Yao Wang woke up to the sun streaming through a crack in the curtain and into his honey colored eyes. Yao mumbled something incoherent about the sun turning off, but forced himself up into what could be considered a sitting position. Yao rubbed his eyes in hopes of waking up a bit easier. Yao sighed as he brought his hands down from his face and sat in silence. He brushed a strand of his dark hair out of his face. The Asian turned to glance at what he supposed was the love of his life. An enormous Russia with silvery hair lay sleeping peacefully. Yao couldn't help, but think that he was so cute when he was asleep. Ivan didn't look so psychotic or crazy when he was asleep, but he did look like a little kid. If Ivan weren't so cute Yao probably wouldn't have fallen for him as easily. Whenever those amethyst eyes got teary and desperate, Yao could deny the man nothing. Yao leaned over and kissed Ivan's forehead like the grown man was a little kid. Yao suddenly gasped as he felt strong arms pull him back down onto the bad and squeeze him tightly into a chest.

"Yao-Yao cares so much da!" Ivan said happily with his eyes still closed. Yao struggled in the Russian's strong grip,

"Ivan, aru- have you been awake this whole time?" Yao asked thrashing in the bigger man's arms.

"Nyet, I need a kiss from Yao to wake up. " Ivan said childishly. Yao stopped struggling and sighed in defeat.

"You're such a hopeless romantic." Yao mumbled

"But I'm your hopeless romantic." Ivan said, "But I am not so hopeless, I have you in my embrace, do I not?" Yao rolled his eyes at this and gently, but firmly pushed himself out of Ivan's hug. Yao sat up again. "Don't leave Yao-Yao!" Ivan begged like a child missing his mother,

"I need to get dressed aru and you need to eat breakfast. You can't live off of vodka all your life." China said putting his feet onto the ground beside the bed.

"Yes I can, I'm Russian vodka is my fuel." Ivan said sitting up as well, "Plus if I remember correctly I did eat last night, I ate you da?" Yao's face was instantly colored bright red,

"Don't be so perverted aru!" Yao said jerking his head to look at Ivan's baby face and childlike smile.

"But you like it!" Ivan said with a giggle

"I most certainly do not!" Yao said crossing his arms in denial, "If you weren't so cute, I wouldn't stay here and listen to this everyday aru."

"Aw, Yao-Yao thinks, I'm cute!" Ivan said latching onto Yao from behind.

"Shut up aru." Yao said still blushing a bit

"Don't worry I think Yao is very cute too." Ivan said happily

"I'm leaving now." Yao said annoyed as he got up from the bed and Ivan's embrace.

"But it's so early, how can you wake up at such an hour?" Ivan complained

"The early bird gets the worm aru." Yao said rummaging through draws to find clothes for the day. Ivan pondered this statement,

"Since when is Yao-Yao a bird?" Ivan asked confused by the phrase

"Never mind" Yao said shaking his head. Ivan was hopeless when it came to phrases like that

"That did not answer my question, Yao! How can you be up so early, especially after what we did last night?" Ivan asked innocently

"Ivan, aru!" Yao said blushing once again, "Don't speak about such things so openly!"

"Why? Yao is so cute when he blushes like that, da!" Ivan said teasing the Asian further. Yao turned back to the drawer still looking for clothes refusing to look back at the Russian. Yao found his favorite red shirt with blue jeans. He got the shirt at the beginning of high school, but it was still in good shape and rather comfy. Yao put his clothes on and turned back to Ivan,

"I'm going down to make a good breakfast, come down when you're dressed." Yao ordered Ivan

"Why should I dress? There is nothing here you haven't seen." Ivan questioned

"Do not come down these stairs until you are fully dressed or you will be sorry aru." Yao said warningly. Yao went swiftly down the stairs as Ivan laughed at Yao's attempt at a threat.

Yao cooked some buns, rice porridge, and eggs to make a nice filling breakfast for both him and Ivan. The taller of the two hardly ate anything filling enough for his stature. The guy was so enormous that he needed a good meal, so Yao always insisted on make him something delicious and filling. Yao was pretty sure that vodka every day and all day was unhealthy even for the Russians. Yao took pride in his culinary skills. His food, in his opinion, was quite satisfying and tasty. Yao sat the dishes out on the table as Ivan came down the stairs, thankfully fully clothed. He still wore a long coat and his old scarf despite the fact it was summer.

"You're right on time aru. I've just set breakfast out on the table." Yao said happily that his timing was impeccable. Ivan gazed at the table quietly from the doorway scanning its contents. Yao sighed, "No, I do not have vodka." Ivan sighed and sat down anyways,

"You should get some vodka it would make this place much more welcoming." Ivan said looking at the steaming food,

"You should appreciate the effort I put forth into making this aru! I made this just for you so you could be healthy!" Yao lectured the younger man. Ivan looked up at Yao with that same damned smile,

"I'm sorry Yao-Yao. I do appreciate you cooking. No one is better at cooking than you, not even the French lecher, da!" Ivan said trying to apologize

"You're just saying that to make me happy." Yao said crossing his arms with a ladle threatening to hit Ivan right in the face.

"Nyet, I mean it da!" Ivan said adding his pleading eyes to complete the effect. Yao sighed and sat down,

"Thanks, and you are forgiven." Yao said grabbing his bowl of rice porridge. Ivan and Yao ate their breakfast happily conversing and enjoying their leisurely morning.

Once they were finished Ivan took the empty dishes and put them near the sink to give to Yao. Yao washed the dishes until he could see his reflection in each one or at least until he felt they were thoroughly cleaned. The smaller man set them away in their distinct cabinets and joined Ivan on his couch. This was a daily thing for them. They had been together for nearly a year and they lived in a house with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. It was a nice sized house and they were proud to call it home. Ever since Yao's sibling left him to start their own lives, Yao has lived with Ivan. Yes, Yao used to live in a small house bustling with his four siblings so it took a while for him to get used to being alone.

"I think I will go now, I saw you were getting low on ingredients while you were cleaning. I will go buy more." Ivan said getting up from the couch

"You don't have to do that Ivan I'll get them later." Yao said trying to be polite

"I insist, I will be back before too long and then we can eat lunch, da!" Ivan said looking forward to seeing Yao again for lunch, even though they saw each other every day.

"Well, if you're really sure aru." Yao pulled out some money, "Here use this." Ivan took the money kindly and went to the door as Yao followed, "I think I'll go for a walk, it's nice out and I don't want to stay here alone all day." Yao said, "I may or may not be home before you aru."

"Alright, I'll see you later. Stay safe okay Yao." Ivan said lovingly. He kissed Yao on the nose and left humming what sounded like a Russian song. Yao smiled a bit as he watched Ivan walk away. He could both love and hate that man at the same time.

Yao took a step outside and closed the door behind him. Yao walked into the trees surrounding his house thinking it might be nice to deviate from his regular path. The sun flooded through the tree tops. The sounds of nature were everywhere. Yao sighed in contentment. He enjoyed nice weather and a good day of fresh air. The birds seemed to sing just for him and the breeze dancing along. The song of nature was suddenly interrupted when Yao heard a small cry in the distance. He cocked an eyebrow in confusion, but shook it off thinking maybe it was just his mind playing trick. At least he wasn't as crazy as his old friend, Arthur Kirkland. Then another cry caught his attention once again. Maybe he was just as crazy as the Brit. What would a baby be doing in a forest like this? There was no civilization as far as he knew so who could be out there? Yao waiting patiently for another sound and heard the same cry again. The Asian man followed the sounds until he was led to bed of leaves and a small baby. Yao looked around quickly not knowing what to do. The child looked no more than maybe six months old. It was wrapped in a dirty white blanket. The baby cried and wailed for someone's attention and Yao cautiously knelt next to the child. He looked about,

"Hello? Is anyone out there? Your baby is crying! If this is a joke it's not funny aru!" Yao looked around, "Please help! Anybody help!" Yao begged the quiet forest. The baby's cries grew louder as it realized someone was there. Yao desperately looked about, but knew nobody was there. Yao starred into the baby's tearful brown eyes and his heart ached for the small child. The baby was so cute. He awkwardly took the baby and cradled it in his arms. The baby's sobs quieted, but it still had big tears in the corners of its eyes. "I-it's okay, little one, I won't hurt you." Yao tried to comfort the child. The baby looked at Yao, not knowing who he was. The baby turned its head and its tears immediately disappeared as it took a tight hold on Yao's ponytail. "Ow, that wasn't very nice aru." Yao said quietly. The baby seemed to be happy and giggling softly now. "Oh, so that's all, you wanted to play?" Yao carefully took his hair from the baby, but to keep the baby silent he held it high in the air and smiled the best smile he could muster. The baby seemed to like this and giggled. "You like that aru?" Yao took the baby down and held it in front of his face. "Where did you come from?" Yao asked knowing that the baby wouldn't answer. The baby started to pat Yao's face softly with what appeared to be a smile. "Well…I can't just leave you out here…and you are very cute." Yao hesitated. The baby looked into Yao's honey eyes with its warm brown ones and Yao could no longer resist. "Okay, I'll take you home just for now aru." Yao pressed the baby gently on his shoulder and walked back to his house.

Yao made it back to his house in little time and walked in to see Ivan setting bags of food on the counter. The Russian turned back to Yao,

"Oh, Yao you're home just in time! Isn't that nice?" Ivan asked. His eyes drifted to the bundle in Yao's arms, "What is it you've got there?" Ivan neared Yao,

"Uh…nothing aru…" Yao said nervously. The bundle made a sound that was not that much different than that of a baby. Ivan stared at his boyfriend, confused.

"Did that 'nothing' just coo like a baby?" Ivan asked raising an eyebrow.

"Uh…" Yao had no words to say. Ivan carefully made Yao move his arms down to reveal the face of a baby. "Yao…why is it that you have a baby? Do you have something to tell me?"

"Look, I can explain." Yao said quickly

"I should hope so." Ivan said still confused. Yao was just happy he wasn't angry or freaking out. Ivan was surprisingly calm.

"I was on a walk just like I said and then I found this baby aru. No one answered my cries for help and I couldn't just leave a baby out alone like that so I brought it here." Yao explained, "Are you mad?"

"I suppose one would say I am more 'surprised' or 'flabbergasted' da." Ivan said putting a nervous hand on the back of his head, "What are we supposed to do now? We cannot take care of a baby." Yao looked slightly disappointed

"Well…I was just thinking…we could just keep the baby for tonight and tomorrow we would check to see if anyone's reported a missing child." Yao suggested. Truth was that Yao missed having children to take care of.

"Yao…" Ivan said uncertainly. Ivan looked into Yao's eyes and sighed with a small smile, "I would never deny my little sunflower anything." Yao smiled and hugged the baby close.

"Thank you Ivan." Yao said happily. Suddenly Yao sniffed the air, "I think someone needs a change." Yao said with a nervous laugh. Yao glanced at Ivan,

"I do not know how to change a diaper! I've only ever done Natalia's and that was years ago!" Ivan quickly

"Don't worry, I know how to, I have four siblings. I should have some diapers in the bathroom closet." Yao said.

"Why do you have diapers?" Ivan asked

"I have them from when Yong Soo was little." Yao said. Ivan gave him a look, "I never knew if maybe I needed them again one day aru!" Ivan smiled at Yao's red face and went try to find a diaper. Ivan came back successful and gave the diaper to Yao. Yao started to change the baby and finally figured out its gender. "Aiya, it's a girl!" Yao said a little embarrassed. Yao quickly changed the baby girl's diaper and the baby seemed happy with this. Yao had finished the job in record time without studying the baby's features closely.

"So what now?" Ivan asked.

"Do you want to hold her aru?" Yao asked with a smile.

"I don't know if she would like that." Ivan said uncertainly, "Yao looks so motherly with her in your arms anyways."

"I look fatherly, I'm a guy too!" Yao said blushing again.

"But you look more girly than me da?" Ivan asked. Yao remained silent. He couldn't argue with that, but he wouldn't admit to it.

"She won't break if you hold her Ivan. I also need to find something she can eat aru." Yao said, "I thought you liked cute things, isn't she cute?"

"Da she is very cute, just like Yao-Yao." Ivan said with a childish smile.

"Just take her aru." Yao said gently giving Ivan the infant. The baby girl was cradled in Ivan's strong arms, but she looked like she wanted to cry after being taken away from Yao's gentle embrace.

"Don't cry I won't hurt you." Ivan said quietly Ivan had never been gentle, but he knew that a baby was very fragile and he had to be careful, not to mention Yao would yell at him for being rough. The baby looked up at Ivan's pretty eyes and her tears did not fall. She took hold of Ivan's scarf and started to play with it contently, "She likes me da!"

"I told you she wouldn't cry." Yao said with a smile as he saw the happiness in Ivan's eyes because for the first time in a long time he was not seen as a monster.

Yao had met Ivan when they were in high school and treated him like any other person despite the odd way he dressed and acted. Yao and Ivan ended up going to the same college, but were not officially together until last year, the year they graduated. Yes, Ivan chased after Yao to 'become one' for all that time and eventually Yao gave in after Ivan opened up to him and shared his feelings. It was really a lovey-dovey romance, but it was their story. Yao now worked as a cook for a small restaurant and Ivan works as a vice-president to a well known bank, it was pretty amazing considering he was still quite young at the age of twenty-three. It was just an added bonus that the job earned him a pretty penny.

Yao may hate the things Ivan does to annoy him, but he loves him no matter what. Seeing Ivan look at the baby girl so lovingly, made Yao's heart overflow with happiness. He thought that maybe just for this moment he could pretend he had a real family again.