This story doesn't go based upon the Tag Force 5 events for the heart events, or whatever you call them. If you've played Tag Force 4, on one of Ruka's events, the Hat Guy basically saves her from the stalker chicks. That's what's she's referring to as savior. That's the only Tag Force 4 event that takes place though. Besides that, the rest is Tag Force 5. Besides that, I named my Hat Guy Kaze, so you can change Kaze to whatever you want if that pleases you, or see it as Hat Guy, but just putting Hat Guy seemed pretty... I dunno, weird? The story will follow some of Ruka's heart events, but Hat Guy won't be his mute self and it will have some spins to it, so its not the same thing. And please don't yell about either pairing. If you played through the stories, there are pretty big hints, or at least my friends say so. But with all that aside, here's the first chapter.

Seeing the two sit side by side on the bench, talking, occasional blushing, and exchanging smiles honestly made me feel sick. I know its not something I'd usually say, but I couldn't help it. That's how I felt. It made me sick to see someone who I had a crush on talking to another girl. It probably was jealously, I'll admit that. I could see why he would like that girl. Sherry LeBlanc, I think it was. She had long blond hair and green eyes. And... Well, she wasn't a kid, like me. "Hey! Ruka," my brother, Rua shouted, nearly making me jump out of my skin.

"W-what is it," I asked.

"Ah, your spying on that one Kaze guy again," Rua asked, causing pink to spread across my cheeks.

"N-no! I-I'm just... I'm talking to the duel spirits," I stuttered. Rua sat there for a second, not saying anything. I felt sweat appear on my forehead.

"Oh," Rua smiled, causing me to sigh with relief as my blush faded away.

"Hey! Rua, Ruka," a familiar voice called out, causing my blush to return, but a little darker. I struggled to force my heartbeat to a normal pace and get my face to an almost normal color as I heard footsteps. "What are you guys doing," Kaze asked.

"Oh! I.. I was just," I trailed off as my efforts failed, causing my blush to creep back.

"She was talking to the duel spirits! Pretty cool, huh," Rua asked, still smiling like he always did.

"Talking to the duel spirits," Sherry asked, a hint of interest in her voice.

"Y-yeah. I can see the duel spirits and talk to them," I said.

"That's rather interesting," Sherry murmured.

"I don't think you guys have met really, have you," Kaze asked.

"We met for a short time, didn't we," Sherry asked.

"Yeah... I think so," I muttered.

"Hey Kaze! Let's duel! I lost to you in a tag duel once, but if its just you and me, I can win for sure," Rua shouted.

"Right now," Kaze asked.

"Its alright. I don't mind. I'd actually enjoy seeing you duel," Sherry smiled.

"Alright then," Kaze sighed as Rua activated his duel disk. Kaze followed and the duel started. To say that Kaze was a good duelist was an understatement. He was a really good duelist. One time, he even partnered up with me against Yusei and Aki, and we won. I looked at Sherry out of the corner of my eyes and saw that she was paying close attention to the duel and every move that was made, as if she was mapping it out in her head and making a strategy, even though she wasn't a part of the duel. Soon enough, the duel was over, and Kaze won.

"Gah! No fair! I want a rematch," Rua vented as he stomped on the ground like the kid he was.

"Rua, I'm sure they've got plenty of things to do besides-," I started.

"No. Its fine. I mean, you don't mind, do you, Sherry," Kaze asked.

"I'm content just watching the duel. I like going through the scenarios you get into and thinking of all the ways out," Sherry said.

"Alright! Let's go again," Rua cheered and the two activated their duel disks once more, causing me to sigh.

"What is it," Sherry asked. I remained quiet for a few seconds.

"Nothing," I muttered. To be honest, I didn't want to talk to her. It was as simple as that. I just felt like a bug compared to her. She seemed pretty smart and talented, and if she was interested in Kaze... I shook my head and turned back to the duel. The duel raged on for about four minutes before Kaze managed to put an end to it.

"No way! Again," Rua shouted, causing Kaze to sigh.

"Rua, let's just go. Your not going to win," I said, hoping to get Kaze out of the constant dueling that would follow if he didn't lose.

"That's not true," Kaze said, causing me to turn to him.

"At a few points in the duel, there were spots where Rua could have gotten some solid blows in if he didn't have another strategy in mind. If he would have went with a different strategy, he may have turned this whole duel around," Sherry said, causing Rua's eyes to light up.

"Told you I could win," Rua laughed.

"Yeah, but you didn't. The fact that you could have doesn't change anything," I muttered, being a little more mean than I intended.

"That's harsh," Rua pouted. "Let's go get ice cream together! You and me and Sherry and Kaze," Rua shouted.

"I wouldn't mind some," Sherry said.

"If you guys want it, I'm fine with it," Kaze said. I quickly ran to Rua's side, hoping to avoid getting into another conversation with Sherry. I made sure to pay close attention to their conversations though.

"Oh Kaze... You did really good in those duels," Sherry muttered.

"You think so," Kaze asked.

"Don't be so modest," Sherry sighed.

"I'm not trying to. I mean, he almost had me at some points," Kaze said. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, seeing as they were just talking about duels.

"So, how do you think I did, Ruka? I mean, they're talking about it too," Rua said.

"You did good," I said. But good isn't good enough when your going against Kaze I added in my head.

"I thought so too! But he had some super cool combos," Rua shouted. I heard Sherry and Kaze laugh a little at Rua's outburst, causing me to turn a little pink.

"Your so embarrassing sometimes," I muttered, making sure I wasn't loud enough for Rua to hear. Then again, when he was in his happy mood, he didn't hear anything most of the time. So in a way, I was making sure I wasn't loud enough for Sherry and Kaze to hear. Rua and I went back to talking, but I made sure to keep some of my attention on the two walking behind us, just in case. I was about to stop listening in, not hearing anything abnormal, when my interest was drawn back in.

"Oh Kaze! That's no fair! I can't make you laugh like that," Sherry giggled, causing Kaze to laugh as well. "That's it! I've decided! I'm not sharing you with anyone else," Sherry smiled with a slight blush. Kaze continued laughing, believing that Sherry was joking, but Sherry didn't join in laughing.

"Ew. I hate those kinds of mushy things," Rua sighed when he noticed that I was staring at the two. "Hey! Ruka! Earth to Ruka," Rua shouted.

"What is it," I asked.

"Your staring at those two! Are you like those grandmas who sit and watch soap operas? Because those shows are so cliche," Rua muttered.

"I was just wondering what they were talking about," I sighed.

"Whatever," Rua muttered. "Ah! There's the ice cream shop," Rua cheered and bolted ahead of us. I turned back to Kaze and Sherry just in time to see Sherry grab Kaze's hand and rush forward after Rua to the ice cream shop. I tried my best to keep my composure as I walked over to the other, hoping I wouldn't make a fool of myself.