Chapter 2

Before the crisis

"Wake up Sarah "shouted Snow

"Yes daddy "moaned Sarah

Sarah was only 6yrs of age and took her SpongeBob plush everywhere she went.

"It's time to go, Wayne is here and is ready to take us …"

Sarah done everything quickly and dressed and put on her favourite polka dot coat, she hopped down the stairs with her SpongeBob in her hand.

"Daddy where we going" curiously asked Sarah

"Somewhere safe for both of us "sighed Snow

"Is it Disney land, I love Disney land Dad is it there "excitedly said Sarah

"YH sue Disney land "sighed Snow

They got in the car and shut the door and drove off

"I hope where you're taking us is safe away from those things" whispered Snow

"It is, everyone is going there for safety trust me mate "

"You better be right "said Snow

"Daddy are we there yet" said Sarah


(Screech boom crash)

There was screaming then no more, there was silence in the air.

"Daddy Daddy" screamed Sarah

Then the screaming vanished.