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A Promise


I held Bella, and listened as her breathing changed indicating that she was in a deep sleep. With Bella still in my arms, I began to relax. When I climbed into her bedroom to see her sobbing, I was clueless. Growing up my mother always told me that people who cry are weak and to stay away from them, a weak person is a failure in life. But looking at Bella, I could see that she was not weak, maybe falling apart a little bit. Somewhere deep inside of her, I knew she was fighter, I knew that this thing with her dad would break her heart but she wouldn't give up, I would make sure she would never give up and keep fighting.

I could hear Charlie tossing and turning in the other room, so I knew that I had to stay awake, just in case he decided to check on Bella. He is a good man; we all knew what he had done for Forks and the Reservation. He would give his last cent, if it meant somebody wouldn't starve. This disease was not fair; it was going to destroy the most selfless man I know. I knew that I would have to watch him get weaker and weaker, and be strong enough to keep Bella fighting. My experience of losing my dad was going to help Bella somehow. I don't know how, but I had a feeling it was going to help the both of us.

I jumped and opened my eyes suddenly when I heard Bella's door open, at some point while I was thinking to myself, I must have fallen asleep. I looked towards the door and saw Charlie staring at me, his face was blank, so I couldn't see if he was angry with me for being in his daughter's bed. Who am I kidding; of course he will be angry.

Before I could decide what to do, Charlie motioned for me to follow me. I silently got out of bed and covered Bella in her blanket, before walking down the stairs and following Charlie into the kitchen.

I sat down at the table, and watched as he put the kettle on before he sat down opposite me at the table.

"I guess Bella told you about my disease?" Charlie asked after we sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Yes she had, and I'm so sorry."

"Please don't pity me; I have been living with this disease for a long time. I don't need your pity." Charlie whispered, clearing his throat loudly. "How is Bella doing, I guess she called you after I went to bed?" He asked, getting back up and pouring each of us a coffee.

"She is devastated, and so scared." I told him honestly.

"Paul, I need to ask, what is going on between you and Bella? I am not happy with you sneaking into her room, in the middle of the night."

"We are just friend's sir, I won't lie to you, I like her a lot but she is still trying to mend her heart and learning of this disease. She needs a friend, somebody she can rely on and I want to be there for her." I explained, staring straight into his eyes, so he could see that I was being honest.

"Good, she needs somebody; just don't let her down Paul."

"I promise, I will be there for Bella, unless she sends me away." I told him honestly, looking directly into his eyes.

"I don't want Bella being scared for me." Charlie mumbled, I looked back into his eyes and just watched him.

"She is just not scared for you; she is also scared that she might have it also. She has made a mental note of the similarities."

"What similarities?" Charlie asked abruptly.

"Her clumsiness is the main one." I was shocked when Charlie started to chuckle quietly to himself.

"Bella's clumsiness comes from her grandfather Swan. That man was so accident prone; he was a tree logger for over forty years. By the time he retired, he only had four full fingers, two on each hand. The others were either totally missing or parts were missing. He had so many scars on his legs, from where he missed the tree and would end up hitting himself with the axe. "

"Wow, and he still continued working?" I asked.

"Yep, my dad was a fighter, he would never give up. I remember the time when he went missing for over twelve hours. The Blacks organised a search party from members of the tribe, they found him knocked out curled up around a tree. It turned out he had tripped over his own feet and head butted the tree he was planning on chopping down."

I couldn't stop the laughter; I really was going to have my work cut out for me when it comes to Bella's safety. We sit in silence for a few minutes, I watch has Charlie tries to discreetly look at the clock on the oven. I get up and walk out of the kitchen, heading towards the front door, guessing that he was tired and wanted me gone.

"Paul, where are you going?" Charlie asked, just as I reached the handle on the door.

"It's late sir, so I will go home."

"What will Bella think when she wakes up in the morning and you are not there? I'm not exactly happy that I found you in my daughter's bed, but I understand that she needs somebody right now. That somebody seems to be you, just don't let her down please, that is all I ask." Charlie explained before he moved towards the stairs, and waited for me.

I followed him up the stairs, stopping outside of Bella's bedroom door.

"Paul before you go in, I will get you a key cut. Please stop climbing the tree outside Bella's window. I don't want you to get hurt if the tree falls, it is an old tree and I kind of like it. There was a time, not so long ago when I wished that the tree would up root and kill that asshole Cullen. I lost count of the amount of times I would hear him climb through Bella's window in the middle of the night, when he thought I was asleep." Charlie whispered, causing me to stand there speechless.

I stood in shock and watched as Charlie walked into his room and closing his door, mumbling that he should have chopped the damn tree down the day Bella was born. I was sure Charlie was asleep when I climbed through the window; his breathing was slower along with his heart rate indicating that he was asleep. I eventually opened the bedroom door, closing it as softly as I could before silently walking across the room and getting back in bed with Bella. She automatically cuddled into me, and I fell asleep with my arms wrapped around her.

I awoke sometime later, when I heard a bark outside the window. Daylight was just coming through the window. I climbed out the bed and walked to the window, Sam walked out of the forest, pointed towards the forest and then walked back in.

I pulled the blankets back around Bella, before heading towards the door.

"Paul, where are you going?" Bella suddenly whispered.

"I have to patrol, go back to sleep. Its early, I will be back later ok."

"Ok, go careful on the last step, it creaks sometimes." Bella whispered back, lying back down.

"It's ok, your dad knows that I stayed last night, he is getting a key cut for me so I can use the front door." I couldn't stop the chuckle, from Bella's shocked face; her mouth was agape in shock.

"And he is ok with you staying in my room?" Bella asked sitting back up in bed.

"Yes, we spoke last night, he knows that we are friends and I am here to support you."

"Ok, wow."

"By the way, even though I thought he was asleep last night when I climbed in your window. He knew that I didn't come through the front door, he also knew 'you know who' came into your room on a night, through you window." I told her, trying not to laugh at her shocked face.

"How, did he know?" She asked after being quiet after a minute.

"Don't know." I told her shrugging my shoulders. "I really need to go Sam is waiting for me in the forest, I will be by later."

I walked out of Bella's room, and crept down the stairs. I jumped and missed the last step before opening the front door and shutting it behind me. I ran into the forest and took my cut offs of before allowing my wolf to come forward.

"Morning Paul, is Bella ok?" Sam thought.

Before I could stop myself, the conversations I had with Bella and Charlie came to my mind. I listened has Sam made small comments as he heard everything that was going on.

"Christ Paul, no wonder Bella was so upset last night. I will let Jared know before he phases in later, if Bella ever needs you then one of us will be available to swap patrols with you."

"Thanks Sam, she is so worried she has it." I thought back.

"Have you ever noticed how Charlie's scent always seemed so bitter compared to everybody else's?"

"Yes, but I just thought that that was just his scent."

"Do you know what, I'm pretty sure Bella doesn't have it. Not that I have sniffed your imprint, but when I did carry her out of the forest that time, once I got passed the leech stink. She smelt just like any other human."

"Well she is going to have tests done; I'm so scared that I am going to mess this up somehow. I not good with emotions, or saying the right thing, Sam I have no idea how to help Bella."

"What you are doing now, is helping, just be there for her. You might say the wrong things sometimes but we have all done it."

It was then that I saw Sam's memory from yesterday and Emily shouting at him for walking mud through the house after she spent two hours on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

"What did you say to her?" I asked unable to stop laughing in my thoughts.

"That nobody, walks around the house looking at their feet. To leave the floor as it is because nobody would notice if it was clean or dirty."

"Are you in the dog house?" I asked him, thinking about Sam trying to squeeze himself into a dog kennel.

"Stop thinking about things like that, she won't let me back home until I change my ideas and attitude."

"I'm starving, help me patrol and then we can go to the diner on the Reservation in an hour when it opens. Your treat, because of you I wouldn't feel comfortable turning up to your imprints house and eating her nice homemade muffins and pancakes." I thought, unable to stop laughing.

We spent the next hour, running patrols around the Reservation, just before I met Sam for breakfast I ran into Forks and checked on Bella. I listened closely and I could hear Bella's soft breathing and Charlie's snores.

I phased back not far from the diner, and met Sam at the back where he was holding a t-shirt for me. It was then that I noticed he also had one of my t-shirts on.

"She didn't give you any clothes then?" I asked unable to hide my grin.

"She chased me out the house with the iron skillet, I was not going to hang around and ask for some clothes."

"Looks like I have a new lodger then?" I asked.

"Nope, I'm going to eat then I'm off to the shop to buy Emily her favourite flowers, and chocolates and if that doesn't work I will use my charm on her."

"Best of luck, if it fails then I have a spare room at my place." I offered.


We walked into the diner and both ordered food before finding a place to sit, the menu never changed so the locals never bothered with sitting down and then waiting to be served, it was a lot quicker this way.

"Paul, I know Bella is not ready for us to be her friend yet, but can you let her know that we are there for her. She is pack now, our sister. We take care of family, anything she needs or you need let me know. I guess she has to have tests done, if she wants you to go with her, let me know and I will take your patrol shift."

"Thanks Sam, give Bella time. I know that she will be ready soon, she is just scared about being hurt again and now this."

We parted ways after eating, Sam went back to mine to clean up before he tried to win Emily over, and I phased and began patrolling. The hours went by quickly, running around the Reservation and then running to Forks high school and Bella's house. I left my mind blank, I knew if I thought about last night I would not be keeping track of all the scents around me.

My thoughts were interrupted by Jared's has he phased, I watched through the mind link has he followed my scent to meet up with me.

"So how did last night go, Sam told me in the night when I phased to get home from Kim's you were spending the night in Bella's bed? Did you finally make her yours?" Jared thought, before an image of Bella and me naked with me on top of her.

I saw red, and ran right for him, how he can be thinking like that. Everything she has been through, and is now going through with her dad. Just before I reached Jared, he let out a loud howl. It stopped abruptly when I had my teeth attached to his throat.

"Paul, I'm sorry, let me go." Jared thought to me, but my wolf was mad. How dare he think up such things about my imprint.

"Paul, stop!" I automatically left go of Jared's throat and slid down to my belly. I hated Alpha orders, I was not even aware that Sam had phased.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam asked.

"I didn't know the reasons why Paul stayed at the Swans last night, so I jumped to the wrong conclusions. Paul, I am really sorry." Jared thought.

"Show my imprint some respect, and even if we were ready to go that far within a relationship I would not even think about it when I'm phased."

I didn't wait for his response, I phased back and ran back to my house in human form so I could have a shower and make my way back to Bella.