I wake with a start, where am I? It takes a moment for me to realize that I am in my own bed in my own apartment. I look down and see him; he is snoring lightly and has a look of peace on his face. God last night was amazing. I reach over and gently stroke his hair and he lets out a slight moan in response. I smile and think to myself "he really is perfect, too perfect for me." Sooner or later he is going to realize this as well. He will recognize that I am too much damn work, that I carry too much baggage. Simply put I am fucked up and once he realizes that he can't save me he will leave.

I lay back down but it is pointless as I have to be at work in a few hours. Why does everything feel so off? God, everything seems so quiet, I hate that. It feels like the eye of the storm or some shit like that. It's like that movie I saw because Mark Wahlberg was in it. What was its name? Oh yeah, "The Perfect Storm." When all these storms collide with one another until everything in its path is destroyed. That's what it feels like. It's what I used to feel like when I was a kid before all hell would break loose.

I turn and look at him again; I need a diversion, something to take away this ugliness I am feeling inside and make me feel alive. I need him, more than I have needed anyone in my whole life.

"Edward?" I kiss him lightly and move my hand down his chest slowly "Baby, wake up."

If I had known that by the end of the day my life would be "The Perfect Storm" I would have just called in and never left my apartment.

A/N: Okay this is my first attempt at a fan fiction but I thought what the heck. I have some interesting ideas. This is a slight twist on the stories we normally read as I have Bella as the aggressor and Edward as her prey so to speak. I have some interesting things planned for these two and hope you like it. Please review, let me know what you like and don't like. I will do my best to correct things or explain things better if it seems confusing.