USUK, high school AU, Human names, Arthur gets abused by his alcoholic dad, Alfred is a new transfer student. They meet and then become friends. Soon they start to feel more for each other, but they're both insecure and Arthur still hides the fact that he's abused, though Alfred starts to figure things out…

It's Called 'Love'

Chapter 1

By HamburgerWithTea

There I was; once again walking around on the street around two in the morning. I'm getting sort of used to this now. When I was younger I was just locked up inside my room, but as I grew older my dad figured it'd be better to just dump me outside and let me be until the next morning, so I just had enough time to fix my appearance and then grab a Subway sandwich on my way to school.

Or no sandwich and just getting at school a small minute before the start of class.

I hated this life. My life. I felt like a weak and stupid lad who didn't even know how to defend himself. No matter how old I was I still wasn't mentally nor physically strong enough to protect myself from my own father. He still could frighten me so much that I'd hide myself away and go to my own imaginary world.

I've always been like this, ever since I was a kid. I was used to my dad's mood swings ever since he became an alcoholic. And that had happened when my mother died when I was just five years old.

Most of the time my brothers were my guardians and they'd protect me from most of the harm, but as the years passed they all moved out, thinking I was strong enough to protect myself -since at that time it seemed I was-. But I wasn't.

I've never been really strong physically and I always preferred being alone in my imaginary world and forget about the world around me. I guess that's why I started to read so many books. Also to forget about my home life I tried to make my father as proud as possible to prevent him from getting angry with me, which made me focus on my studies as if it were my whole life.

And thus I now attended a rather well-known high school. I had to work pretty hard at my part-time jobs but I got lucky my brothers cared just enough about me to send me a bit of money on a regular basis. It wasn't much, but all combined it made it possible to stay in school and to also pay the bills for the house and the food.

I never really told anyone about my situation. I didn't want them to meddle with it; of course it would be great if my dad stopped hitting me every time he got angry, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to tell people. Since whenever he was in one of these rage-moments I always felt a bit of pity for him. He'd lost his wife and all of his sons hated him -well I kind of did at times… though not as bad as my brothers- and everyone in the family left him alone. No one ever offered to help him, and I'm sure that's why he ever even started drinking.

Sometimes, in his very few sober moments, he'd be emotional and tell me he loved me, that he didn't want to hurt me, and he'd be the nicest father you could wish for. It were such moments that kept me from telling people about my situation; deep down I knew there was still the dad I remember from before my mom died. I wanted to get that dad back by helping him myself… It just didn't work out yet…

Right now I was sitting on a bench in the nearest park to my home. I usually stayed here when I was banned from the house again. I could already see the sun rising so I checked my mobile to see the time. Six twenty-four. Just a small two hours to go until school started. I should head home and take a quick shower.

And thus I stood up from the bench and walked onwards to my home, feeling somewhat dazed by the beauty of the sunrise. Life could be so beautiful, yet my life wasn't.

As I walked home I could feel my ribs being a little painful after the bruises kind of swelled. I should be okay if I do some self-medication just before I go to school.

And thus as I finished showering and dressing, I quickly grabbed my schoolbag and put a blanket over my dad's shoulders. He had just fallen asleep on the sofa again. I walked out and figured I probably did have some time left to get myself a sandwich.

As I entered the Subway -not the 'underground' but the sandwich store- I noticed it was rather crowded. But I'd probably be able to make it, and since I didn't really at a lot of diner last night, I decided it was necessary to get myself something to eat. I already was rather skinny compared to the most blokes.

And thus I stood in line, waiting until they asked my what I wanted to order.

It was my turn now. I ordered the usual menu as I always ordered; Ham , cheese, lettuce and a small amount of mayonnaise. I quickly paid the cashier and walked outside in a hurry, I had to catch the bus otherwise I'd be horribly late. And I couldn't afford my good reputation to be ruined.

But just as I looked at my sandwich to make sure the mayonnaise didn't drip out of it, I bumped right into someone.

"Excuse me! I'm sorry, I was in a hurry and…" I looked up at the person who I bumped into. It was a tall, young lad. Blonde hair, a slightly tanned skin, and half-framed glasses. But the most captivating of all were his eyes; they were as the sky on a sunny day.

The lad stared at me for a bit and then started laughing. For a second I was looking at him as if he were retarded, but I soon found more people staring at me. They seemed to stare at my uniform.

I looked down, only to see most of the contents from my sandwich were smattered all of my pullover. Great, this is going to be the very best day of my life. –And yes, I meant that in a sarcastic way.

My face turned red as I noticed how ridiculous I must be looking. I looked up at the boy again, and only then I noticed the lad was wearing the same uniform as I was. So he attends the same school, obviously.

"Ya okay there, buddy?" The bloke asked me, still having an annoying grin on his face and tears from laughter in his eyes. Bloody wanker! How dare he laugh at me like that.

Before I noticed the lad had taken out a napkin and now was whipping off most of the mayonnaise, still ginning. Seems like this guy can't do anything else but grin or laugh. I noticed with high annoyance.

When I glanced around, even more people were staring at me and the bloke whipping my pullover. The bloke himself didn't seem to notice though.

"H-hands off me, you twat!" I tried to sound offended, but I think it came out more flustered instead…

"Wow easy, lil buddy," He replied somewhat defensive. So now he insults me for being small!

"I'm not small! And leave me alone, I have to catch the bus!" I decided it was the best to just change subject and go away as fast as possible, before this situation would become any more embarrassing. I'll make sure to avoid this place from now on, I'll go by another food shop next time. Bloody embarrassing.

"Ah but, dude, could ya show me the way? It's my first day to my new school, I transferred, see, and well since yer wearing the same uniform I kinda figured ya's go to the same school 'nd stuff,"

I glared at him for a bit, then noticing the bus was almost leaving, I quickly replied.

"Yes, yes that's bloody fine, just hurry up and get in the bus," and with that I turned around to walk towards the bus stop, being just in time to hop on. The lad as well by the way.

"So, he dude, let's start over again or something, I mean that was kinda not a good start and all," The bloke told me, -he really uses the most horrible grammar I've ever heard and for that I glared at him, not sure if he'd get the message, "So, what's yer name?"

I kept glaring at him a little longer and then answered.

"Arthur Kirkland is my name," I replied, kind of static. I shall show the lad some good English manners, hoping he'd adapt it soon.

"Wow that's like King Arthur or something!"

"No it's not, it's just my name. Now I don't want to be rude, but could you please tell me your name in return?" I tried to stay as polite as possible.

"Ah, my name is Alfred F. Jones. I'm from America and stuff and I moved to England with my family 'cause my dad got a nice job here and all,"

I just hummed in return, not really caring too much about his stories, but it'd be rude to just ignore the lad, who I now knew as Alfred.

"Wow ya Brits are like, really weird people, ya know? Ya have like weird words 'nd stuff, it's kinda confusing,"

-Yes, now I was offended.

"I should say that to you instead! For a fact we use the original English grammar and words, while you Americans changed it into something hardly understandable. All your spelling, grammar and words are totally rubbish," I huffed, since really, this lad should know his place!

"Wow, awesome," was all I got in reply. Is this Alfred-guy really as stupid as he looks? I wondered. –Though he wasn't exactly stupid looking… Well he just looked stupid the way he kept grinning over everything and such…

It seemed as if he enjoyed his life. Loved his life. He seemed to be the one I've always wanted to be… -Except for the horrible grammar that is.

Also it soon turned out people liked him very much; Even though he was late he didn't get detention –he even talked me out of detention, to which I'm grateful, but I won't tell him. He's already too selfish- and all girls seemed to fancy him as soon as he entered the class to be introduced. –Since, yes, it turned out he was my classmate now.

Also he seemed to have a pretty good brain, even though you would think he had just a nice face and nothing else. Though it turned out I was still the best in class as I corrected his grammar in his notes as I saw them. He was sitting next to me, since the teachers pointed me out to be his 'guardian' for the first week, to make sure he'd get along with people and would get to know the rules. I don't really think he needs my help though.

But his very best subject had to be P.E.

I never joined P.E. class since one, I tried to hide my bruises and scars –I once got my father as far as to write me a letter that said it was 'due health problems'-, and two, P.E. never was a good subject of mine anyways. Alfred however didn't seem to want to miss my company or supportment as he was doing P.E.

He kept begging like a little puppy. Kind of annoying really, but also a bit charming. Yet, I still didn't bother to change into P.E. cloths. Instead I promised him I'd sit at the sidelines, and help out the teacher writing down the people that were absent, or remember the scores when we played small games of football –the stupid git kept calling it soccer and would get confused anytime one of his teammates said 'football'-.

As he played he kept waving at me and whenever he got the chance he tried to convince me to join. He even went as far as to get his teammates to also try and convince me. All of it didn't work of course. It's make the teachers think I'd be able to do sports anyway and then I'd have to do P.E. classes as well.

After the small match that was played at the end of the day –since P.E. was our last subject for today- all boys went to shower. Except for me of course, I didn't need to.

When finished they all went home, giving a small greeting just to be nice, since non of them really was my friend. I didn't mind though, once again I liked living my life alone. Friends could only meddle with personal stuff. And same goes for lovers.

Alfred however was different…

"Say, how 'bout goin' to eat some nice hamburger or somethin'," He asked me, and I only stared at him, showing no emotion, "Like, to make up for yer sandwich this morning! It's my treat!"

I looked at his smile. It seemed he really meant it. Well nothing wrong with some free nosh.

And thus I tagged along.

Alfred dragged me to the McDonald's, promising me they had the very best hamburgers ever. I didn't really like McDonald's though, so in the end I just stuck with a milkshake in one of the newest flavours. We sat down in a corner, and started talking.

And that was the start of our friendship.


Yes new fic. Why? Because I felt like it. And AGAIN Arthur gets hurt. Then again, why? Because I like it if Alfred cares about Arthur and Arthur gets hurt. I'm a sadist, you see. XD

And instead of the usual "he/she POV" I now use the "I POV" cuz I felt like it. xD

Yes, most of the stuff will get more clear later in the story. Overall I know that I want them to fall in love a bit sooner then in my other fanfics? And I hope people don't get offended and shit by the abuse and alcoholic thingy… if so, I didn't mean to.

I've finally thought up a small plot for now, but knowing myself, I'll once again just stick with the basic-idea and then go into random mode while writing.

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Lame title is name because I couldn't come up with something nice. Yes I'm that much fail.

Overall, I'm kind of content about this chapter? There didn't happen much stuff yet though.

And yes, again it's in the UK. Because I wanted them to wear school uniforms. 'cause that's hot. (and it's somewhat easier to write for me since I HAVE been to the UK but never to America… yeah whatever I'll do research don't worry)

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