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If you are after a story with battles and angst it won't be this one,this is purely romance and friendship and family. It is going to be mostly about Bella and Paul and also Bella and Charlie, there will be parts where the pack is included along with Billy Black but it is not about them.

In New Moon i could never understand why Charlie was not any good at giving any support or advice to Bella, he had his heart broken so he would have been the best to help her. This is what i think should have happened if Charlie was there for Bella more, plus a bad tempered wolf thrown into the mix.

No Cullens, they will be mentioned but Bella won't see them again.

Getting Out Going Nowhere

Edward left me three days ago as I think his name I can't help but wrap my arms around my body to stop me from falling apart, I can't eat or sleep and talking to Charlie is impossible he doesn't understand that my heart is broken.

"Bella you need to eat" Charlie said as he walked into my room.

"I can't, I'm not hungry."

"Bells you have not eaten anything for three days now you will make yourself ill" Charlie tried to say in a soothing voice but it was not the voice I wanted to hear.

"Dad I need to get out of here, I'm going for a drive" I told him as I stood up and walked past him in my bedroom door way.

"Not in the woods" he shouted out.

"Sure" I replied as I grabbed my coat and walked out the front door.

I got into my truck and drove around Forks for a bit until I found myself on the road that led to La Push. I parked in the car park on the beach, I sat in the truck and watched the waves crashing on to the sand before I got out and walked towards the shore.

I sat down a few feet away from the waves I bent my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs and watched the waves out in the sea, I sat for a while thinking over everything that I have done over the past six months since I came to live here.

A small part of my brain regretted the decision to ever come here if I stayed with my mom and Phil I would have never had my heart broken or my life put at risk from a sadistic vampire, but then this is the first place that I have ever felt like I fitted in.

I watched as the sky started to get darker I wondered if it was getting late or if a storm was coming in, I thought about getting up and going home but I was stopped in my tracks when I heard somebody approach me.

"Bella Swan your dad is looking for you" this person spoke with malice and hatred in his voice.

I ignored him and carried on looking out at the sea this person could now go and tell him where I was.

"Did you hear me?" he asked in the same voice as his previous statement.

"Yes and you can now tell him where I am" I snapped out without even looking at him.

"I'm just the messenger don't snap at me you won't like me if I lose my temper" he replied in a strained voice.

"Thank you for passing it on can you tell him I will be home soon" I said in a more calm voice.

"Fine, stay out of the forest" he gruffly replied before walking away again.

I went back to concentrating on the waves but I could feel somebody staring at me, it was making me uncomfortable so not long after the stranger left I got up and walked back to my truck. Stood by my truck was a half-naked native guy I was beginning to get cold so he must be freezing, I stopped a short distance away from him.

"Bella I am Sam Uley I have rang your dad and he knows where you are"

I recognised his name and I stood there thinking where from this was not the same person who spoke to me on the beach and then I remembered.

"Thank you for finding me the other day, I'm going home now if my dad rings can you please tell him"

"Sure and stay safe" he replied before he walked away from the truck.

I got in and drove straight home parking the truck in the drive Charlie was stood on the porch watching me, when I walked past him and into the house he followed.

"How are you feeling Bells?" he asked me as I walked into the kitchen

"A bit better the sea air helped I think, what do you want for dinner?" I asked him

"I will order pizza I think we can manage one more day without your cooking."

I left Charlie to order the pizza while I took a shower and changed my clothes for the first time in three days, by the time I got out the pizza had arrived and I joined my dad in the lounge to eat. I suddenly realised how hungry I was and soon I had eaten four slices of pizza I sat back on the couch and closed my eyes.

"I'm glad you have your appetite back" Charlie gruffly said before putting his empty box down.

"I guess so"

I sat in the lounge and pretended to watch the game that Charlie was watching, everything reminded me of them and it hurt so much I wrapped my arms around my body when I felt the pain in my heart, it hurt so much I could feel my heart falling apart bit by bit every time I thought of him.

Once the game had finished I followed Charlie up the stairs and went into my room, I was so exhausted but every time I closed my eyes all I could see was Edward. I forced my fist into my mouth to stop the sobs raking through my body just from thinking of him, I must have fallen asleep at some point as I was dreaming of chasing Edward in the forest I could see him but I could never get him to stop or reach him when he completely disappeared I started screaming .

"Shh Bells it's just a nightmare" I felt Charlie rub my arm as I woke up.

"Dad it hurts so much" I cried into his chest when he wrapped his arms around me.

"I know Bells it will go away I promise."

"When dad I can't live like this?" I begged him hoping for some sort of answer

"When you are ready to move on and pick your life back up" he whispered.

I held on to Charlie for a few more minutes before I led back down and closed my eyes, i felt Charlie kiss my forehead before he walked out my room and shut the door. I laid in my bed until I could his snores I then got up and sat in the chair, I didn't want to go back to sleep just to have the same nightmare so I watched the moon and the clouds outside my bedroom window.

I must have fallen asleep at some point as I woke up with a blanket draped over my body and a stiff neck, I rubbed my neck as I got up and decided to get dressed for the day and make breakfast. Once I was dressed I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen where Charlie was sat with his morning coffee.

"How are you feeling this morning?" Charlie asked

"Not too bad" I replied before going to the fridge and getting the eggs out for scrambled eggs.

"I have to go back to work today, will you be ok alone?"

"Yes I think I might go back to the beach in La Push that helped yesterday" I replied as I cracked the eggs.

"The beach helped me when your mom left, I will let Billy know you are there just in case you need him."

I scrambled the eggs and made some toast for both of us and I sat down to eat I was aware of Charlie watching me but I tried to ignore him and concentrated on eating, once we had eaten I could see him opening and closing his mouth to say something but nothing was coming out he shrugged his shoulders before putting his plate in the sink and kissing my cheek before leaving.

I sat there surprised that he did not mention school I knew that the more days I was having off the further I was falling behind but I could not be around anybody yet, I knew that my friends would ask questions and try to comfort me but I didn't need that at the moment.

I washed up the breakfast dishes before leaving the house and driving down to the beach. I parked the truck in the same spot as yesterday and made my way down to the shore, I sat in the same place as I did yesterday just looking out at the sea.

I'm not sure how long I was sat there for but I felt the sand shift as somebody started to walk towards me before sitting down a short distance away.

"Here again Bella Swan?" the person asked, it was the same person who spoke to me yesterday.

"Hmm" I replied still staring out at the sea.

We both sat in silence for a while l looked out at the sea, I really wanted to see what this person looked like but at the same time just watching the waves was helping me to stay together.

"Why do you come here?" he asked

"It helps" I replied.

"Why?" he asked after a few minutes of silence

"Don't know" I replied while shrugging my shoulders.

When he asked no more questions and we had been sat there in silence for a while longer I decided to look out the corner of my eye to see what this person looked like, he was a native from La Push I noticed that he was wearing only shorts like Sam was yesterday yet he didn't look cold. When I looked at his facial profile I could see that he was looking out at the sea with a grimace on his face.

I studied him for a few seconds before I looked back out to sea, we both sat in silence for a while longer before he stood up I could hear his joints cracking before he took a step away.

"A storm is coming in its going to rain soon" he said before he walked back up the beach.

I looked behind to say thanks but he was already gone I continued to sit on the beach until I started to feel the first drops of rain, I got up and made my way to the truck just before the rain got heavier. By the time I got home the rain was coming down so fast I could hardly see the house from the drive way, I walked as quick as I could to the front door trying not to slip or stumble on the wet ground.

By the time Charlie got in I had a lasagne cooking in the oven and a salad prepared in the fridge for dinner I realised that cooking also helped me to focus on what I was doing and not think about other things.

Charlie went for a shower while I set the table and dished out the food, when he came back down I could hear him sniffing deeply before he sat down and picked up his cutlery.

"How did your trip to the beach go?" he asked once we had finished eating

"Fine it helped again" I replied, I don't know why I didn't mention the guy who sat with me for most the day but it didn't seem important.

"You need to go back to school Bells"

"Not yet dad I'm not ready" I complained hoping to get a few more days to myself.

"Next Monday then "

I nodded in agreement that gave me five days to try to ready myself for the questions I will no doubt get asked.

That night I had a shower before getting into bed I led there trying to clear my mind hoping that I would not have another nightmare but I was once again woken by the same dream with Charlie hugging me and comforting me as best he could.

For the next two days I found myself sat back on the beach or in the kitchen cooking both seemed to help me take my mind off things, the nightmares remained and Charlie would be there comforting me every night. The two days that I spent on the beach the guy that was clearly Sam Uley's friend did not come back, I wondered if it was my being there stopping him. On the third day I stayed at home until after lunchtime before going down to the beach I was surprised to find him sat near where I had been sitting.

As I walked down the beach I briefly wondered if I should find somewhere else to sit but decided that I liked the spot on the beach I had been sitting on and if he had a problem then he should say or move. I sat down leaving the same amount of space that he did the day he first sat here.

"Hello Bella, I wondered if you would still need the beach?" he asked in a voice filled with malice again like the first time when he found me on the beach.

"Hmm" I replied

We sat in silence once again it seemed oddly comforting that like me he did not need to fill the silence with idle chit chat, I knew that if he did I would find somewhere else on the beach to sit.

"Paul I need your help" Somebody shouted up the beach causing me to jump.

"Bye Bella maybe I will see you here again" the guy said before he stood up and walked up the beach.

So Paul was the guy's name it was nice to know rather than calling him the guy or Sam's friend, shortly after he left I decided to leave and get some groceries before school finished so I would not bump into anybody.

I pulled up in the drive at the same time as Charlie he helped me unload the truck before leaving to take a shower as I was putting all the food away and putting the ready prepared macaroni cheese in the oven.

"Do you have any plans tomorrow?" Charlie asked as he took a seat at the table

"No I don't fancy going to the beach on the weekend just in case I see somebody from school" I told him honestly.

"You will have to face them at some point"

"I know dad on Monday"

"I thought we could maybe go fishing together?" Charlie asked

"Dad I'm not really into that" I moaned.

"I know but I thought we could find a nice secluded spot somewhere alone so we could sit in silence"

"Sure dad but I will watch you fish" I told him.

Charlie helped wash the dishes before we went into the lounge he kept changing the channels trying to find something that we could both watch together before he gave up and put the game on, I once again pretended to watch until the game finished and we both went to bed.

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