So I wanted to write some drabbles for my favourite book series. Some of the drabbles will probably be based on real life things that have happened, others will be my imagination from ideas of the book (like the chapter you get today, it never really happened). Some will be happy, some will be sad. But hopefully they should be good! I don't know how many I'm going to write, this might be the only one or there might be nine hundred and twelve (if fanfiction would let you upload that many :P) . I have some ideas for some more, one of which was one of the cringiest moments of my life.

Hope you enjoy them!

Disclaimer: It's not mine. I own nothing but the clothes I stand in and the memories so embarrassing that I have to substitute fictional characters to spare myself the pain recounting it.

"That one's called 'Sirius'."
"Why's it so little?" Sirius snapped. "Look at it. Bellatrix is huge."

"Yeah, but Sirius is more famous."

They were lying on James's bed, staring up at his ceiling which had been decorated to reflect all of the constellations of the night sky. James, who was interested in Astronomy, and Sirius, who other than being named after a star couldn't care less, had been doing so for ten minutes or so, James teaching and Sirius attempting to listen.

"Andromeda's the biggest," smirked Sirius. "However, she is great with child at the moment."

"What?" James's head snapped to attention.

"Oh, didn't you hear?" smiled Sirius. "It's the latest family scandal. Andromeda has eloped with Ted Tonks."

"Really?" grinned James.

"She was promptly disowned and now corresponds with me by owl when she can be bothered to." Sirius looked back at the constellation. "You should hear some of the names she's thinking of. Elvendork." He snorted.

"Elvendork?" spluttered James. "Is she insane?"

"You've got my cousins confused, Jimmy-o," Sirius replied with a smile. "Apparently it's unisex."

"Well, what a shame that name's taken," James said with mock sadness. "I'll have to call my child something sensible now."

"Any Tom, Dick or Harry has to be better than naming all your spawn after stars," Sirius pointed out. "I think we might be running out of names if we don't stop."

"Then you might have to call your kids normal names," James said, mock-gasping. "And God forbid that should happen."

"Oh trust me, James," Sirius said flatly, "My family will never revert to ordinary names. Not whilst Elvendork still lingers."