... 3. Not always! But I remember that he exists once in awhile!"

"The first one."

"Question 2 out of 8: When I look at him, then...; 1. I look and smile shyly back, 2. I consider the fact that I might have something in teeth, since he is looking at me, 3. My heart beats wildly, and I don't know what to do!"

"The first one."

"Question 3 out of 8: I want him to be my boyfriend and no one else! 1. Maybe. He is quite cute after all, 2. Of course, he is the guy for me! 3. Well yes, unless this other cute guy from one of the other classes ask me, then I probably would want to."

"The second."

"Question 4 out of 8: If he accidently touches me, I...; 1. I consider if he has washed his hands, 2. An electric shock flies through me! 3. The world around me disappears."

"The second."

"Question 5 out of 8: I want to know everything about him! – The more, the better! 1. I know his name – I don't actually need more information, 2. I check his Facebook profile many times a day, drive past his house on a daily basis, and know weird things about him, for example what his dog's name is, 3. When people talk about him, I listen but I'm seriously not a stalker!"

"The second."

"Question 6 out of 8: If he found somebody else as his boyfriend/girlfriend, I would...; 1. I wouldn't discover it, 2. I would be really sad, but I would hope to fall for another sweet guy, 3. I would break down and lock myself inside my room and listen to love songs.

"The second."

"Question 7 out of 8: When he fools around/chats with my friend, I...; 1. I get really jealous. What kind of friend does that? 2. I walk up to them and chat along in order to show him that I'm just as fun as my friend, 3. I just smile and continue where I stopped."

"The first one."

"Question 8 out of 8: If he tells me that he likes my outfit, I...; 1. 'Giggle, giggle' – I can't get anything else out, 2. 'Oh, this old stuff? It's just something I quickly put on this morning', 3. 'You can buy the shirt in 'New Yorker'."

"The first one." Izuna sighed; he wasn't really sure what to mean about it all. "So, how did I do?"

Madara didn't answer as he scanned the page.

"Congrats! You're in love." He then stated with a tired expression, as he threw the magazine down onto the table with a lazy motion.

"What?" Izuna exclaimed when his suspicion was confirmed. "But I can't be in love! It's not okay!"

"But you apparently are, Izu. The test (1) says so." Madara almost grimaced at his reason, but he managed to control himself as he picked up the magazine again. "You are completely in love! You're floating on a pink cloud! Your favourite hobby is to write your first name with your boy of your dreams last name. The ONLY thing you talk about when with friends is him and the days were the hottie is around; you do a lot out of yourself. So realize already: you're completely in love, and if you haven't already made him yours, it can only go too slow with trying to charm your way into his life with cute messages, invite him to the movies or by going to the party he is going to. The test has spoken."

"But –"

"So, what do you intend to do with that knowledge?"

"... I don't... know. I honestly don't."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Madara stated, but he received no response from the younger Uchiha. "I bet you have known from the beginning."

"... What do I want to do then?"

"... You want to either confront him about it, or ask him out on an indirect date were you pretend it's only friendship when you ask him."

"... I..." Izuna honestly didn't know what to say; his brother had seen right through him. "... Am I really that predictable?"


"... What should I do then? What would you do, Aniki?"

"This is not about what I would do, but what you feel and believe is the proper way to win the hunt."

"Win the hunt, huh?"


"... I think I'll go for a walk. I believe I have some thinking to do."

"Hn. Good idea."


The following night;

Later that day, Izuna still hadn't made up his mind.

He wanted to ask his friend in hope of receiving the answer he was afraid he could only dream of hearing.

He knew he would have to do something; the several tests he had taken had done nothing but confirm the first test and all told him to go for it, but the question was how?

Tobirama was a guy/seme and no seme liked desperate girls/ukes, and yet the Senju was still different. He wasn't like the usual type. If he turned him down, there might be a big chance that he would do it nicely.

A.K.A. he had nothing special to fear.

All there was left to do was try and hope for the best.

The message wrote;


This might sound it comes out of the blue... but would you consider going to some amusement park with me sometime soon? None of my friends like wild rides, and I remember that you and I went to an amusement park with the school once and I therefore figured that you might be up for it.

So, what do you say? It's your choice!

See you!


He read the message a few times and then finally dared to press the send button.

All there were left to do was bite his lip and hope for the best.

Which was exactly what he did.

He received an answer only a few hours later, but he didn't dare to read it before several hours later; a part of him was too afraid to get a cold shoulder.

But when he finally opened the message, he was mildest said greatly surprised.

The reply wrote;

'Sure. Sounds like fun. Let's discuss the details soon, okay?'

Izuna almost squealed in delight. He was the luckiest guy in the world!


A few days later, their non-date was a success; they tried almost every ride there was in the amusement park and had a great time chatting about different things. To his pleasure, Tobirama hadn't changed much through the years; he was still the rare type he used to be.

At some point when they were taking a break and eating lunch, they somehow came in on the subject why he had asked Tobirama instead of somebody else.

Izuna excused himself with the original reason, but the Senju merely gave him a look that said; what is the actual reason? Izuna realized that moment that there was no way out of it, and finally admitted that he was curious about Tobirama's feelings.

"Hmmm? Why now? Why not those years back?"

"... I was curious about it back then too remember?" Izuna pointed out. He suddenly wasn't sure what to make out of the situation. "Actually I have been curious about your feelings the last years. The memories with the two of us sometimes pop up into my head and then I can't help but consider if there might be a chance that you still think about me in that way too..."

"And?" Tobirama asked slightly curious, but at the same time he didn't really know what to do of the situation.

"... Well, I guess all there is left to do is... ask."

"And that question would be?"

"Would you consider the idea of the two of us becoming a couple?"

Tobirama watched him for several seconds with a soft look in his eyes. He then finally spoke;

"Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know... What do you think?"

Izuna gasped at the sudden cockiness. It was an exact copy of his own answer back then...!

Figuring that the Senju was only fooling around with his mind on a playful basis, he decided to believe his intention wasn't to be cruel but wanted to hear what he had hoped Izuna answered back then.

Izuna therefore answered;

"I'm not really sure what we are at the moment, but I know that I would like to be your boyfriend."

"Is that so?" Tobirama asked with a cocky smile. The Uchiha shyly nodded. "I think that I would really like that."

"R... Really?"

"Of course." The Senju grimaced amused. "How can you even ask?"

"... I don't really know..." Izuna mumbled slightly awkwardly. He still wasn't sure after all those years if he was actually supposed to answer that question. "All I know is that... I'm in love with you."

Tobirama chuckled softly, and then kissed his Uchiha on the forehead.

"Same here, Izu... Same here."

Izuna almost cried out of pure happiness and relieved at the whole thing, as he hugged his now official boyfriend.


He really was the luckiest guy in the world!

(1) I took the test once because I was curious about what I actually felt about this guy. Such tests are never really correct, but it did confirm my suspicion about my feelings. I was presumably in love! And have been for several years! X3

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