*Chapter 1*

(Annabeth's POV)

I never thought I would go crazy from just losing someone, especially someone I love.

I never even expected him to leave me, which sounds kind of corny, yes, but it is true. I didn't even see the giant swinging at him, only a bloody spot in the small of his back. I guess that's when my mind snapped, because everything else afterwards is a blur.

But, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you the story from the beggining, since I know you are probably getting confused.

It all started in the Empire State Building, during the war.

"Percy, you can't!" I cried, grabbing his arm.

He looked at me and gently took my griping hand off his arm. "I'm sorry. I have to."

I was desperate now. I had to do something, anything, to keep him from going to Olympus alone.

"Percy, please, wait until the others get here! Wait until the gods get here!"

"Annabeth, by the time they get here, Olympus will be destroyed. Now, let me go. I have to go up there alone." He pried my hand off his arm again.

"You don't! Percy you can't defeat them alone, no matter how invincible you are!"

Percy took a deep breath. "Yeah, well, I can hold them off, keep them distracted until the others get here."

"The campers won't be here for a long time! Jason, Piper and Leo are holding off monsters at Camp Half-Blood and the Greeks and Romans are fighting for all that it's worth."

His sea green eyes met mine. "All the more reason to hold them off. Stay here, keep fighting with the others. And stay safe."

Before I could protest again, he kissed me quickly and ran off for the elevator. I started to follow when a spear wizzed past my head, missing my ear by an inch. I spun around the find an empousa snarling at me, her fangs exposed behind her lips and her red eyes shining with hatred, almost as bright as her flaming hair.

"I am Kelli, here to take my revenge on Percy Jackson for sending me to Tartarus!" she snarled.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, taking out my Celestial Bronze knife. "Well, don't worry, I know how much you miss it, cause I'll be sending you back soon."

The empousa snarled and lunged at me. I side stepped and lunged my knife in to her side. She screamed in rage and vaporized into yellow dust. As I watched, though, the yellow dust was reforming again, into the shape of a body. I quickly stepped into the elevators so that I wouldn't have to stand there all day killing Kelli over and over again. I had just pressed the 600 button when a loud scream pierced the air.

But it wasn't coming from below me, from the fighting demigods. It came from Olympus.

"Hurry up, hurry up!" I rushed. The elevator seemed to be moving slower and slower the more I wanted it to hurry up. Finally, it made it to Olympus, and I ran as fast as I could down the street, an empty street that looked like a tornado had hit.

I ran into the throne room, and almost screamed myself.

Because the giants were still standing. Stupid-looking, but still standing, deciding which throne they were going to destroy first.

And Percy was lying on the floor, a bloody spot on the small of his back.

And that's when I think I snapped.

I'd lost Luke. I'd lost Selena. I'd lost Beckendorf, and alot of my friends. But to lose Percy, too? That was the final straw.

I yelled and lunged foward, swinging my knife left and right. I stabbed them so many times, If it weren't for Gaea they would be swiss-cheese giants. After I killed them for the fifth time, they didn't reform like I thought they would. Instead, the yellow dust seemed to dissapear, as if going back into the earth.

When I was certain there were no more threats, I dropped my knife and ran over to Percy. He looked terrible: his face was stark white, and he was sweating.

"I told you . . . to stay with the others," he said hoarsely.

I tried to blink tears out of my eyes and held him tightly. "But since when do I ever listen to you, Seaweed Brain?"

Percy laughed, but it came out as more of a weak, strangled sound.

"You seemed to listen after we . . . we started dating." Percy winced.

I laughed, but it came out as a strangled sound in the back of my throat. "Yeah, right. But, don't worry about your wound. Someone'll be here soon, and then we'll fix you right up."

"Can't . . . fix Achilles Heel . . . it's . . . impossible . . ."

"We can try. You don't know that. Don't say that," I said stubbornly.

"It's . . . true. Luke . . ."

"Luke knew he had to die to save us. He sacrificed himself. We need you here, Percy. Your the hero, our leader. You can't just . . ."

"I don't think-"

"Shhh!" I sat him up and held him tightly to me. "Save your oxygen. You'll need your energy."

Tears ran down my face, and when I looked down at Percy in my arms, I saw a tear go down his cheek, too. My tears dripped and ran down his face with his own.

I held on for all it was worth and sobbed.

"Please. Don't leave me," I said. But no answer. Not even a sigh.

My whole body went cold and trembled. I was crying so hard I was breathless and gasping for air.

"Percy. Please." I shook him gently. Not one movement.

"Percy!" My heartbroken cry received no answer.

I held him tight and cried until my eyes were red and puffy. Eventually I heard footsteps, and I thought it was the giants who had come to hurt Percy again.

"Get back! Stay away from him! Get away," I screamed.

"Oh, dear," a male voice said with mock sympathy. It sounded familiar, but I couldn't think of the person. "Her mind's cracked with the boy's death."

"Will she be alright? Can you cure her?" A woman asked, moving closer to me.

"Get back!" I yelled. Suddenly the faces in front of me became clearer, and I saw all of the Olympians standing in front of me. It was Dionysus and my mother who had spoken.

Dionysus shrugged. "Insanity is my specialty. I can cure her, but that doesn't mean she won't still be heartbroken over this, uh, tragic loss."

Insanity? Have I really lost my mind? But I didn't care. I searched for one god in particular.

"Apollo! Please, you can save him! Please," I begged.

Apollo raised his hands up, guilt on his face. "I'm sorry, Annabeth. Even I can't do anything. If someone dies from their Achilles' Heel, then it is impossible to save them."

"That-that's not fair," I said. "That's not fair! We need him! I love him! There has to be something."

Athena didn't like the 'I love him' part too much, but her voice was soft when she spoke. "Annabeth, darling, there is nothing any of us can do. Not even Poseidon nor Hades can do anything. It is forbidden to bring one back from the dead. Hades knows that, and you know that."

"Well, try anyway!" I said.

"There might be something I can do for the girl, to make her suffer less," Hera said.

"What is it?" Zeus asked.

"I can take her memories after Dionysus cures her. With Athena's permission, of course."

"No! Then she won't remember him at all!" Aphrodite wailed. "I disagree. I say she lives out Percy's memories in vain, not completely forget him like he never existed!"

"I will not take all of her memories," Hera said. "Just any with Perseus. Any battles, any quests she will think it was with Thalia and Clarisse and Grover. As far as she will be concerned, she and Grover succeeded in defeating Kronos alone, with no help from Percy."

"Grover! Oh no! Is he alright?" I asked, still holding Percy tightly against me.

None of them answered, but I knew what it meant.

"Well, get on with it," Poseidon said, turning away. "Take her memories of my son. If you need me, I-I'll be in my palace." He quickly stalked away, and disapeared in a green flash.

"He is quite upset about his son's death," Hermes said. "I know how he is feeling. I'll go talk to him." He quickly left.

"I still disagree with this!" Aphrodite said. "And I promise you, I will make sure that Annabeth or anyone never forgets him." She turned on her heel and walked away.

Hera sighed. "She is most upset."

"Agreed," Athena said. "But, if taking my daughter's memories is for the best, I give you my permission."

"No! You won't take him from me! I won't let you!" I screamed, holding Percy very tightly.

"Annabeth, Percy is in Elysium now. He is safe. Let his body go," Athena said.


"Child, give him to your mother. His body is of no use to you anymore," Zeus said.

"Get away!"

"Annabeth, if you give him to us, I swear to you on the River Styx that he will be safe," Athena said. Thunder rolled in the distance.

I hesitated, then slowly loosened my arms. Athena gingerly took Percy from my arms and dissapeared in a flash of light.

I looked at Zeus, panicking. "Where did she take him?"

"She took him to the Fates. Do not worry," Zeus said.

"Dionysus? Cure her already," Hera said.

Dionysus sighed and put his hands on my temples, closing his eyes. I closed mine too, and suddenly my mind was much clearer, and I didn't feel confused anymore. Then Hera raised her hands and chanted in Ancient Greek, the world went black, and I fainted.

When I eventually awoke, my head was groggy. I sat up and looked around.

"Annabeth, are you alright?" Athena asked. I saw that she wasn't alone. Dionysus, Aphrodite, Hera, Zeus and Poseidon - who for some reason looked like he'd been crying - were crowded around me.

"Yes. Why wouldn't I be?" I asked.

Aphrodite looked seriously mad. "Well, Hera, I hope you are happy now," she said angrily. "She forgot everything she had with him. But remember, I won't let her forget. Not really. Nor will I let everyone else."

I looked at my mother, confused. "Who's she talking about?"

Athena took a deep breath. "Do you remember someone named Percy?"

The name sounded familiar, but not anyone I knew.

"No. Why?" I asked.

Aphrodite huffed and crossed her arms. "All of you will pay for this," she said.

"Umm, why are you so angry?" I asked her.

She stepped up to me and leaned down. "Because they took the best thing in your life!"

I was still terribly confused. "And that is . . . ? And who is Percy?"

Aphrodite glared at Hera and Athena.

"No one. Let's get you back to camp," Athena said.

"Wait - who is Percy?" I said, standing up.

Athena looked at me over her shoulder.

"A distant memory now, Annabeth. One that has been forgotten."