Chapter 1:

Booooooooooom, Crash


"Snow get up, Snow GET UP! "Shouted Wayne

Boom (Cars exploding)

"Flipping heck, oh this all my fault, please Snow please get up" Wayne sobbed

Wayne drags snow across the cracked demolished floor and gets him off the bridge.

(Slap) leaving Snow with a red marks on his face but wakes him up

"Uhhh is that you Wayne "Groaned Snow

"Yes it's me your buddy Wayne, I'm sorry for what happened I never meant to get you into this mess" Wayne cries

"It's okay but where is she " groaned Snow

Wayne bows his head

"I'm sorry but she's gone" Whispered Wayne

Snow gets up and goes mad

"watcha mean she's gone ,what lost her , you can't find her" rowed Snow

"No Snow she's gone DEAD snow DEAD I'm sorry "Stated Wayne

Wayne drops to the floor in sitting position

"No, are you 100% sure she's dead" Exclaimed Snow

"Well no umm SNOW"-

Snow interrupted Wayne

"She still out there and probably alive so I'm going to find her if you want to come you can"

"But Snow" whispered Wayne

Snow interrupted Wayne again

"I know about those things but I don't care I'm getting my daughter back"

"BUT SNOW LOOK" Whispered Wayne

Snow turns around to his horror realizing what had just happen what is only to begin.