Surreal Circumstance with Sally and Sorrell

"As I live and breathe, it's – hello, Mr. and Miss 'Blast from the Past'! How are you? What are you doing here? Did you bring your cello?" Millie asked Buddy. "Will you sing anything?" She asked Sally.

"Look at this kid," Buddy chirped, "She's so excited, she's spilling her tea. And it's not easy; she ain't drinkin' anything!"

Sally playfully slapped his arm and croaked, "Buddy!" She looked at Millie and said, "Let's find a place to sit."

They found a carousel in a valley and sat on one painted bench together. They were squished, which delighted Millie, but it was still a little uncomfortable, so Buddy got up and sat on a bench opposite the women. Millie moved down a little to give Sally more room.

Buddy asked, "Hey Sal, why'd you pick a carousel as a place for us to sit?"

"A lot of single fathers take their kids to the carousel. I might meet a fella," she said.

Millie said, "I hope you do meet a fella. You deserve someone nice."

Sally thanked her with a smile, put her hand on Millie's arm, and said, "Here we go!"

The carousel turned, gained speed, and they watched as the colorful horses went up and down. They stopped short and Sally and Millie jolted forward as Millie spilled her tea.

"Well, whaddaya know?" Buddy laughed, "She was drinkin' tea after all!"

"I am so sorry, Buddy," Millie said as she wiped tea off of his shirt.

"That's ok," he said, "This carousel is lousy. It must've been built by someone's bald brother-in-law."

Millie laughed and looked at Sally, who was quiet. Something big was in her lap. It fell on her when the carousel broke. The thing had arms, legs, and clothing.

"Well, it's not a carousel horse," Buddy observed.

"It's a fella!" cried Sally.

The fella got up and wiped the dust off of his dungarees. Sally asked him to marry her, and while he pondered the question, Buddy serenaded them both with cello music.