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Hold On To Me Tonight
Chapter 3

As the sun cracked through the drapery in her bedroom, she rolled over to avoid the sliver of light that was laying directly over her left eye. However, as soon as she moved her petite body in the large bed, she felt herself wake up, immediately regretting drinking last night, or at least mixing hard liquor and beer. She could finally say she understood the phrase 'beer before liquor, never sicker.'

Her eyes opened to little slits and she stared at the door to her washroom; it seemed miles away, though in fact it was only several feet. "I need to get up." Sharpay told herself, slowly lifting herself up. Her bare legs slipped from under the covers and were placed on the cold wood flooring, a nice contrast from her heated body temperature.

As soon as she lifted herself off the bed it felt as if she had been hit with a 4 ton brick. She fell back down to her bed and clutched her stomach. Her brain felt like it was double the size and trying to crack through her skull through any means possible. The weight of her head sunk into one of her pillows and she squeezed her eyes shut, forcing out tiny drops of tears to roll down both sides of her face. She had the worst headache in the world, she felt like she was going to throw up, she couldn't even move without feeling nauseous, and the only time she was remotely comfortable was the laying position she was in right now; she felt like dying. She was officially hungover.

It took all her strength to reach over to her bedside table in retrieve of her phone. Sliding the unlock button on the screen she looked through her messages that she didn't even want to answer, once again.

Few from Ryan asking where she was and how she was.

Another from him saying he was worried.

A few from her Dad trying to butter her up again and attempt to make her somewhat feel better. Another from him saying he was leaving early in the morning for a business trip and would like to say goodbye to her.

Another one from him saying that it was too late.

There were a few from her Mom saying the same thing, trying to show her apparent love for the hungover blonde.

The list kept on going on and on, pointless messages filled her phone.

Just as she was about to turn it off and fall back to sleep, in hopes to cure the hangover, a message popped up on the screen.

Troy Bolton

She cringed, mainly at the thought that it was Troy Bolton texting her for some unknown reason, but also because foggy memories from the previous night began flooding into her head. Her pounding head.

Vaguely she remembered the car ride home, he drove her and it was completely silent. The only sound that came from either of them was saying goodbye and all she could recall from that was dashing inside to her room and collapsing to her bed. She didn't remember what he said and didn't remember what she, herself, said. She cringed again, initiating another blast of a headache, almost positive the little people inside her head were hammering out her skull like miners.

Finally succumbing to reading the text from him, she tapped 'view' as the full message popped up.

Hey, I said I'd take you to pick up your car today so was wondering if you wanted to do that before of after school, either way I can pick you up and drive you to Lava Springs or to school.

The glow from her phone that was lighting her face was only adding to her hangover. Her brain was melting from the light, eyes being scorched. She squinted hard and typed as fast as she could in reply.

I'd rather eat dirt.

The thought of her showing up to school, coming out of his car was horrible. More so the fact that everyone in school would see her walking out of that hunk of junk Troy Bolton called his car. But also, she would possibly have to face discussing events of the night with him, and him asking how she was feeling. She knew if one more person asked her how she was feeling, she was going to snap.

And just as she felt herself dozing off to sleep she heard a knock on her door, immediately awakening her.


She rolled her eyes and remained quiet.

"Shar, are you in there?" Her twin brother called through the door, trying the locked handle.

When was he going to get the hint? She didn't want to talk to him, she didn't want to talk to anyone. The sound of his voice was slightly haunting. The last time she heard it was in the thought that their family was perfect and so was everything else. It all seemed to be a ticking time bomb; slowly, everything was falling apart. Laying completely still, she made sure not to make any remote sound of a noise, feeling herself drift off to hangover dreamland.


Before the bell was a calming time for everyone to catch up with one another before they'd complain about a day full of learning would start. Troy Bolton stood at his locker with his usual gang, folded arms across his chest while in particular this morning, his mind wasn't on the usual pointless conversation and dread of class that it normally was on, or his friends.

"Dude, what's bugging you? You're being weird." His best friend asked, shaking his head to bounce about the tight, dark brown curls.

"Hm?" Troy looked over, running a hand through his own unruly hair, messing it up as he looked from Chad to Jason. "Work was a bit weird last night." His brow raised.

Chad looked from Troy to Jason, left in the dark as to the tension that had apparently grown between the two. They were looking intently at each other, like one could throw a punch and yell any second, just waiting for who would be the first person to do so. "What? Ok, what's with the weird, spirited eye contact you two are making right now?"

"It's getting weird." Zeke added in, noticing what was going on as well.

"Can we stop saying the word 'weird' now?" Jason intervened, changing the topic and breaking the eye contact before looking at the two other guys who were excluded in the information that was going on.

Apathetically, Troy shrugged, staring down the hall as he saw a certain blonde twin. "I'll see you guys later." He said before shrugging on his backpack and jogging down the hall. "Hey! Ryan!"

The blonde turned around startled, "Oh, Troy, hi?" Not exactly sure what kind of conversation Troy was going to spark up, since the only thing they ever did was upcoming theatre work or petty small talk about how school was going.

"Is Sharpay here today?" He looked around; normally the two entered the school together, Sharpay about two inches in front of her twin to part the red sea that was the students crowded by the entrance; but today it was just Ryan, unnoticed by his peers without his twin.

Ryan looked at him cynically. "I don't know." As soon as Troy returned the look of skepticism back, he eased up and lowered his voice, "I don't think she came home last night."

"What do you mean? I drove her home from Lava Springs."

"Why did you drive her home and why was she at Lava Springs?"

With his reply, he realized Ryan knew nothing about Sharpay's antics for the last 24-hours. He didn't know she had gotten drunk in their family country club, he didn't know about Jason forcing himself upon her, he didn't know she wanted to drive home intoxicated, and he didn't know about her mini breakdown.

"Uh," Troy started, wondering how much he should say and if he should say anything at all. "Her car wouldn't start and I don't know about Lava Springs, I'm guessing she went to the spa?"

"Oh. Okay." Ryan said, unfazed, staring at Troy.

"I'll see you later man."


Sharpay could still feel that her face was clad in yesterdays makeup and clothes, she felt disgusting. A part of her was trying to force herself to go take a shower, with the reward of another nap, but another part of her was forcing her body to stay in her bed. She felt helpless and pathetic, eating ice cubes because that was the only thing her stomach could handle at this point. A part of her was almost tempted to drink some more because apparently, drinking more alcohol was the best way to beat a hangover, and to drown her feelings once again, but she couldn't even think about that word without her stomach churning and head pounding.

She reached for her phone, deciding to check it for only the second time today. Lo and behold, the last person she wants a message from, messaged her, again. Only months ago, she would've jumped at the chance of a texting conversation with him, and taken the opportunity to seduce and conquer Troy Bolton, but things have changed, as of yesterday.

Opening the message, she read; Why didn't you go to school today?

I took a personal day. She replied.

You don't get 'personal days' for school...what's wrong? He replied only minutes later.

None of your beeswax, Kwame. She retorted.


I don't know, I just Google-ed the worst basketball player in the NBA and his name popped up. I was simply making a metaphoric comparison. Now leave me alone and stop texting me, Bolton.

That was the last text message she was going to send, hoping he'd take the hint. As a chance to avoid her phone, she threw it in her bed and rolled around to get comfortable.

Ting, ting!

She heard her phone go off one last time, realizing she hadn't silenced it and searched her bed once more for the device. As her hand grabbed something unfamiliar, she pulled it from under the covers and stared at it. There in her palm was the little, clear baggie with the white powder inside. She stared at it. Hard. Thoughts wondering in her head. Considering it. Poking the bag as she watched her finger make an indent in the powder. She clutched it in her closed hand and with a raised brow, she quickly tossed it in the drawer to one of her bedside tables.