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Speech Development

Misaki and Akihiko were sitting in the living room- Misaki played on the floor with Suzu- the oldest twin.

"Now Suzu, how old are you?"

Suzu giggled and said "Two!"

Misaki gave him a bite of applesauce.

"And what will you be in a few months?"

Suzu seemed to pause and furrow his eyebrows- sticking his bottom lip out.

'I've gotta get that applesauce...' He thought himself.

"Free!" He said, holding out four fingers.

Misaki chuckled lightly. "Wow! Suzu's so smart! Isn't he, daddy?" The dark haired man turned around to face his lover of 5 years, who was currently holding a mini-Suzuki-chan and making little animal sounds, the other twin- Aki- giggled and bit the bear on the nose. Even though Aki was a bit smaller than he should be- he was a violent mother fucker. Or at least that's what Akihiko said.

"Yes he is!" Akihiko smiled and turned to Suzu, and poked him in the tummy.

"Hey... Usagi-san."


"Aki hasn't learned any words yet.. has he?"

"No, not that I know of."

"Well I was looking at a little development chart in the doctor's office- yesterday when I took Aki for his check up."


"And I noticed that he was supposed to at least be able to say mommy or daddy at around a year and a half- but he's almost 3." Misaki took Suzu in his arms and sat him in lap.

"He'll catch up, it's nothing you should worry about." Akihiko continued to play with Aki.

As soon as Misaki put Suzu down for a nap, he took Aki out of the little baby swing with ducklings on it- making Aki whine in protest. Misaki turned the light out and closed the door carefully.

"C'mon, babe, it won't be that bad!" Misaki smiled and patted a scowling Aki on the back.

"Akihiko!" Misaki called while walking down the hall. "Come down here for a sec!"

Said rabbit came down the stairs shortly after- finding his lover and child sitting on the couch playing peek-a-boo. Well, not actually playing... more like Misaki would cover his eyes and uncover them- saying "Peek-a-boo!" and Aki would just swat at his hand and stick his bottom lip out. Aki seemed to prefer Akihiko over Misaki.

"What's the matter?" The author said, taking a seat by the two. Aki reached his hands out for his dad- grinning madly.

"Hey, little man!" Akihiko took his small son in his strong arms, Aki put his hands on the man's shoulder's and jumped up and down, laughing.

"Okay, Aki- Say... dada?" Misaki asked the toddler.

Aki looked at Misaki and back at Akihiko, very confused.

Akihiko decided to join in and asked, "Can you say dada?"

Aki shook his head and made a whining sound.

"Sure you can, I'm dada," Akihiko put a finger to his chest. "Say dada."

Aki stared into his father's eyes, blinking twice before saying-


"What?" The two adults said in unison.

"BOWL!" Aki giggled loudly and hugged his 'bowl'.

"My bowl!"

Misaki burst out in laughter- making Aki laugh too.

"N-no! I'm 'dada' or 'dad' or something, I'm not a bowl!"

"A-lub... bowl!" Aki snuggled into Akihiko's chest.

"Awww!" Misaki cooed, "He loves bowl." he poked the taller man on the shoulder.

"At least he can identify me!"

"At least doesn't identify me by bowl."

Akihiko frowned and scrunched up his nose.

"Now, Aki, say Mama!"

Aki puckered his lips a few times, as if he wasn't sure if he'd make the right sound, before-

"Mum mum."


"C'mon!" Akihiko slapped his forhead.

"Bowl!" Aki did the same and put a chubby hand on his forehead.

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