Author's Notes:

Fandom: The Hunger Games

Characters: Glimmer, Marvel, & mentions of Peeta.

Notes: This has been simmering in my harddrive for the past year. I'm not even joking.

I'm not sure what to think of it. ^^;


twinkle, twinkle little star.

She shouldn't be dying right now.

Glimmer ran through the woods like a nymph, a wind spirit on the hunt for shelter. Her blonde hair was up in a ponytail, out of her way when she needed to whip around and change course. Which was often, Glimmer didn't like routines or set directions. Cato had ordered her to patrol and that was what she did.

And she hated it, oh so very much.

It wasn't that she was scared or anything, because she wasn't and will cut you if you think otherwise. Glimmer was simply apprehensive. After all, Katniss Everdeen was still alive and prowling around the woods, with that little girl from the agriculture district. They needed to be disposed of, and fast. It was a great thing they had lover-boy on their side.

Mmm, Peeta Mellark was such a cute boy. He was pretty in all the right places: pretty hair and pretty eyes. Those beautiful bayou blue eyes…Glimmer's lips upturned to a smile at the thought of those eyes. It was such a shame he was from the coal mining district, and was completely in love with stupid Katniss Everdeen. If he had only been a District One or Two tribute…then, he would've been Glimmer's to play with.

"Glimmer!" Marvel's brutish shout caused Glimmer to snap out of her self-induced trance as she turned on her heel, placing her hands on her hips, all while arching an eyebrow.


Marvel's lips twitched in distaste, as he threw the girl a bow and arrow set. Glimmer was noticeably displeased. Marvel should know by now that Glimmer was unexplainably horrendous at archery. She could kill you twenty-five different ways with a dagger, but hand her a set of arrows...

Well, there was a better chance of her killing herself than her actual foe. Glimmer caught the weapon, and slung the bag that held the arrows over her shoulder. She threw the boy a pout, who simply shook his head and pointed towards a set of trees.

"We're making camp here, and that's it. You have no right to complain."

She knew he was teasing her, but the comment still stung. They knew each other before the Reaping. Marvel was the kind of boy Glimmer would usually be seen with, but Marvel had this boyish quality about him that caused the blonde haired girl to actually befriend him. They hung out, partied hard, and accidentally swapped life stories during a drunken night.

He was a valuable ally, and a close friend. That was all, though. He was a close friend that would serve as a valuable survival tool later on in the Game.

She would use him, up until the end. At least, that was the plan. If it worked, she would be able to survive long enough to absolutely destroy Katniss Everdeen.

Everything would be perfect after that.

(tick tock, jack ran up the poisoned beanstalk!)

Maybe not. Tracker jacker venom was an awful way to go.

It was painful. At least, that's what she's heard. She wasn't one to know through experience, because she was getting out alive.

She should've said that a bit later.

(love is watching someone die-)

It was lonely. It was terrifying.

The blonde haired girl wondered briefly - maybe if her name hadn't been Glimmer, she wouldn't be dying now.

If her name had been Gloss, Velvet, Silver. Maybe then, she would be back home. She would've made sure Marvel's name hadn't been called. They would've stayed together, forever.

Forever was a big word.

(fate is for those too weak to chose their own destinies.)

She screamed.