Sirius Orion Black was worried about his godson, which ironic enough is his second cousin on his Aunt Bella's side. Bella Black-Potter was his father Orion's elder twin sister who was the first Black to marry a wizard who was a light wizard and she didn't get blasted off the family tree. Sirius had Bill make an inquiry at work if Harry could claim his family seal. Bill had told him that the goblins said that as far as they were concerned, that the last scorn of the only wizarding house that they worth protecting was in danger. If Harry didn't come in and talk with them before his sixteenth birthday he would loose everything.

Sirius was deeply concerned as he walked up to to his father's study. He opened the door ands went to the desk and found one of the desk doors was charmed so on those with Black blood or Potter blood could the Great Crest of the Most Ancient and the Most Noble house of Potter across from him. His plan was to get Harry alone in this office once Dumbledore deemed it time for Harry to join his friends. As far as he considered, the only true friend Harry had was Hermione who went off on the headmaster when he told them not to write to Harry.

Sirius would get Harry alone and bring him into this office and have Harry claim his family ring and seal. He had a feeling that the Potter head of house betrothal ring would find its way to a certain witch. He would also have Harry claim the Black head of house ring also. Sirius knew who its betrothal ring would go. The only family to have an unmarried daughter with an open betrothal contract with house Black was house Greengrass; Daphine Greengrass was the eldest daughter and heiress to the Greengrass estate. Sirius knew in matter of seconds Harry will go from the wealthiest bachelor to the wealthiest man in the Wizarding World.


Harry was locked in his room after Dementor attack. He was angry that the Ministry was going to put him on trail for defending himself and his idiot cousin. What made him more angry was the betrayal and abandonment by his so called friends who seemed to have deserted him. He heard the locks on the door start to open and he turned in his chair as it opened. Uncle Vernon put his head into the room.

"We are going out. That is your Aunt and I and Dudley that is," said Vernon.

I understand," Harry replied as he watched the door close.

After Vernon had relocked each lock Harry heard the car start and pull out of the driveway. After a few hours Harry could have sworn that he heard people talking downstairs. Harry quickly grabbed his wand. He swung his cloak over his shoulder and he got down between the bed and the wall facing the door to his room.

"Remus he is up here." said an unknown female voice. "By Merlin there are locks on his door. I thought Molly said that the locks were something the twins made up."

"She did say that," Remus replied as he knocked on the door and said, "Harry its Remus Lupin we are here to take you to somewhere safe. But first Harry why was the Whopping Willow planted when I first got to Hogwarts?"

Harry grinned as he replied, "Because of your furry little problem."

"Good answer," Remus said as he opened the door.

Harry removed his cloak and asked, "Who are all of these people Professor?"

"They are your guard. When we get the signal we will leave. The purple haired witch is Nymphadora Tonks and is an Auror. So is Kingsley Shacklebolt behind me. This is Mundungas Fletcher, and I'm sure you remember Alastor Moody."

"Hello, so where are we going to go to?"

"Not here boy it is not safe. There is the signal. Let's go. We are travelling by broom I hear you are pretty good on a broom boy. This is the plan we are flying north and if we are attacked you are to fly North West and meet up with the second set of guards. Then they will take you on into where you will be staying."

"Moody quite being so morbid. We are not going to be attack. Just lets go."
said the witch Professor Lupin called Nymphadora Tonks. "By the way I go by Tonks. Your godfather is my fourth cousin. Wow a Firebolt I am still flying a Cleansweap six. Remus you didn't tell us he flew on a superiorly broom."

"The way his professors tell it he can make a Nimbus 2000 behave like a Firebolt. Now we need to leave now."

Together the group walked outside and got on their brooms and flew off northward. Moody made them turn around several time because he saw several muggles looking up. When they finally landed in front of group of two story houses.

Moody handed a strip of paper to Harry and told him to read it. Looking at the paper it said 'The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix can be located at number 12 Grimmauld Place, London.'