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Who is this fool?" Asura glared at the ash blonde haired girl charging at him full speed. This girl was something else. Right before his eyes, she had turned into a weapon, fought him without her scythe and was beaten around senseless by him but she was still standing.

Why does she depend on courage? Asura glanced at the now conscious assassin and shinigami.

How can they trust this weak good for nothing girl? He was puzzled, was this feeling, fear? No...No…he is madness…of course he can't feel fear. Fear is something weak people feel. Asura heard Maka get closer and closer. He began to panic.

"Stay away!" He yelled using slabs of rock to create a wall between him and the scythe meister.

Maka gritted her teeth and jumped over each wall, this man was the one hurting her friends…..hurting Soul… and filling the world with insanity. She jumped over the last wall, coming face to face with the kishin.

"THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!" Maka yelled, putting all her strength, courage and anger into her fist and connected it with Asura's face. She could feel the bones in her hand shatter as she punched the kishin with ever last bit of strength she had.

"Please let this blow finish everything." Maka whispered.


As her fist land on my face, the pain was…unique. It didn't burn or ting like any other wound, it wasn't the weird tingling feeling I got when Shinigami ripped my skin from my body It had a sense of fear that was accompanied with determination. It gave him a sense of peace and relaxation….just like the old days.


Asura sat on the living room couch on the mansion in the dark room with only the creepy smile of the moon creeping through the black curtains.

"Was this right? Eating human souls, keeping it from otou-san….keeping it from…." He stopped as he heard the door creak as it was slowly pushed open.

In came a small boy with the same black and white hair as him. He was standing in the doorway, rubbing the sleep from his eyes before trotting over to Asura blinking slowly.

"Onii-sama?" Death the Kid questioned sleepily climbing onto the couch. Asura forced a sad smile and ruffled the six year old boy's hair. For such a young age, Kid was mature. Those golden eyes of his meant trouble for the evil ones.

"What are you doing up so late, onii-sama? It's two in the morning." Kid looked at his brother with eyes that left no room for lies. Asura looked into the swirls of golden, those eyes intrigued him.

"No reason, I just can't sleep, what are you doing up? It's past your bedtime." Asura answered as honestly as he could.

"Stop treating me like a baby, I'm a big boy. I go to bed when I want to." Kid gave a cute pout that made Asura laugh quietly. It made Kid more annoyed.

"I knew that onii-sama was awake too, so I came down to see. What's wrong?" Kid asked again. Asura sat quietly, he couldn't hide anything from his younger brother's eyes, how could he even try lying to them?

"I….just…." Asura stopped. He couldn't handle it anymore. Eating human souls in secret for months wasn't easy to hide. Kid saw the look in his onii-sama's eyes and regretted asking. He curled up onto Asura's lap and wrapped his small hands around his waist.

"It's okay. If onii-sama doesn't feel like talking then I won't ask. Can you promise me something, onii-sama?" Kid looked up.

"Anything, Kid." Asura pulled his younger brother closer.

"I'm afraid to sleep…I keep having nightmares of onii-sama leaving and never coming back. I'm scared…will it happen for real? Will you leave me?" Kid asked with scared teary eyes.

Asura had never seen Kid with eyes like that. Those golden eyes are always filled with determination and never faltered. These nightmares must scare him a great deal. Asura hugged Kid and whispered softly.

"Of course, I'll never leave you…" He said.

"P-promise?"Kid's eyes began to droop. Asura's body was warm and comforting.

"Promise." Asura said. Kid smiled before falling into a dreamless sleep. Asura smiled, the only time when he feels at peace without a worry for the world was when he was with his younger brother. He cradled Kid in his arms as he too began to nod off.

At four o'clock in the morning, Shinigami rushed down the stairs after finding both of his son's rooms empty. He smiled as he saw the sleeping figures of both sons on the couch. Asura had his arms wrapped around Kid, while the younger one gripped Asura's white shirt tightly not wanting to let go. Shinigami went to the closet and got his long, warm overcoat and draped it over both sons.

"Good night, boys." Shinigami grinned as he went out the door, as his shinigami duties await him.

At five, Asura woke up and looked at the black overcoat on him. He narrowed his eyes in disgust.

"I don't need your care." He muttered coldly tossing the overcoat aside before letting his eyes drift onto his younger brother. He carefully set Kid down onto the couch and ruffled his hair softly before getting up and walked towards the door. This boy…his younger brother….will become a wall, preventing him from his goal. Asura knew, that one day, his opponent will be the one he loves most.

"I'm sorry Kid, but I can't keep my promise." He whispered before heading out the door.

Flashback End

So that's courage. He thought as he flashed back into reality. Times were different now; his one fear of fighting his younger brother had come true.

However…his attention turned to the girl in front of him. How could such an unreliable emotion give this girl such strength?

"Ha, that attack did nothing, fool!" I yelled trying to convince myself that the attack was fake and nothing hurt. For a second, I believed myself. Then my vision cracked.

"What?" I gasped clutching my torn face in shock.

"Courage is something everyone had; you just have to accept it." The girl told me determinedly. The assassin and shinigami nodded in agreement.

I stood in shock, taking in what she had just said. I suddenly understood.

"Oh, so it's just like madness." I said, finally understanding. I felt my body shatter and my soul leaving me. I looked down at the pair of emotionless golden eyes that had once kept me warm and let me be at peace. They looked at me with such coldness, forgetting what had happen only moments ago.

"Good bye Kid, I'll never forget my promise to you.' I whispered before my life faded again in front of me.

Normal POV

Maka watched Asura's body fade away, along with the barrier of madness. All that was left of the kishin was his soul, a lonely red soul with hints of….gold? She swore she saw the kishin's eyes before he shattered. They were a swirl of golden…just like Kid's. Who was Kishin Asura really? Maka pondered for a minute before shaking her head. Whatever. She turned around and grinned at her waiting comrades. It was finally over.

Kid's POV

I blinked as the sun came into view. The sky was its normal color again, not a single wave of madness left in sight. I sighed as Black Star and Patty cheered and laughed.

"YAHOO! The sky's clearing up!" Black Star striked his victory pose.

"YEAH! The sky's blue, motherfuckers!" Patty cackled. Everyone stared at her in confusion, but then again, almost all of Patty's remarks made no sense.

I chuckled to myself and leaned against a slab of rock in relief. The battle was over, Asura is dead, but…I feel like I'm missing something, something was out of place and it was throwing me off balance. That disgusts me…

I stared out into the horizon, along with everybody else. The battle was over and everything was back to normal…isn't it?

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