-To Maddie, the one who has always been the world's little angel.

To be acknowledged for their support, inspiration, and comments:

-Tiffany, for being one of the best driving forces I could ask for

-Marie, for giving me a professional overview when the book had reached its halfway mark

-My Dad, for being so supportive of my writing of feelings and emotions, as well as a novel

-John, for developing a wooden prop sword, which served to help me choreograph many-a-scene

-My Mom, for allowing me to stay up all night typing this, and for her incredible support

-Ms. Leisk, for her great interest in my writing, and for another professional analysis

-Katie-san, for her inspiration on the closer scenes' choreography, and great support

-Lori-san, for her inspiration on female reactions to events, and great support

-Ian, for giving me one of the more in-depth reviews, and one of a friend as well

-All other reviewers, for their assessments and comments along the way

-Greg, for his inspiration on the battle scenes' choreography, and support

-All the other great authors out there of Digimon Fanfiction, for many inspiring passages

And finally,

-You, for reading through some or all of this novel, which makes me happy