This is my first attempt at an (almost) totally original story.

I don't own the Persona/Shadow concept, but all of the characters (except for Igor) are mine.

Chapter 1

The Empty Page

"Mr. Andrews, please pay attention!"

Jason Andrews turned from looking out of the classroom window and looked up at the teacher, standing in front of the board.

"Now that you've rejoined us, please translate this text."

Jason ran his eyes over the board, and translated the Latin text written on it. "'Through me the way into the city of woe, through me the way to the eternal pain, through me the way that runs among the lost. Justice urged on my high artificer; My maker was divine authority, the highest wisdom, and the primal love. Before me nothing but eternal things were made, and I endure eternally. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.' Dante's Inferno, Canto III, lines 1 through 9." He turned and looked back out the window.

Sighing, the teacher went back to her lecture and ignored him for the rest of the class.

Once the class ended, Kevin Harris came over and sat on his desk. "You'ld think she'd learn to stop asking you, like you don't already know the answer."

Jason shrugged. "Some people don't take a hint. Nothing I can do about it."

Laughing to himself, Kevin looked out the window too. "Thinking deep thoughts?"

Jason shook his head. "Just remembering."

"So what're your plans?"

Jason shrugged. "Probably going to go to the library." He turned and looked at Kevin. "You wanna join me?"

Kevin's face became a faux mask of horror. "I would never enter a library if it wasn't forced on me. I'll pass."

Jason chuckled at his best friend's words. "You know, it wouldn't hurt you to learn something."

Kevin's face split in a smirk. "That has yet to be proven, and I won't be the one to prove it." He got up and hit Jason on the shoulder. "See you later, J."


Jason walked through the doors of the Manhattan Library, and waved to the circulation clerk. He went to the deeper shelves, where he could read in peace.

Dropping his backpack, Jason ran his hand along the shelf, finally stopping at an unfamiliar book. He pulled it off the shelf, and ran his hand over the embossed black cover, and the title written in what appeared to be Latin.

"'Ego Sum Sententia quod Sententia Sum Ego.'"

Shrugging, Jason opened the book and scanned the pages, but there was a problem. There weren't any words written in the book. Every page was empty.

So Jason flipped to the front of the book, and found the only page with text, the first page.

Intrigued, Jason read the words aloud. "'I am thou and thou art I. Thou art the one who opens the door.'"

When he spoke the last word, the book began to shake in his hands. "What the?" He tried to let go of the book, but he couldn't release it. Then, with a shining light, he could no longer see, and had the feeling of falling down a pit.

As he continued to fall, something caused him to lose consciousness, and he fell into darkness.

Jason rubbed his head as he sat up. As he opened his eyes, he saw himself still lying by the shelf, but the book was gone.

As he looked around, something seemed off, though. The entire library had a strange blueish hue that wasn't there before.

As Jason walked around, he heard some kind of scratching noise near him. "Hello? Is someone there?"

No one answered and he continued on. As he kept walking, more seemed different. The shelves had moved, became joined in different places. "I don't think we're in Manhattan anymore, Toto."

Then Jason heard that scratching sound again, closer this time. But it was now joined by strange growling. Not willing to see the source of the sound, he headed the other way.

But after a while, Jason was sure he was lost. Tired, he sat against a shelf, breathing deep.

Another sound shot Jason to his feet. That growling was around the corner.

Standing at the ready, Jason watched as something came out from around the corner. At first, Jason thought it was hidden in a shadow, but as it moved he realized that the thing itself was the shadow.

"Holy...crap." Jason stood, frozen, as the shadow's red eyes turned and focused on him, a mouth opened, and the shadow roared.

"Shit!" Turning on his heels, Jason took off the other way, running through the shelves at top speed.

Exhausted, Jason leaned against a shelf, breathing sharply. "What..was that?"

Another growl caught his attention, and Jason looked up to see another shadow creature coming from in front of him.

"You've got to be kidding me." Jason stumbled around and ran back the way he came, but stopped short as the other creature came up from where he was.

Now, trapped between the two, Jason held up his fists like a boxer. "I'm not going down without a fight."

"A fine declaration."

Jason's head whirled as he tried to locate the voice. "Who is that?"

A blue card suddenly appeared in front of him, turning in the air.

Almost in a trance, Jason reached out for the card. "" He crushed the card in his hand.

There was the sound of shattering glass, and a being appeared in front of Jason. A warrior with long black hair, wearing a winged helmet, and had one sword in its hand and another at its waist.

With two slashes, the figure destroyed the two shadow creatures. Then it turned and met Jason's eyes with its own.

"What are you?"

The voice that answered wasn't heard with his ears, but his mind. "I am thou and thou art I. Thou art the one who opens the door. I am Sigurd, Dragon Slayer, and I will fight to defeat your enemies."

Sigurd reached to his waist and removed the sword, and handed it to Jason. "Use this to defend yourself in this world. This is Gram, the sword of my fathers, and it will serve you well." Then Sigurd faded into nothing, and returned to the card.

Jason tucked the card into his jacket pocket, and sat on the floor, holding his head in his hands. What in the world was all that?

Then Jason remembered that Sigurd had said the same words that were written in the book that had apparently sent him here, as if they were connected.

As he sat, Jason felt something on his arm. He looked up, and saw a strange glowing blue butterfly on his right arm. He shook it off, but it stayed in front of him, then went down the path, and came back again.

"Do you want me to follow you?" Then Jason felt stupid for asking a question of a butterfly. "Like you're going to answer."

But to his shock, the butterfly flew up and down, as if it was nodding.

"What the hell?" Sure that his sanity had left him at some point, Jason got up, grabbed his sword, and followed the butterfly through the shelves.

Finally, Jason came to a strange blue door. The butterfly went to the door, then disappeared, so Jason figured he was at his destination.

Opening the door, Jason walked in to what looked like an office. The entire room was blueish in color, and there was a desk in the middle of the room. Sitting on the other side of the desk was the strangest man Jason had ever seen.

The man was bald, with wild eyes and a long nose. He wore a black suit, and was rubbing his white-gloved hands in front of him.

"Welcome, to the Velvet Room."

"My name is Igor, and I am the proprietor of this space."

"Where am I?"

"This room exists between reality and fantasy, night and day, wake and sleep. Only those who have a contract may enter this room."

"But I never signed any contract."

Igor chuckled. "Perhaps not yet, but you will."

Tired of beating around the bush, Jason pulled the card out of his jacket and held it in front of Igor. "Alright. What is this thing? And what did I just use it for?"

"What you have, my boy, is a Persona. It is the physical form of your subconscious mind. You may use it to battle the Shadows in this and other worlds."

"Shadows? Other worlds? None of this makes sense."

"Perhaps not yet, but it shall."

Jason just shook his head and slipped the card back into his jacket. "So what comes next, Igor?"

Igor's grin became wider. "Now you must find others to join with you, for you cannot conquer these challenges yourself."

Igor nodded, and the butterfly reappeared again, and Jason followed it out of the office, ready to get back to his world.

"Until we meet again, Mr. Andrews."

Some character info:

Name:Jason Andrews


Eye/Hair Color:Green/Brown

Location:Queens, Manhattan, NY

Weapon:Gram, Sword of the Volsungs

Arcana:The Emporer(IV)

Persona:Sigurd, the Dragon Slayer

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