HA! YES! I DID IT! OWNED! Ahem... Sorry. I've been a Hetalia fangirl for three years, but have never been able to write a good fanfiction. I don't know why. Well, thanks to my long-overdue viewing of the movie, Paint It White, the Mallet of Inspiration has finally hit me! I decided that there were a few scenes that were sorely MISSING from the movie. *glares at Japan* This series of connected oneshots takes place after the gang was forced to jump off of the Pict's spaceship and landed on an island. This first one is one of MANY missing GerIta moments. *is still glaring at Japan* The first bit is from when Germany regained consciousness and had his near-death experience. The rest is what SHOULD have happened. If only Japan hadn't walked in seconds after Germany found Italy... There were so many opportunities... *continues to glare* Enjoy! ^_^

PS- If you haven't seen Paint It White yet, GO ON YOUTUBE! A WONDERFUL person by the name of BreezyFastpitch uploaded the whole thing with English Subs! (If you're reading this, Breezy, I don't know you but I FREAKING LOVE YOU!)

PPS- Don't be fooled by my glaring, Japan. You're still my favorite!

Germany's eyes fluttered open, only to be greeted with darkness. 'Wha...?' Slowly, painfully, he managed to force himself to stand. As his sight adjusted, he realized that he was in a dense jungle of some sort. His hair hung damply around his forehead and black mud decorated his face like haphazardly applied war paint. Every part of his body was aching from the fall: muscles, bones, skin, everything. He looked around, blinking blearily at his discouraging surroundings. Out of habit developed from years of training, despite his physical and mental fatigue, he began to stumble across the landscape.

At some point during his trek, his green jacket fell to the ground in a sweaty, dew-drenched heap. The humidity of wherever he was made it so he didn't care. He simply smoothed some of his hair back from his brow and continued walking. After a few hours of endless jungle, he elected to talk to himself. Maybe it would help to fill the void of silence that surrounded him and stave off the effects of madness that were surely approaching.

'I've...lost track of time.' It would be easiest to sum up the situation in his mind. It wasn't likely to help him come up with a solution, but it would be something.

'When I woke up, I found myself on this unfamiliar island. I started walking through the jungle alone with no idea where I was going.' In the back of his mind, Germany realized how pathetic he sounded. Even his thoughts carried a ring of defeat!

'I was separated from them all... I don't know if they're alright.' At this, a pang of sadness struck his heart. His companions' faces flashed through his mind: America, excited and self-assured; England, foul-mouthed and determined; France, amorous and sensitive; Russia, childishly cheerful and sadistic; China, animal-obsessed and happy; Japan, timid and steadfast; and Italy...carefree, loyal, naive Italy... All of them were gone. Maybe forever...

'I don't know how much of our world has been lost. For all I know, this is the last place left in the world. The Pict could have overtaken everything by now.' If that was true, it was logical to assume that this place would be next.

Germany stared up at the sky through the leafy canopy, watching the cold, emotionless stars wink back at him. 'These may be my final moments. But...' The scenery around him swayed and blurred as he fell to his knees. 'I...I'm at my limit.'

He took a deep breath as he fixed his gaze on the ground, his final resting place. 'I don't want beer anymore. I just want water.' This, more than anything, told Germany that his time was coming. 'I don't even want wurst. I just want some sort of food!' Letting out a final sigh of defeat, the great nation slowly collapsed in the dirt. All he could see was a few shifting trees...darkness...an orange glow...

...An orange glow?

Germany's eyes snapped open and he sat up again, feeling strength and hope flooding through his veins. "Who's over there?" He wondered aloud to himself. The sound of his own voice further assured him that he was still sane, sending a new burst of courage through his body. He started to jog toward the light, hardly daring to believe it. He panted with lingering exhaustion. The forest was still swimming in his vision, but he forced himself to keep going. All of his focus was on reaching this light.

Could this be that fabled light at the end of the tunnel? If so, the Lord seriously needed to do some tree trimming... Then again, if the light was orange...could that mean he was going to the other place?

All of these wild fancies vanished as Germany broke through the tree line. He stopped dead in his tracks and let out a gasp of disbelief. There, sitting by a crackling fire, cooking pasta, donning that stupid brown cat on his head, was Italy!

"I-Italy? He...?" Germany stared dumbly for a moment, before regaining his composure. "Italy!" He called out, walking into the ring of light cast by the fire.

Italy looked up, his face blank for a moment, before grinning brightly. "Hi, Germany!" He chirped, waving his ladle in the air. "I made pasta!"

Despite everything, Germany felt the tiniest of smiles come to his face. Wordlessly, he walked over and sat down on the log next to Italy, accepting a bowl of freshly made pasta. (How all of the ingredients, plates, and utensils got there, he had no idea.) It was relatively plain, only seasoned with butter, but it tasted wonderful! After finishing one plate, he reached for the ladle, only to be stopped as Italy touched his wrist. 'What?' A warm flush traveled up his arm and to his face.

"Ve~ Don't eat it all, Germany! The others will be hungry when they get here!" Italy withdrew his hand and inhaled what was left of his own pasta.

Germany blinked in confusion. "You found the others already? Where are they?"

Italy shook his head. "I didn't find them. They're gonna find us! They'll see the fire and smell the pasta, then we'll all be together again!"

"I see..." The taller nation breathed a sigh. 'I can't bring myself to tell him...that the others may well be gone...' He looked out toward the ocean. 'The view is actually rather beautiful.' He thought to himself. 'It's a pity that the Pict will soon take this place away as well...us along with it...'

"Ve! Germany! Are you crying?" Italy stared at his best friend, an expression of panic on his face. Germany never cried! This wasn't right!

Germany let out a start before turning toward the scared Italian. Subconsciously, he touched a hand to his cheek. It came away wet. 'He's right... When did I start crying?'

"Did you eat the pasta too fast? Is there sand in your eyes?" Italy leaned close, trying to discern what the problem was.

"No." Germany muttered as the brunette fussed over him. "It's not that. I'm just...scared." He hated himself for admitting it, but at least Italy would be the only one to know.

"Scared?" Italy moved back and tilted his head. "You've never been scared before!"

This statement caused the German to laugh humorlessly. "I have been scared many times, Italy. I've just never been this scared before. Even as we speak, the Pict are searching for us. When they find us again, I honestly don't think we'll be able to win against them. We'll be turned into noppera and the Earth will be drained of everything." At this, his voice cracked and he ran the back of his hand across his leaking eyes.

Italy stared at his friend, an uncharacteristically solemn expression on his face. 'Germany really is scared...and sad... Maybe I can cheer him up!' He threw his arms around Germany's shoulders and held him tightly. "Don't worry, Germany! I'll still like you, even if we become noppera!"

Germany smiled weakly and rested his head on Italy's shoulder. "I don't think we'll have the option to like each other when we're noppera...but thank you."

"You're welcome!" Italy chirped as he pulled back. He was stopped short, however, as Germany lifted his head from his shoulder at the same time, bringing the two nations nose to nose. The cool light from the stars glittered in two pools of sky blue. Italy found himself opening his eyes fully so that he could see the glimmer better. 'Germany has really pretty eyes...'

Similar thoughts were drifting through the taller nation's mind as he took in Italy's warm, soft, sparkling, brown eyes. At that moment, Germany became intimately aware of every detail of the current situation: Italy's hands still resting on his shoulders, the way his eyes were beginning to drift shut, the warm sensation blooming in his chest, the fact that he was starting to lean closer...

Germany's lips were rough, dry, and tasted of salt. Still, Italy made a quiet sound of happiness as they pressed against his own, immediately responding. He wrapped his arms more securely around the German's neck, bringing up one hand to tousle those messy blonde locks. 'He looks cuter when his hair is messed up...' He mused to himself. 'Like when he first wakes up in the morning...'

Was it even possible for a pair of lips to be this soft, or for a kiss to be this gentle? Germany wouldn't have thought so before this moment. Italy seemed to meld perfectly against him, playing with his hair and kissing him tenderly, lightly, as if he was a priceless artifact. Now, there was nothing timid about this kiss. No...it seemed as if Italy was simply moving slowly, building up to something.

It was obvious that Germany didn't know a thing about kissing. That was okay! Italy actually found it to be rather endearing. Still, he didn't want to move too quickly, just in case his friend was unsure. This was a kiss he had been dreaming about for a long time, after all. Carefully, he moved one hand from its position in the German's hair and down to caress his cheek. He felt Germany sigh quietly, encouraging him to tilt his head and kiss more passionately, moving his lips just a little more insistently.

'This feels...wonderful...' Germany's heart fluttered like a butterfly in his chest as he moved his arms up, wrapping them around Italy's waist and upper back, pulling the smaller nation closer. A moist, warm tongue ran across his lower lip and he allowed it in without hesitation. A pleased groan escaped his throat as Italy's tongue expertly teased and stroked his own.

Slowly, Italy moved back, ending the kiss. His face was hot and his heart was hammering against his ribcage. To his delight, he could see that Germany's face was also a bright red color. "You're blushing, Germany!" He whispered, his voice much softer and sweeter than usual.

Germany glanced to the side, his cheeks flushing deeper with embarrassment. Still, he couldn't bring himself to move away, as he normally would be doing at this point. 'It won't be long until we're taken...' He thought to himself. 'I suppose...I can allow myself this...one last pleasure before I am changed...' He turned back to look at Italy just as the brunette let out an adorable yawn. Germany chuckled quietly to himself and allowed the smaller nation to curl up on his lap and nestle his face in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms protectively around Italy, feeling an odd sense of satisfaction. It felt perfectly right to be holding his friend like this, to stroke the side of his neck, to know that the Italian was listening to his heartbeat as his dark eyes drifted shut.

Italy breathed a happy sigh. He felt so warm and safe snuggled up against Germany, listening to the steady thump-thump of his heart. He nuzzled the worn fabric of that black sleeveless shirt and felt himself drifting off, the scent of sweat, salt, and buttery pasta in his nostrils. "Wake me up when the others get here..." He mumbled right before he drifted off. "Ve..."

At these words, Germany's face fell slightly. 'The others...' He looked out toward the vast jungle, frowning to himself. 'Could they really be alive? If so, will they find their way?' He glanced down at the sleeping nation in his arms. 'I don't dare leave him alone...' A light breeze ruffled his hair as he looked back toward the trees. 'Get here safe, everyone. Find us. Please...' Out loud, he said only: "I will, Italy. When the others get here..."

Yes...this is what should have occurred. *nods* Next, I will address my other favorite pairings: Ameripan, FrUK, and maybe RoChu. The first two definitely were hinted at in the movie. ^_^ Another reason why I loved the movie was that THE FIGHT SCENE AGAINST THE PICT WAS FREAKING EPIC! Fangirls, get some tissues, because we get to see all of our boys (except Italy) fighting aliens in an incredibly hot and amazing fashion! Please review, but don't flame. This is my first Hetalia fic after all. Peace out!

PS- What happened to the cat, you may ask? Well, that's OBVIOUS! He jumped off of Italy's head and sat down by the fire, where he was treated to an unobstructed view of GerIta awesomeness. *sigh* Kinda makes me wish I was a cat...or some animal that can sneak into unsuspecting nations homes to spy on them... Hm... *ponders*