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Asura stood in triumph with a confident smirk as the smoke cleared. That last blast should have done it. His grin grew wider as he saw the blued hair boy slumped over against a crumbling boulder with his ninja blade partner sprawled on the floor next to him.

"I told you that the weak ones filled with fear will never win against me. It was over the second you followed me in." He said to the collapsed pair. His eye focused a few meters ahead of him at the girl slumped over her white haired scythe partner. Her forehead touching his, both eyes closed.

"Now it's your turn." Asura said opening his mouth, weapon in view ready to strike. He stopped when he saw something stir slightly. He turned his head, to see the striped haired boy struggled to lift his head up.

"Stop…" The shinigami said in a weak voice, opening his golden eyes.

"Oh, so you're still alive." Asura said calmly turning his body to face the Kid.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on Maka and Soul, or I'll-"Kid began to threaten.

"What will you do?" Asura interrupted, watching him closely. Kid became speechless.

"Your weapons are unresponsive." Kid glanced over at his unconscious twin demon guns lying limply on top of a boulder.

"You are also disabled right now due to exhaustion from using the Sanzu lines. Even if you weren't, your fear will lose to my madness. You and your worthless, stupid friends are doomed." Asura finished

"THEY ARE NOT WORTHLESS OR STUPID! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Kid growled, but his eyes were filled with defeat as he continued glaring at the kishin.

Asura kept a calm face. Why is he looking at me this way? Asura thought angrily. Those sad, empty eyes filled with determination pierced through him like a sword. They remind me of that bastard shinigami and…her… He felt his anger exploding inside his head.

Death the kid stared warily at the kishin, who was currently shaking his head violently in confusion and frustration.

"Black Star….Maka…" He thought looking at the still figures of the assassin and his weapon then to the scythe meister and her weapon. Asura was right, he had no chance, not without Liz and Patty or the rest. He just laid there and watched everyone get wiped out, he couldn't help them, and it's all his fault. What kind of shinigami can't save his own comrades? He studied Asura again. The black and white hair, the face structure was somewhat familiar. It was a fuzzy memory that can never be recovered.

Asura sighed in relief as the image of that bastard and woman disappeared from his mind. He heard the boy speak.

"Who….are you?" Kid said in a barely audible whisper.

"What? What the hell do you mean? I am the Kishin Asura. Did I knock a screw or two loose? Asura said with a laugh.

"I'm not stupid and stop playing dumb!" Kid spat. "I…have a feeling that I know you from somewhere. Who the hell are you?" He asked again. Asura stood in silence before speaking again.

"So, you still…remember me?" Asura voice went into a deeper, but softer tone.

"What are you talking about?" Kid asked. Asura began walking toward him, away from Maka and Soul.

"Damn it can't move…" Kid cursed softly to himself and began feeling panicky. His eyes widen as Asura appeared in front of him.

"You…." Kid didn't finish. Asura bent down and lifted Kid's chin, allowing him to take a look at his face. Kid gasped, the third eye on Asura's forehead had closed, and making it seem like it had disappeared. The crimson eyes filled with madness had disappeared, leaving a swirl of golden, exactly like his own. The fog around his memories had lifted.


"Ne, when is onii-sama coming back? It's getting late." A six year old Kid questioned looking out the window of his house.

"Soon, Kid-chan. He said he's coming home about now." A young woman that seems to be in her twenties (gods don't grow old do they?) said, running her delicate hands through the boy's soft black and white hair.

"Otou-sama is also late. Where are they, okaa-sama?" Kid looked into his mother's golden eyes. She gave a grin.

"Asura and your father are training. They'll be home soon." She smiled.

"Ahhh, Onii-sama gets to hang out with otou-sama the whole day. Why can't I? They're so mean." Kid gave a pout. The woman gave a giggle.

"Asura is older and a bit stronger than you are, when you get older you can practice to become a great shinigami too!" She assured him.

"Okay! When I get older I'll be perfect and surpass onii-sama!" Kid grinned.

"I'm home, Seika! Kid!" They both heard the door close, a tall man came in. He had the same hairstyle as Kid, but slightly longer, messier and his stripes went around his entire head.

"Otou-sama!" Kid grinned, hugging the man. Shinigami gave a grin before hugging his wife.

"Ne, otou-sama? Where's Onii-sama?" Kid asked looking at the door. Shinigami frowned.

"I haven't seen him, he didn't come to me for today's practice session." Seika and Shinigami exchanged worried glances. Suddenly the door opened. A teenage boy with black and white hair up to his ears walked in. He was wearing a dressed black shirt and black pants. He also had a metallic skull rested under his collar.

"Welcome back, onii-sama!" Kid hugged Asura.

"I'm home, Kid." Asura smile picking up the six year old.

"Onii-sama! The skull is tilted and you're a mess." Kid pouted fixing the metallic skull to his liking. Asura laughed before setting his younger brother on the couch.

"Where were you today, Asura? You didn't come." Shinigami questioned his older son.

"I had some errands to do, sorry." Asura explained quickly, trying to hide his nervousness.

"Oh, what kind of errands?" Shinigami asked, not pleased with his son's attempts to avoid his questions.

"You don't need to know." Asura simply said.

"Young man, I am your father and I asked you a question, now answer it truthfully." Shinigami pressed on.

"Why must you be so annoying? I wish I was never born your son." Asura said coldly before rushing up the stairs. Shinigami slammed his hands on the coffee table, making Kid jump, before walking off into the kitchen.

"Is otou-sama and onii-sama mad at each other?" Kid asked in a scared voice. Seika gave a sad smile before sitting down next to Kid and hugged him.

"It's just a small argument nothing to worry about, Kid-chan. Promise me one thing, okay?" She voice turned into a low whisper.

"What is it, okaa-sama?" Kid asked determined to fulfill his mother's wish.

"Don't….end up like your onii-sama…"

Three months later…..

"ASURA!" Shinigami yelled in a deep voice as his son began cackling with madness. Seika was holding on to a frightened Kid glaring at Asura.

"You people disgust me. Talking about creating Shibusen, your petty rules, not eating human souls, YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!" Asura yelled.

'This is what we've been doing for the past three months? Eating human souls? YOU'RE THE DISGUSTING ONE!" Shinigami roared.

"Enough with your useless talk; let's get this battle heated up. He opened his mouth, letting his weapon come in view and turned his head suddenly and blasted a burst of red at Seika. Shinigami gasped and began running toward her.

"SEIKA!" He yelled trying to reach her in time. Seika's eyes widen but it was still filled with determination. She let go of Kid and preformed a hand seal. A burst of blue light concentrated at the tip of her finger and shot it at Asura.

"The, you stupid goddess of life can't do anything to harm me." Asura laughed as he made a shield. The light hit the shield and it began to crack.

"What the hell? How?" Asura struggled again the light.

"Don't underestimate my power, Asura!" Seika gave a smirk before his attack hit her.

Kid closed his eyes, afraid to see his mother. When he opened them, he found a barrier of his mother's energy surrounding him, protecting him from Asura's attack. His eyes widen as he saw his mother fall backward. He caught glimpse of her beautiful face. She was looking straight at him.

The barrier broke and Kid scrambled to his feet and ran toward his fallen mother. He closed his eyes as tears came flowing down.

"Kid-chan….don't cry, promise me you'll grow up to be a big boy and the best shinigami in the world." Seika said tiredly as her golden eyes began losing their shine.

"I….promise." Kid hiccupped. Seika brushed her bloodied hand against his cheeks.

"I love you…" Those were her last words, before her eyes went lifeless and her hand went limp.


Kid awoke to the sound of monitors beeping. He saw his father sitting on a chair next to him.

"Kid! You okay?" Shinigami said in a worried voice.

"What happened to okaa-sama and onii-sama?" Kid remembered and stared at his father in fright.

"I…made sure Asura is never coming back…" Shinigami said.

"And okaa-sama?" Kid asked. Shinigami stared at his son with sad eyes and shook his head. Kid's eyes widen.

"Listen Kid, I want you to….forget about everything that has happened." Shingami's voice began emotionless as he got up and moved closer to Kid.

"What? No! NO! Don't make me forget, I don't wanna forget about okaa-sama or onii-sama! Stop, otou-sama, don't!" Kid shook his head rapidly. He gasped as Shinigami's hand went over his forehead and a white light emitted from it. Then he saw blackness.

Flashback end

"Onii…..sama?" Kid asked after the memories of his past had finished replaying in his mind.

"That's right…." Asura knelt down next to his younger brother. Kid grabbed him around the waist and pulled himself closer; burying his face in the layers of asymmetrical bandages that Asura called clothing.

"Why…why did you kill okaa-sama, why did you fall into madness?" Kid whimpered, holding back tears.

"Kid, I…didn't want to…I…couldn't help it…." Asura continued pulling Kid closer, until he was cradling him in his arms.

"Then come back! Stop this foolishness. Forget madness and…. stay with me…please." Kid continued in a whisper. Asura thought for a while before replying.

"I can't, it's not that easy…I can't turn back, madness is what I am. Sorry…Kid" Asura stopped as Maka began to stir. His gentle golden eyes were once again covered by a fog of red madness and his third eye opened again, turning him into the murderous kishin once again. He put his hand on top of Kid's forehead and it glowed red.

"Don't…why must you take my onii-sama away from me again?" Kid whispered, realizing what was happening. Asura gave a demonic grin before tossing Kid into the boulder next to Liz and Patty. Kid took once last look at Asura's retreating form before falling into darkness, alone once again.


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