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Nick's POV

"Nicholas Winchester, you better get up now or you'll miss your bus!"

The sound of my mom's voice wakes me up from the wonderful dream I was having about Caitlin Snyder, the hottest girl in my class. Unfortunately, it wasn't anything worth bragging to my best friends about.

"Five minutes!" I yell down, but she probably didn't hear me. It was one of many things that annoyed me about my mom. The only time she seemed to hear me was when I was talking back to her, which was often. Most of the time I'd ask her a question and would have to ask it two more times before she finally heard me.


See what I mean?

"Jesus christe, lady, I'm coming!" I mutter. I throw back the covers and jump out of my high bed. I quickly look around my small room to make sure my older sister didn't come in and steal something from me.

I guess now would be a good time to tell you about my family before I continue.

I'm the youngest in my family at 13. I have short brown hair and bangs that fall almost down to my eyes. I'm one of those people who can eat all the junk food they want and not gain an ounce, which is good, because I never eat anything healthy. Maybe fruit or something here or there, but that's about it. Last week, when my parents were working late, I ordered pizza. Then the next day they were working late again, and I ordered Chinese food. The next night I ordered something from a sub shop just down the street.

I'm not like my parents at all. My taste in music is what my father calls "horrible". I listen to mostly rap/hip hop and pop. I also like to listen to angst, like evanescence. I watch any kind of movie, really. TV, however, mainly consist of girl shows.

You see, my sister had a huge fight with her best friend and I felt so bad for her I told her I would watch whatever she wanted with her. She picked The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, two shows I'd never thought I'd watch nor want to watch. But after watching the two shows, I was hooked. I secretly borrowed my sisters DVDs and watched every episode of the shows each night when she went to bed.

I guess now that leads to my sister.

Laura was the bitchiest, most annoying sister any one could ever have. She was a daddy's girl and "angel" in front of my parents and uncle's family. But when we were alone or with my cousins, she's a total bitch. She thinks she's so cool just because she is 17 and about to graduate college. She has long chestnut colored hair, slender, toned skin from tanning, and big brown eyes. She's always in a bad mood when I try to talk to her, and every time she enters a room the Jaws them begins to play in my head.

Don't me wrong, I love my sister more than anything.

But seriously, I can't wait till she leaves for college.

Finally, we have my older brother Brian, who is 21. He's a senior in college and probably handsomer then any guy in our family. He has big brown eyes, short black hair, muscles, and a wicked smile. He's the trouble maker in our family. He was always coming home drunk, driving without a license, snuck out of the house, and was always picking fights with my parents. Last year, however, Brian and his girlfriend Annie got into a car accident, and Annie died. It luckily wasn't Brian's fault, but he still felt horrible. He started listening to this dark music. You know, the ones that make you cry. He listened to My Immortal by evanescence every day, and even made me listen to it a few times. That's basically how I started listening to angst.

Okay, I'm getting way off track here. Let's just continue from where we left off.

I shut off my TV that I accidentally left on all night and ran downstairs to the smell of pancakes and sausages. My family was sitting down at the breakfast table, including my Uncle Sam and his family.

"Oh, Nick, you're not even dressed yet" My mom sighed.

"I always get dress after I eat"

"Well, you better hurry up and get ready, then. Your Uncle is taking you to school" my dad said.

"Wasn't I just getting yelled at because you were afraid I was going to miss the bus?" I asked my mom.

She gave me a wry smile. "That was before your uncle came"

I sat down at my seat and dug into my breakfast. I was shoving the food in my mouth when my sister made a disgusted noise.

"Could you stop sucking up the food like a vacuum before I lose appetite?" Laura hissed.

I took a deep breath. "One more week" I muttered to myself.

Dad smiled. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you were glad your sister was leaving for college"

"Oh, I'm ecstatic" I said, my face very serious. My Uncle Sam and Aunt Jo laughed. My two cousins, Mary and Serena smiled. Mary was six months older than me, and Serena was only a year. They both looked just like my aunt.

"Well, then you're not going to like what I have to say" Laura said with a smirk full of pure evil.

"You better be going to college!" I snap. But when I look at mom and dad's face, I add "I mean, you have so much potential. Why…I'm sorry, I can't say this with a straight face" I say, bursting into laughter.

"I'm not going to college" Laura snickered.


"Because I'm going to help Dad and Uncle Sam hunt"

"You-excuse me?" I gasp, nearly choking on my good.

This was another reason why I was different from my parents. I didn't honestly want to hunt. I can barely watch horror movies without fast forwarding through most of it, never mind hunt some freaky demon. My sister and brother, however, had been begging my father to let them go since I could remember. Dad never let them in till now. I wish I could call Brian and tell him about this. I'd love to hear what he has to say.

"I'm old enough now and responsible"

I gap at her. "But…but…"

I honestly didn't care if she went on a hunt, but now this means I'll never be an only child. My mom saw the look on my face.

"Enough, Nick"


"I don't like this anymore then you do, but your sister has wanted this more than anything else. Let's try to be supportive of her"

"Fine" I snap after a moment. "What are you hunting?"

"Vampires" Dad says.

Laura takes everyone's plate except mine, and walks into the kitchen to rinse them.

"Go get dressed quickly" Mom says.

I get up from the table and drag myself to the stairs, when I hear the scream coming from Laura that goes right through me and freezes me in my place.

"Laura!" Mom cries, jumping up from the table. Everyone except me and my cousins run into the kitchen. All I can do is stand there.

Serena, whose face in pale, is the first to react. She slowly disappears into the kitchen. Mary looks at me with tears in her eyes and fear on her face and I know we are thinking the same thing.

Please don't let Laura be dead

I suddenly hear my mom crying hysterically and my dad's choked words.

"He's got her. The yellow eyed demon has got her"

The yellow eyed demon?

I compose myself and walk into the kitchen, Mary right behind me. Glass is all over the floor and there's some blood. How did we not hear the glass shattering? Or was Laura's scream so loud it drowned it out? And was that Laura's blood or did the demon cut himself breaking through the window?

Somehow, I doubted that's what happened.

"M-mom?" Mary whispers.

Aunt Jo hugs her daughter and strokes her face. Then she takes me in her arms, but instead of burying my face into her shirt and break down like Mary does, I stare at my parents and Uncle. My mom is crying and my dad is holding her, true fear on his face. Uncle Sam also looks scared, but seems to be calmer then everyone else.

I suddenly find my voice. "Where the hell is Laura?" I know the answer thought. The yellow eyed demon, whoever that is, took her?

"Something that we thought we killed a long time ago is back, Nick, and he has your sister"

"Well, what are we standing around here for? We have to find her!" I shout. All dislike for my sister vanishes and all I can think of now is finding her and killing the bastard that took her.

"It's not that simple, Nick" Uncle Sam says softly. "This thing is obviously very strong if it came back to life, and there is no way another demon brought it back"

"All the same" Dad said his voice low and cold. "That son of a bitch took my daughter and I'm going after it. Now"

"Now? Dean, I understand she's your daughter and you're scared. She's my niece and I'm terrified. But we don't have a plan or any leads on where we can find him"

"We'll call Bobby on the way their!" Dad said angrily. "But, god damn it, Sam, the fucking demon has got Laura! I'm going after this son of a bitch now. You're either with me or you stay here and wait"

Uncle Sam thought for a moment. "I'm going with you, of course" He sighed.

"Then let's go"

Dad kissed mom on the head quickly. "I'll call, okay? I love you"

"I'll be by the phone at all times. Please, just bring our baby back"

Uncle Sam walked over to Aunt Jo and they talked for a moment in low voices. Serena was leaning up against the kitchen counter, her face stricken with grief, and Mary was still crying into her mom's shirt, but more softly now.

"Hey" Uncle Sam said, taking Mary by the arm and pulling her to him. She kept her face low in embarrassment.

"We'll find her, okay?" Uncle Sam promised.

"Yes, Daddy"

"Sam, let's go" Dad said harshly, grabbing his jacket. Uncle Sam quickly kissed his family and my mom on the cheek before ruffling my hair and walking after Dad.

That's when I made m decision.

"Dad, I want to go with you" I said.

"No!" My mom gasped.

"No, Nick. You have to stay here" Dad sighed.


"Damn it, Nick, we don't have time for this!" He bellowed.

I took a step back. "Okay, whatever, go!" I snap.

Dad looked at me for a moment, and I felt guilty for upsetting him. He had more important things on his mind. Besides, he probably didn't want to lose another kid. Just in case...

Just in case Laura died.

But they would save her before that happened, right? They would bring her back home and everything would go back to normal?

Because I wasn't so sure, I thought of a plan.

I would wait in till dad called later to tell mom where he was. Then, when everyone went to bed (and I would have to force mom to go to bed tonight and convince my cousins and Aunt that they should go home) I would sneak out and find my father and Uncle. They would be beyond mad, but I had to save my sister.

Because if didn't have Laura, who would I have?

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