Description- When a freak sequence of events leaves Cat emotionally bound to an unlikely person, will she get lost in the raging sea of love, hate and pain or will she be able to swim to the metaphorical shore? And let's not forget the undead army headed straight for Cat and her friends.

Disclaimer- All characters and existing plot lines belong to Jeaniene Frost.

Timeline- Post This Side of the Grave.

A/N- I don't know why, but a certain character has always intrigued me. So I decided to write a story about this person. Read on to find out who it is.

Chapter 1

The fight had reached an extreme.

Everyone was moving so fast, punching, kicking, and biting motions all turning into a blur. I hit anything and everything that came near me, hoping I wouldn't accidentally take out a member of my own team. How this intense brawl had started was beyond me. One minute I had been fighting with Tate in his office, and the next we were being assaulted by hundreds, if not thousands, of ghouls.

How had they made it past security? I knew Don had probably set security cameras up, so if I made it through this, I would be sure to look. I glanced around the room a few times, trying to find my husband, Bones. At least in the vampire world we were married. We hadn't quite made it official in the human world yet. We'd planned to, at least at one time. Lately, it was one thing after the next that kept popping up and ruining my plans to walk down the aisle. Case in point.

My fist connected with a ghouls jaw, but it didn't seem to affect him much at all. Instead, he returned with a damaging blow to my head that probably would have killed me, had I still been human. I had decided to change over from a half breed to a full vampire nearly a year before. I thought it would solve all of my problems, make me less of a freak. But the only thing I had accomplished was becoming an even bigger freak.

Can't be a human, can't be a vampire.

That was me, Cat Crawfield, undead, mutant freak girl.

Most vampires needed human blood to survive, but not me. Oh no. I required undead blood to survive. More specifically… vampire blood. In my first few months of my vampire life, I'd fed primarily from Bones. I'd stopped that habit though, since feeding from master vampires gave you not only their strength, but also their odd powers. I'd had my share of mind reading and pyrokenetics. Since I'd reunited somewhat with my old FBI team, I'd been alternating between Juan, Tate and Cooper, three of my… the FBI's best men, who'd all been changed into vampires in order to be more efficient at their jobs. It had been my uncle's idea to make some of his agents vampires.

I felt a pang in my chest when I thought of him. My uncle Don had passed away less than a month ago. He'd had lung cancer and had tired of fighting it. Though vampire blood could heal him temporarily, he had refused it, saying everyone had to die sometime. I just wished it hadn't been this soon. Though I'd hated him when we'd first met, I'd grown to love him like a father, and I knew it would take some time before I could think of him without wanting to cry.

Right at this moment; however, the only thing on my mind was disassembling this ghoul. My foot connected with his midsection, the heel of my shoe sticking into his flesh. It distracted him for only a second, but it was enough for me to get the advantage. I kicked his legs out from under him and jabbed my knife through his chest. It wouldn't kill him, of course. But what it would do was slow him down enough that when he jumped back to his feet, my sword-like blade sliced through his neck like it was butter.

I smiled with a certain amount of satisfaction, but it was short lived.

"Kitten, behind you," I head Bones' voice roar through the air like thunder.

I turned in time to catch a glimpse of something shiny before a figure darted in front of me. My senses registered vampire before I realized who it was. His blue eyes met mine and for a moment I saw only relief and then… pain. He fell on his knees in front of me and I was finally able to see what my danger had been.

A ghoul with light blonde hair and medium build, who looked more like he belonged at his kid's soccer game than on a battle field, was aiming a silver handgun straight at me. I cared to guess that it contained silver bullets, since those were the only kind that affected vampires in the slightest. But even silver bullets were hard to kill a vampire with. They had to shatter the heart and one shot wouldn't do the trick. The vampire would have to literally stand there and take it, which of course they wouldn't.

I didn't have much time to contemplate why he was trying to shoot me because his head was suddenly rolling away from his body. Behind the headless body, that wavered a moment before falling down, was Bones. He smirked at me for half a second before throwing himself into a group of approaching ghouls.

I started to help him when I was grabbed from behind. It didn't take me long to free myself from the ghoul's grasp and soon I'd taken out him along with a few of his friends. The battle was dwindling down. Ghouls who hadn't been sliced and diced had all but retreated. Those who had been fighting on our side all gathered. No one was mortally wounded, though the majority of us were vampires who healed almost immediately.

Bones looked to be assessing the damage. His shirt had been ripped during the battle, revealing abs those macho men from Bo Flex commercials would kill for. I found my thoughts drifting to less battle related things, such as what I would do to Bones once we were alone. I would trail my mouth as slowly as possibly over every inch of those abs, licking and biting all the way down…

I was pulled out of my little fantasy at the sound of Juan's voice. "Where's Tate?" he was asking.

I glanced around our group, quickly scanning faces, but the recently appointed leader of the supernaturally special branch of home lance security was nowhere to be seen. When had I last seen him? Oh yes, my brain clicked into place. When he'd literally taken a bullet for me.

"There," Bones' voice rang out. My gaze followed his extended hand and I caught a glimpse of a darkly clothed form on the ground amidst all of the ghoul remains. The darkly clothed form of my sometimes friend.

Four of us, Juan, Cooper, Bones and I, made our way to him. His eyes were closed and for a ridiculous moment I wondered if he was dead. Of course not, I chided myself. He didn't look like a rotting corpse. When vampires met their end, their remains reverted back to the age they would be had the person died a human. Since Tate had been a vampire for some time now, he wouldn't still look like himself.

"Amigo," Juan said. "Are you alright?"

When there was no response, I tried. "Tate, look at me." Nothing.

"Tate," Cooper tried.

I found myself shaking him. Why wouldn't he open his eyes? What was wrong with him?

"Kitten," Bones finally said, "stop."

I looked up at my husband. "What's wrong with him?" I noted my voice sounded more irritated than concerned, possibly because of the fight we'd been having before.

We'd thrown each other's insecurities in our respective faces, but his last words to me before we had been attacked were what ran through my mind now. "Forever is a long time, Kitten," he'd said, using Bones' nickname for me. "And if you think he'll put up with the likes of you for eternity, then you're a fool." The words had cut too deep to describe and in the heat of the moment, I hadn't been sure whether to kill him or cry.

One of my greatest fears was that someday Bones would grow tired of me or realize I wasn't worth all the trouble I caused him and everyone else around me. He'd already left me once, and that had been mere months into our rekindled romance. What would decades of dealing with me do to him? Though Bones had assured me time and time again that he wasn't going anywhere, I couldn't shake that fear from the back of my mind.

And Tate knew that. And he'd used it to hurt me.

'Not that you didn't deserve it after what you said to him,' my brain screamed at me. I'd been so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn't even noticed that Bones had gone to retrieve the gun until it was staring me in the face.

"You think the gun did this?" I asked. "There were probably silver bullets in it but the ghoul only shot it once. And it would have stung like hell, but it shouldn't render him unable to even move."

Bones stared at the weapon carefully before opening the chamber and pulling out one of the bullets. "He only used one," Bones confirmed. He studied the bullet a moment and then a grim realization passed over his features.

Fear gripped me, despite my residual anger, as he quickly replaced the bullet in the gun. "What is it?" I demanded. "What kind of bullets are those?"

Bones knelt down on the other side of Tate and gave me a sympathetic look before reaching his hand to Tate's face. "They're silver bullets alright," he said. "But it's more than that." Bones used two of his fingers to open one of Tate's eyes.

What I saw made me gasp, despite my lack of a need for air. Tate's eyes were filled with a milky metallic liquid. Oh God, I thought.

"Liquid silver," Bones stated, confirming my fears.

"What's the difference?" someone asked, but I didn't catch who because I was too busy thinking about the last time I'd seen liquid silver used.

It had been when Gregor, my ex-husband… recently deceased ex-husband… had dipped his swords in it before dueling with Bones over me. It was also what inevitably caused his death. The silver had all but incapacitated Bones and what had caused me to accidentally burn Gregor to death. But though no one was supposed to interfere with the dual by punishment of death, I'd been spared since what Gregor had done had been cheating.

The liquid silver had spread quickly through Bones and Spade had had to literally cut it out of him later. But even then, Bones had been awake and moving. And it had never reached his eyes.

"The impact of the bullet must have caused it to spread faster."

I looked up at the tall, dark and handsome vampire that was my husband's best friend. He didn't look the least bit concerned by this. Spade shared Bones' dislike of Tate, something neither ever bothered to hide from me. Of course, Tate openly disliked them as well. I half expected Bones to respond with, "Oh well", before throwing dirt on him. Always kick them when they're down. That was hit motto.

But he didn't. Instead he made a move to pick him up.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Taking him to the infirmary."

I was surprised by his actions, but I didn't question them. Instead I followed. I was also surprised that, when we got to the room, Spade blocked me from entering.

"You need to stay out here. All of you," he directed the last part at Juan and Cooper, who were right on my heels. I started to argue, but Spade held up a hand. "This will take a while. Make sure Denise is safe for me and determine how those fiends managed to get in here."

The look on his face told me he was serious. And I knew he was right. It had taken Spade quite a while to remove all of the silver from Bones' veins and he hadn't had nearly as much in him as Tate seemed to have now. I turned to tell Juan and Cooper to watch the security tapes, I would insist Spade and Bones let me help them, after all, they didn't even like Tate, but almost as soon as I opened my mouth, Spade slammed the door in my face.

The tapes had not been especially helpful. The exterior cameras had caught nothing. Ghouls were fast, but not fast enough to avoid being seen on camera. They must have found some other way in. But how? I had aided in the design of this place; I knew every inch of it. And yet somehow I couldn't figure out how the ghouls had managed past every form of security we had. What I needed to do was find out where the fighting had originated, but no one seemed to know. Everyone claimed to have joined a fight already in progress.

As I was leaving the security room, a sudden realization dawned on me. I had been attacked from behind and hadn't even sensed the ghoul was there. At the time, I had chalked it up to my anger with Tate, but now I wasn't so sure. Since becoming a full vampire, my senses had been pretty top notch. Even in the throes of pleasure, I could sense other supernatural beings I my near vicinity.

I recalled the look in Tate's eyes just before I'd been hit. He was equally as surprised by the ghoul as I was. And he would have seen it come up. Wouldn't he of? Then why hadn't he warned me? All things I would need to ask the man in question. I looked at the clock on the wall. It had been nearly three hours since Bones and Spade had kicked me out of their make-shift exam room. Surely they'd gotten all of the silver removed by now.

I made my way down to the infirmary, growing angrier with my so-called-friend by the minute. He'd let me get attacked, probably in further retaliation for my words, not that what he'd said hadn't hurt me already. I was more than ready to question him thoroughly as I pushed open the door to the infirmary, but what I saw made me stop dead in my tracks.

Bones was sitting in a chair next to the table they had Tate laying on, while Spade stood next to him. Both of their arms were covered in blood, making me wish I had eaten recently, and both were wearing looks of irritation, puzzlement, and, when they looked at me, sympathy. Bones had his wall up between our connection, despite allowing me to see the emotions carried in his eyes. Something was wrong.

My gaze drifted back over to Tate, who didn't seem to be a rotting corpse, so I knew he wasn't dead. But he was also not moving, and disregarding the blood smeared on his pale skin, he looked the same as when I'd last seen him.

"What's wrong?" I demanded, when neither offered an explanation.

"I'm afraid we cannot help your friend," Spade stated in a neutral tone.

"Look, I know you two don't like him but…"

"Kitten," Bones interrupted, standing to his feet. "It's not that we won't help. In fact, we tried… several times."

Tried? What had they failed to do? My eyes darted to the blood. Tate's blood. My stomach growled, but I ignored it. Then I noticed the knife on the table and it clicked. "You can't cut the silver out? But, Spade, you cut it out of Bones."

"And we managed to cut it out of him," Spade replied. "But it keeps coming back."


"Every time we remove the silver, it grows back within a few minutes," Bones continued for him.

"But how?" I wondered. "Is that even possible?"

"I've never seen or heard of such a thing. And neither has Charles," Bones replied, using Spade's human name.

"So what does that mean?" I asked them, feeling dread creep into my stomach.

"It means," Spade said with little emotion in his voice, "that he will die."