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Soul has agreed to ask maka on a date thanks to the administration of tsubaki and black star. Now she has seen his attempt at being patient and he is sure she doesn't admire his hard work. But she surprisingly agrees and now the date begins. With his past luck the few hours before with lord death he wonders what will happen now. Heres hopin for the best huh? Read and rev.

paper cut. "like a worm from a bird."

public places were something he hated to admit he had no fondness of. He wanted to look cool. But in such a state of constant fear and dread of attention he couldn't stand them.

"so where are we going." maka was wearing a rather attractive red satin dress. He wasn't going to complain but it attracted more than its fair share of attention as she lazily folded one arm around his. "you know you said you felt like going somewhere nice... but I haven't been told where. So where are we going... and better yet why such a wild hare?"

"um... well... ill tell you when we get there..." he felt the heat of the situation as his memory of his 'request' for a date came up.

~memory sequence~

"so why the gaudy get up?" she sized him up. She would have told him he looked nice, but the chance to see soul in a suit was a rare occasion and she wanted to pick on him if only briefly.

"well... I just kina felt like dressing out today... also I was... planning on going somewhere nice tonight... you wana tag along?" he seemed sheepish for someone always playing the cool roll.

"sure... um... where are we going though? "

"somewhere nice..."

"when?" she asked so many questions

"as soon as you're ready"

"well... in that case im going home to get ready... where should I meet you?"

"ill...umm... ill come pick you up."

~end memory~

"you're wild hares always end in disaster... perhaps you should tell me before we die." she deadpanned.

"its a secret till then... its gota be a surprise"

"its not my birthday idiot... and I don't like surprises."

"never said it was... but I cant tell you"

"and why not?"

"conscientious objective"


"you'll just have to wait and see."

"oh soul" she shook her head nervously before she looked up to see the theater. "this is where you wanted to go? Not exactly an occasion for high profile threads."

"this is only the forefront... I felt like seeing a movie first... afterwords you'll see what im really up to." he smirked trying to hide his obvious disappointment. "ive got somewhere else in mind for the end of the evening." he had seen a flyer for a fireworks display on his way to pick up maka. To his fortune it was free of charge and seemed to be in a fairly nice place. So without hesitation he jotted down the address and times before taking off. He had found a way to make the night slightly more, 'significant'

they enter the theater and suddenly he gets a feeling of anxiety he cant brush off. He feels like all the people are watching him and all he wants to do is turn around and leave.

"soul?" maka notices his nervous face "are you alright... you look pale... are you sick?"

"yeah im fine." he doesn't look at her but uncomfortably shifts his gaze from left to right. "just... a little creeped out"

"about what... did someone say something to you?"

he couldn't explain the feeling of displacement. It was like being on stage. He knew he looked cool but it twisted his insides to think about the crowd.

"soul look at me." she was stern as she turned him around. "you look really bad... are you seriously okay?"

"im fine maka..." he scoffed. "im okay"

"don't lie... you look shaken. Whats with you?"

"i don't know?"

"we're going home come on." she then grabbed his hand and proceeded to drag him to the exit.

any other moment he would have been dragging her back to theater to use the tickets. But he took into consideration that the tickets were cheap and the crowd was getting to him. So he went along with it.

once back at the ally where he had parked the bike, to his pleasure, far and away from the bustle of the theater the anxiety melted. Maka was now the only thing that caught his attention and her worried face made him feel guilty.

"what was that soul?" she placed a hand on his shoulder "what happened back there."

"i don't know" he shuddered momentarily "i just got really freaked out..."

"do you have a people problem?"

"of course not... I mean... not really"

"soul ive never seen you do that... you looked scared..."

"i just don't like crowds..."

"somethings on your mind... other than the crowd... you always act weird when you wana say something you cant get out... come on tell me."

"its nothing..."

"you suck at lying soul."

"im not lying."

"then why did you want to drag me out in the middle of the night to a theater and leave before seeing the movie?"

"maka" he debated for a moment telling her the truth. "i was bored thatch all" and without warning there it was. The maka chop. The swift clubbing of his head with whatever random book she had managed to hide in the rather thin dress she wore.

"tell me the truth..." she deadpanned as she scolded him.

He caved. There was no use hiding it. However he didn't have the words for it. So he acted. "maka." he closed the distance quickly and wrapped his arms around her. The immediate shock was obvious as she let out a small squeak before his lips crashed into her.

"soul...mmmmnmmmm" she couldn't speak against him. But she wasn't disliking his actions.

It was several minutes before the embrace broke. Even after the kiss had subsided maka's face bore a longing look.

"maka..." he pulled her close enough to feel her breath upon him. "i... wanted to tell you... that..."

"its okay... I think I understand..." she rests her head on him gently "why didn't you tell me..."

"i didn't want to get chopped..." he scoffed.

"i wouldn't have chopped you for that."

"well with my luck today... I wasn't about to take chances."

"and the theater... what happened... im still confused..."

"well... I just felt paranoid."


"and what... you get paranoid you start looking over your back."

"and now so you crawl away slowly from telling me the sweetest thing ive ever heard?"

"like a bird from a worm baby"

it was at the mention of the word 'baby' that yet another so dispassionate maka chop landed its mark.

"oww... damnit... I think I got a paper cut..." nothing could have made the ending to the day more painfully grueling.