The three legend clans:

TimeClan- The Clan of Echoing Time

DarknessClan- The Clan of Shattered Darkness

SkyClan- The Clan of Space and Beyond

The three clans have been unknown, for many seasons. They were only thought to be legends, but they are now discovered, and reborn. These three clans, unknown to the Warrior world, are watched over by the same StarClan, and tell their own tales.

Though this is a beginning of an end for the legend clans, as a dangerous prophecy strikes. Are you ready to fight the upcoming war?

Fill in the following form:

Warrior name:

Current name:

Looks: (Pelt/eyes/other)



Rank: (I'm limiting queens to three per clan at one time, or it gets a bit full)




Please fill in the form to join! One she-cat and one tom per-person please! No more, no less, or it will become unbalanced, especially when there is a flood of queens and kits.