Here's the Amuto story I promised some of you guys! Like I said, it's pretty good and funny… I love Ikuto. :3 Anyway, Read And Enjoy.

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"Oh my god!" I screamed. I was sitting straight up on my bed: Pillow on the floor, blanket hanging off the bed, and my Charas floating close to me.

"What's wrong Amu?" said a tired Ran, as she rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah. Couldn't it have waited till later?" asked Miki with a yawn. Suu and Dia just nodded in agreement. All I could do was point and stare with a dropped jaw at what lay at my legs. A new egg just sat there, nestled in the blankets.

It was exactly like the others except for the purple coloring and the crosses that decorated the sides. It reminded me a lot of Ikuto, and I wondered if this was a sign of things to come. I could feel it's warmth on my legs, and it pained me to pick it up. I examined it, and wondered what kind of Chara would hatch from it. What kind of would-be self would wake up inside me?

"Amu-chan, it's so pretty-desu," said Suu.

"It reminds me of Ikuto," said Dia. The other Charas nodded, and I looked at them like they were crazy, as I tried to hide the fact I had thought the same thing. But, one thing was for sure. If everyone thought it was Ikuto-like, something Ikuto-like would probably come out.

"Amu-chan!" shouted Ran. "You're gonna be late for school again!"

"What?" I shouted, as I picked up my alarm clock and brought it close to my face to look at the numbers. "Damn it." I jumped from my bed and laid the egg back on the blankets where I found it. "Watch the egg, as I get ready," I directed my Charas. They nodded, as I ran to the bathroom. I turned the faucet on, and started to pull a hairbrush though my hair. After a few minutes the knots were all out, so I dropped the brush and picked up my toothbrush. I quickly brushed my teeth and spat, and then turned off the water. I put a small tail in my hair with a cross clip, and went back into the bedroom.

After a quick change into my school uniform, I gathered up my Charas and my new egg into the little box I kept with me, and bolted for the kitchen downstairs. After I jumped down the last 5 steps, and made a safe landing, I went to the kitchen and picked up a piece of toast.

"Waking up late again, Amu-chan?" my mother asked.

"Yep! Thanks for breakfast," I said with the toast half shoved in my mouth. "Gotta go, Mom. Love you." I ran up to her and hugged her, then turned on my heel, and ran out the door. After it was closed behind me, I looked down to see Ran with her head poking out of the little box.

"Ran. Character Change, please," I said. Even as I spoke, I didn't stop running.

"Aye aye, Amu-chan!" I quickly went through my Character Change and ran faster and harder than I had before. I passed many houses and streets in seconds with record time, and before I knew it, I was at a train crossing.

I stood there trying to catch my breath when a sudden cry got my attention.

"Useless," it said. I turned around to see a small X egg floating above me. "Useless."

"My heart, Unlock!" I shouted. I transformed with Ran, and readied myself for a fight. The egg came at me, but I quickly jumped out of the way and used my Heart Rod to stop the X egg. With quick ease, I purified the X egg, and de-transformed. I took a nice breath of fresh air.

"Good Job, Amu-koi," whispered Ikuto in my ear. I let out a blood curdling scream and faced my harasser.

"Why do you always have to do that!" I shouted. "You might be surprised, but most people don't like being snuck up on." I grabbed at my ear and my heart. It was pounding wildly.

Don't fight the attraction you have for him. Let your eyes be agile and quick like a cat. Look him up and down like you've always wanted to. Flirt with him with swift movements. Don't be afraid to be the self that loves to love him.

I Knew what that voice meant. It meant that my new egg was hatching. If it had anything to do with Ikuto, I couldn't let him see my new Chara or Character Change. I quickly ran away from him as fast as I could. Anywhere but here would suffice. Before I knew where I was, I found myself in an alleyway. I opened up my small Chara pouch and watched as the purple cross egg floated up in front of my face. A light shone as it cracked in half and a small Chara spun in a circle and then looked at me with a smile. She wore tiny little black shorts and a purple tank top that only went to right above her belly button. Her feet didn't have shoes, but karate wrappings. She had adorable pink cat ears and tail, and cat paws on her hands.

"Hi Amu-chan!" she said. "My name is Yue. Nice to finally meet you… and Ikuto. He really is sexy. Why haven't you told him that?" I stood there dumbfounded at Yue. If Yue was my would-be self, and she thought Ikuto was sexy, did that mean I thought Ikuto was sexy?

"Oh my God, It does," I said to myself.

"What does?" asked Miki. I hesitated for a minute, just enough time for Yue to step in.

"Oh, she's just realizing how-" I smothered the new Chara with my hands, and shoved it back into the little box.

"Keep it down. No one needs to know about that," I said. Ugh… what was this little Chara gonna get me into?

After running my heart out and almost fainting, I made it to school on time. I sat in my desk finally able to relax. I rested my head on my desk, as the bell rang and the teacher began to teach today's history lesson. It was nothing but a big bore. I was so not interested in learning about ancient Japanese clans. Instead, my head wanted me to think about Ikuto.

Ikuto was always on my nerves. His attitude was obnoxious, but somehow brought me in. It was clever. His hair was always messy and needed a good combing. But, then it just wouldn't be Ikuto. I wondered what it would be like to mess up his hair myself; to be able to run my fingers through the dark blue locks.

I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts.

Why do you deny yourself the pleasure?

I didn't know why, because he was too old for me? No, it was because I loved Tadase… Right? He said he loved me, and I said it back. I had even meant it too. Ugh! Why was Ikuto in my head? I could feel his breath on my ear and his hands on my side… Even in my head, Ikuto was sexually harassing me.

With a quick ring, the bell brought me out of my thoughts. And I tried to keep it that way through the entire rest of school, but sometimes it was just too hard.

By the end of the day, I had my thoughts on what Ikuto might be doing right now. School could be a guess, but knowing Ikuto he probably sluffed.

I was sitting in my seat in the royal garden at another stupid meeting. Thank goodness everyone was here. Maybe they could get my thoughts off of Ikuto.

"So today," Tadase started, when he was interrupted.

"Hey Amu, can I come out now?" asked Yue. Without me giving an answer, which would have been yes anyway, she floated up in front of everyone. She was so cute. Little furry handcuffs decorated her hands and feet, but they weren't chained together. She flicked her messy hair cutely and it made me smile.

"Amu-chan! You got a new Chara?" asked Nagihiko. I nodded with a little smile on my face as I stared at Yue. She reminded me so much of Ikuto.

"Her name is Yue," I said. I wasn't really paying attention when they asked what she represented of me. "She's the part of me that likes-" Thank goodness I stopped myself in time. I couldn't say that I liked Ikuto in front of everyone. I couldn't even say it to myself. "That likes the freedom I rarely get." Hopefully they would by that.

"I have to agree with you. We do rarely take a break from meetings," said Tadase. "How about we take the rest of the week off? How does that sound? We will have piles of work to do though. Good thing it's Thursday." Everyone nodded in agreement. Who wouldn't? It's not like we enjoyed doing extra work for the school.

"Alright. If that's all then, I will be going. See you all later," said Rima, and one by one everyone piled out, until it was just me and Tadase left.

"Hey Amu-chan, take off without me. I have a few last things to do before I leave," he said.

"Alright," I was kinda bummed he wasn't going to walk me home, but at the same time I was glad he wasn't. I was too confused with Ikuto to care. I waved goodbye, and walked out of the garden. It was still nice and bright, since the meeting didn't take all day, since it was called off.

I walked and walked and walked with my Charas floating around me, talking to Yue. I only got bits and pieces of their conversations. The parts I did catch all were about Ikuto and Yoru. I found myself walking through the park when I noticed. They had gone quiet. I looked around and noticed they were gone.

"Ran? Miki, Suu? Dia? Yue?" I called frantically.

"Don't worry. They're all hanging out with Yoru," said Ikuto. He was behind me up in a tree, and still scared the crap out of me. At least, he wasn't inside my bubble molesting my ear.

"Okay good. I was worried for a minute there," I said. I breathed out with my eyes closed and didn't notice that he jumped out of the tree.

"So," said Ikuto's husky voice. "I see you got a new Chara, is that why you ran away this morning?" When I opened my eyes again, he was inches from my face. I almost screamed in shock, but instead of that and blushing like an idiot, I felt myself Chara Change. The clip in my hair turned into a cross, and a pair of pink ears appeared on my head, and a pink tail appeared under my skirt. If it rose too high, it would lift my skirt up.

The surprise was clearly written on Ikuto's face when he noticed them.

My new Chara Change didn't make me blush, it did the opposite. It gave me the courage to flirt without embarrassment.

My ears twitched, and my new tail wrapped around Ikuto's waist. I pushed Ikuto backwards until I pressed him against the tree behind him. I smirked the way he did to me, and he blushed like I normally did.

"Why didn't you chase after me?" I asked. My hands pressed against his chest, and one of them drew little circles. Ikuto just stood there watching me, as I flirted so un-Amu-like. Finally he smirked at me. His arms slithered around my waist, as his ears and tail popped out as well.

"Oh, so little Amu wants me to chase after her," he said. His voice was husky, and I could tell what he was trying to do.

"You'd be surprised at what I want," I said, as my face grew closer to Ikuto. All of a sudden my Character Change broke, and I was left standing there super close to Ikuto with no courage to stay that way. I flushed like a tomato, and pushed myself away from Ikuto

"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed. "Why did I say that?" I asked myself. "He's never gonna let me live this down. Tadase would be mortified. I'm mortified!" My hands were glued to my head as it got hazy. I was frantic, with no idea what to do. I looked back at Ikuto to see him casually leaning against the tree, arms folded, with a smirk on his face. I pointed at him. "No questions, don't ever mention this. Ever! What's wrong with me?" I shouted.

So, here is chapter 1. The story is only gonna be a couple of chapters, 2 or 3. That's all. I hoped you guys like this. It's pretty funny.

Ikuto says PEACE! Haha.