*This is a bonus scene to Goodbye. Technically it doesn't fit in anywhere with the story, but I reeeally wanted to extend the Montauk scene, so here it is! I guess this is the final thing for Goodbye, or I'm just trying to make excuses to continue it, since I don't want it to end, and since so many people have read it. :) Anyways, let the story begin!*

*The Montauk scene - (Chapter 10) extended*

We stayed silent for a while, and it stretched on until Annabeth finally yawned.

"Come on, Wise Girl," I said. "Let's get back to camp."

"What's your rush?" she murmured. "You said we needed to get out for a while. Well, were out. So let's stay here."

"This coming from the girl that was nervous to leave camp in the first place," I muttered. Annabeth looked like she wouldn't be able to walk on her own, so I picked her up - bridal style - and carried her to the cabin. I put her in bed and lit a fire to warm up, sitting on the old stuffy couch. I was staring into the fire when I heard ruffling coming from the other room.

"Percy?" Annabeth suddenly called, coming into the room.

"I thought you were sleeping," I said.

"I can't sleep. I want to stay in here with you."

I sighed and pulled her on my lap, tucking her head under my chin.

It was peaceful. The fire was burning, making the room warm and comfortable.

"Percy?" Annabeth asked.


"Do you regret leaving Elysium and coming back to life?"

I hesitated. "No. Not really. I mean, sure Elysium was great, there was always barbeque and I got to see all of our old friends again, but there was one thing I didn't have that I regretted not being on earth for."

"What?" Annabeth asked curiously.

I held her tightly. "You."

I felt her stiffen slightly in shock, then relaxed. She snuggled closer to me, if possible.

"Percy . . ."


She hesitated for a moment, then spoke. "I love you."

She waited for my responce, but I was too dumbstruck to give one.

"Percy?" she asked, shifting away from me. I could tell that by not answering, I'd hurt her.

"Iloveyoutoo," I said, but the words left my mouth too quickly.

She grinned. "What was that?"

I swallowed and willed the words to come out slower. "I, um, love you too."

She laughed and settled back against me. "You are such a Seaweed Brain."

"And you're such a Wise Girl," I said.

"Mmhmm . . ." Annabeth murmured, and her breath became slow and even. She was asleep. I carried her back to bed, put extra blankets over her, and settled back on the couch.

Eventually my eyes started to get heavy, and I fell asleep.

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