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Love is such a sweet illusion

Can't seem to stop my imagination

What a ridiculous situation

But I can't deny I'm faced with a tricky temptation

(Chapter 002: Encounter)

I gasped. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as I stared into his eyes. His expression was hard to decipher; He looked surprised, but at the same time, sadness emitted from his eyes. I needed to get out of this situation as fast of possible. "I-I'm sorry for disturbing you!" I darted for the door. "Wait, Amu," I heard him say. I didn't listen, and ran to my room, closing the door shut. I locked the door and plopped onto my bed.

What was happening? Just yesterday, my life was perfect, but now; I have to deal with him again. Luckily, Tadase didn't come to my door and knock on it, to tell me whatever he wanted to tell me when he said, "Wait, Amu." As if he had enough pride to do that.

Knock, knock. Okay, maybe he did. I walked up to the door and said cautiously, "W-Who is it?" I heard a giggle and a response came, "It's me, silly." I opened the door only to see that the woman was on the other side. "C'mon," she said. "It's time to meet the family." Before I could resist, the woman grabbed my hand and ran downstairs happily, as if nothing was wrong. She sat me down on a couch, and called for her husband to come.

Now, both the man and the woman stood in front of me. Both of them introduced themselves. The woman's name is Asuka Hotori, and the man's name is Ichiro Hotori. Obviously, they're Tadase's parents. I sighed and asked politely, "Excuse me, may I go to my room?" They shook their heads. "Wait, you haven't met our son yet."

That's the whole reason I wanted to leave in the first place, lady.

Tadase's mother called for him to come downstairs, and to my disappointment, he did. "This is going to be our house guest for the following year, Hinamori Amu." His mother said. I looked away, avoiding eye contact. I didn't want to see this fool anymore. I glanced quickly at him, only to find a smile on his face. "It's nice to meet you, Hinamori-san," He held out his hand to me, as if I was actually going to shake it. "I hope we can get along for the following year." I turned away nonchalantly.

"E-Excuse me, I have a situation I need to take care of upstairs," I lied. "May I go to my room?" Tadase's parents simply smiled and nodded. I thanked the two and ran upstairs, to my room.

I locked the door and sat on my bed again. Tadase lied about meeting me for the first time. He probably did that to avoid any...complications. Yes, his parents would disapprove of him cheating on me, so he's going to pretend he just met me today.

Around his parents.

That doesn't necessarily mean he'll act like he never met me when he's alone with me.

Memories cannot be erased completely, no matter how hard you try.

I'll just avoid him as much as possible. I mean, how hard can that be?

You freaking live in his house, you can't just avoid him.

I sighed and grabbed my phone. I was online, looking for music to listen to. This is probably the only way I can even relax. As I started typing the name of a song, an advertisement caught my attention. It read, "Want to know your future? Click here to read what will happen to you tomorrow!" I frowned. These fortune-telling things are usually fake, but it's so…tempting. I clicked the ad hesitantly, and my phone immediately began downloading something. Once it was done, the app opened.

First, it asked me, "What is your name?" I typed in "Hinamori Amu."

Next, it told me to pick a category from the following topics, "Love," "Life," or "Luck." I chose the "Life" category.

Three fortune cookies appeared on the screen. It told me to pick one, so I chose the one on the far left. It cracked open, and on the piece of paper it said, "You will come across a new person who shall leave quite an impression upon you."

If this is true, at least something interesting will happen tomorrow. My eyes fluttered closed, and before I knew it, I had fallen asleep with a smile on my face.


Beep, beep, beep. My alarm clock began screaming endlessly. I groaned and pressed the button. I walked up to my mirror and grabbed a hairbrush. After fixing my appearance, I walked down the stairs ever-so-quietly. As I crept into the kitchen quietly, I heard a cheerful, "Good morning, Amu." I gasped in surprise, and turned around, only to see Tadase sitting down with a soft look on his face. "G-Good Morning." I stuttered. "Where are your parents?"

"They're at their jobs." The blonde replied. He looked at me with a smile on my face, and said, "Amu, do you have any plans for today?" My face flushed red. I can't go anywhere alone with this cheater! "I-I do." I said quietly.

"Oh, really?" Tadase frowned. "What do you have to do today?" My hands trembled as my mind attempted to think up of something. I have to make up a lie right here on the spot. Thanks, Tadase. "I-I'm going to find a job today!" I spat out. Tadase blinked in disbelief. "Why?"

"S-Since my parents are gone, I won't be getting an allowance. I need a way to earn money." I lied. Tadase nodded, surprisingly. I grabbed an energy bar from the cabinet and left the house quickly. As I left, I heard a feint, "Good luck, Amu."

I sighed. Well, now I have to find a job for real, or Tadase will know I was lying the entire time. As I walked through the frigid streets of Tokyo, I thought about what type of job I'd like to get. I definitely would like to be a waitress. It seems fun, and hopefully it has good pay. I smiled and began looking for restaurants and café's that had a "Help Wanted" sign posted on the front. After fifteen minutes of hard examining, I only found one place that was actually hiring.

It was a corner café, with little chairs and tables set outside if people wanted to eat outdoors. Obviously, no one was doing such a thing since it is a really cold morning. Umbrellas covered the tables, to keep the harsh sunlight away from the customers. The whole café seemed to emit a calm, relaxing aura. It felt comfortable. I opened the wooden door slowly, and as I walked in, the unthinkable happened. A flash of blue appeared in my eyes. Then…


I heard a loud shattering noise, and a thud. My feet slipped and I fell down, hard. I slowly opened my eyes only to see broken tableware on the floor. I heard a grunt, and saw a blue-haired waiter on the floor. His hair was messy, and his face was expressionless. I must have knocked him down as he was going to serve someone! "I-I'm really sorry!" I gasped and began picking up the broken pieces of glass on the floor.

As I was doing this, I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Don't do that," a voice whispered into my ear. "You'll get cut, princess." I felt a shiver down my spine and a pink blush crept onto my face. "O-Okay." The blue haired waiter picked up the rest of shattered glass and walked into what looked like the kitchen.

I brushed myself off, and sighed. I walked up to the cashier and asked, "Where's the boss?" The cashier ran to a tall woman and pointed towards me. The boss walked up to me with a smile and said, "How may I help you?" I told her about me wanting a job, and she patted my head and told me to put on the uniform. I didn't plan on working today, but I might as well, shouldn't I?

The boss informed that I will be working as a waitress. If she liked how I worked, she would allow me to continue to have a job here and pay me every month. So basically, she was going to evaluate me today. I have to work hard!

As I finished talking to the boss, three customers entered the café. My first customers! A purple-haired guy led them to their table, and they sat down comfortably. He winked at me at signaled for me to give them their menus. I scrambled to their tables and handed them their menus with a smile on my face.

"Wow, you guys are my first customers! I'm so happy," I exclaimed. The girls grinned. "If you need anything, just call my name." I said, pointing to my name tag. They nodded and began scanning their menus. As I walked away, I heard them whisper.

"Saaya, she's a new waitress. How about we mess with her?"

"This ought to be fun."

"Don't worry, girls. I'll find a way to humiliate her."

The red-haired girl named Saaya said rather loudly, "Amu! We have a question!" I shakily nodded and approached them. "What's your question?" I said with a fake smile. Saaya pointed to the menu and asked, "What do you think is the tastiest thing on the menu?"

"I'm sorry. As I said before, I'm new here, so I haven't tried anything on the menu yet."

"A newbie should at least know what her customers are ordering," she sneered.


"It wouldn't matter, anyways. Since you have such horrible taste in fashion, you probably have bad taste in food, too. An ugly girl like you shouldn't even be working here."

I heard footsteps behind me get louder, and then an arm around my shoulder.

"What the hell do you think you're saying to my princess?"

In the world that keeps on changing

Don't know why is aching

Gotta handle it, no more hesitation

There can be no turning back

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