Title: The Chase

Author: Smenzer

Rating: PG

Pairing: James/Elizabeth

Genre: Drama/Romance

Summary: A story with a twist ending. Commodore Norrington chases his favorite pirate: Elizabeth

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to Disney.

Elizabeth Swann hung onto the hot wooden rail of the ship she was on, the Blue Sailfish, and looked aft. Even with her long brown tresses flying in her face from the speed the ship was sailing at, she could see the Dauntless was closing. She had used every trick she could think of to throw off the pursuit: bracing the sails, sailing over the shoals where the heavier Navy ship couldn't follow and still it was not enough. The Commodore was relentless in chasing pirates and she was a pirate now. In fact, she liked to fancy herself the King of the Pirates, as it had a nice sound to it and she had created a nice little diddy she could sing while on board. Turning from the rail, her warm brown eyes gazed upward past the full sails to where her own pirate flag flapped in the wind. Maybe it wasn't as fancy as the flag of the Black Pearl, but it would do. Besides, it was her flag and that was all that mattered.

"Orders, Captain?"

She had run out of shoals to cross and had no more tricks up her sleeves. The nearest island was too far away yet and even if it was closer it would do little good. They could not hide on the Dauntless and they could not outgun it, the other ship was too big and powerful. No, the Blue Sailfish while lighter and smaller was no match for the big Navy ship. Perhaps if she had more experience she could have figured this out but alas she does not.

Elizabeth turned her attention to her first mate who stood before her now with calm and patience, awaiting her reply. How can he be so calm with the Dauntless running them down? Why, a quick glance showed the taller ship just behind them now, maneuvering to the side. "We surrender."

"Very well, Captain."

She watched him walk away to go inform the crew as the boarding hooks came flying over the rail. Within seconds they were boarded by red-coated Marines and the blue-coated Navy. There was no class of swords, no heated battle; just the exchange of glances between the two crews.

And then he was before her in his Navy finery of shiny gold befitting a Commodore.

"Do you surrender, pirate?" He asked her in that cultured tone of his, the one that sent little shivers down her spine.

"I do." Elizabeth replied as her hair blew freely in the wind. "You have caught me again, James."


Elizabeth felt his arms wrap around her as he bent to kiss her, his dry lips pressing against her own. Of her own accord she melted into the kiss and clung to his strong shoulders. She was lucky that her husband indulged her little fantasy and let them play it out here on the sea, she the pirate and he the Commodore that always chased her.

Both crews clapped and cheered; the little game of "pirate" over for the moment. They would turn around and head back to Port Royale until the married couple got the urge to play it once again.