Hichigo sprinted down the lamp lit streets, looking back every moment or so to check on his pursuer. He ducked into an ally and hid behind a dumpster as pounding footsteps passed by. "That was too close…" the albino breathed. He sat up and examined the damage. Wrist sprained, finger broken on his left hand, and a deep gash on his cheek. Not too bad considering the situation. Hichigo reached up with his uninjured arm and ripped his sleeve off. The hollow bound his wrist, hissing in pain, and used his teeth to tie it securely. Hichigo stood up and ventured out from the ally. Nobody was in sight. The hollow looked left, and then ran up the street until he reached a dark house. Climbing the tree he swung up onto the window sill and tapped it. "Yo! Open up!"

A groggy orange haired teen looked out, "Hichi! It's fucking four in the morning! Do you know how worried I was!" Ichigo slid the window open, allowing the white haired look alike to jump through. "Hey, are you alright?"

Hichigo laughed, "I fell down some stairs, stupid me!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes, "That's the second time this week! You always come back in the early morning looking like you were put through a shredding machine!"

"Close enough…" Hichigo muttered.

"Huh?" Ichigo asked, frowning.

"Nothing, get some sleep. I'm going to wash up and take a quick nap." The hollow watched the teen flop down on his bed and pass out. He then walked to the bathroom and examined the wound on his cheek. Taking two fingers, he placed them on either side of the cut and pulled it apart lightly. Hissing, Hichigo looked in the mirror and cursed, "Damn! Went all the way to the bone…" He moved his hand away and started mopping up the blood. He then set his finger and bound that with some stiff fabric. "Should work…"

The hollow walked back into the room and lay down next to the orange haired teen. "The things I do for you…" he murmured, falling asleep.

Ichigo woke up around noon the next day and rolled over, staring at his sleeping lover. "What am I going to do with you?" He sighed, hugging him. The teen got out of bed and sat on his desk chair, thinking. Hichigo had been coming back all beat up for the past month now, every night. And every time he had asked what happened, the hollow laughed and said he had tripped, or fallen out of a tree, or fell down the stairs. The wounds were getting worse. The last time he had come back with three broken ribs and passed out on the floor. The teen growled. "Why won't he tell me?" Ichigo wasn't buying the excuses, he knew Hichigo was sneaking out to do something, the question was, what?

The sneak in question rolled over and opened a golden eye "Morning, berry."

"Don't call me berry!" Ichigo flustered.

Hichigo chuckled and shifted out of bed, hissing as he tried to move his broken wrist.

Ichigo frowned and stood up, "I have stuff for that, stay put." He ran to the bathroom and pulled down a purple box with an 'Urahara Store!' label on it. He grabbed one of the pills, a glass of water, and ran back to the albino. "Here."

Hichigo made a face and took the pill. He popped it in his mouth and downed the water. Hichigo waited for a second then growled as his bones reattached themselves and knitted back together. The hollow flexed his wrist and finger, glad to find them back in perfect condition, if a little sore. "Thanks, Ichi."

The orange haired teen shrugged and sat next to him, "I really wish you'd tell me why you come back here looking like hell."

Hichigo plastered a fake smile on his face, "I'm just clumsy, nothing else."

Ichigo huffed and closed his eyes, "Hichi—"

The hollow stood up and yawned, "I'm starving, let's have breakfast! Oops, I mean lunch!" He bounded out of the room and downstairs before Ichigo could say anything.

Ichigo sighed and walked down stairs, "Well, anyway, I figured we could go out tonight. See a movie, or something."

"Tonight? How late?" Hichigo asked, not looking at the soul reaper.

"I don't know, does it matter?" Ichigo said, watching the back of Hichigo's head.

"Of course not." Hichigo replied quickly, "But we should head home around 8:00, just in case."

"In case of what?" Ichigo challenged.

"In case I pass out from lack of sleep!" Hichigo improvised, grinning.

Ichigo huffed and held up two tickets, "I have tickets to that movie we have wanted to see, it's at 9:30. Can we go?"

Hichigo tensed, "Should be ok…alright."

Ichigo walked out, annoyed, but victorious.

Hichigo paused by the fruit bowl and grabbed an apple, as he chomped into it we wondered if this was a good idea…"What could happen? I'm there. It'll be fine."

(Later the same day)

"WHAT! IT'S AT 10:00!" Hichigo howled.

"Chill!" Ichigo replied dragging the hollow out of the house.

"I still can't believe you went and changed the clocks." Hichigo snapped, looking over his shoulder at the dark street. "We shouldn't be out this late…"

Ichigo snorted, "Don't be such a wuss!"

Hichigo was about to say something very inappropriate when the sound of heavy footsteps reached his ears. "Wait…"

Ichigo stopped and looked at his opposite. Hichigo was staring into the gloom looking tense and worried.

"Hichi…what's going on?" Ichigo asked, stepping closer to the albino.

Hichigo was about to answer when a cold voice snickered. "I told you to stay away, didn't I hollow?"

A man stepped out into the pale light given off by a dying street lamp. He was wearing a black leather jacket, complete with a long silver chain running from his shoulder to his wrist. The stranger had light blue hair and matching eyes. He also had a large bone jaw, with long jagged teeth, attached to the left side of his face.

Hichigo immediately stepped in front of Ichigo, "Grimmjow, he has nothing to do with this. Let him go."

The blue haired man half lidded his eyes and examined the orange haired teen behind the albino, "Hmm, but I bet he's sooooo delicious."

Hichigo blanched and backed up some, shoving Ichigo farther behind him, "Grimmjow, please. You only have business with me. That was the deal. You have me and leave this guy alone."

Grimmjow felt a sneer play over his face, "Oh? So this is the guy you sold yourself for?"

Ichigo frowned, "Hichigo…what's he talking about?"

Grimmjow threw his head back laughed wildly, his teeth flashing, "You didn't even tell HIM! Ohhhhhhh this is great!" The blue haired man leered at the teen, "Your boyfriend here sold his body to me so I wouldn't harm ya whenever I came across ya in some dark ally." Grimmjow snickered, "Didn't you figure out why he came back all beat up?"

Ichigo frowned, "Hichigo…is that true? He's been hurting you?"

Hichigo nodded silently, not taking his golden eyes off the flashing blue ones.

Grimmjow sneered again, "I haven't been just beating him." The blue haired man felt his mouth curl into a cruel smirk.

Ichigo didn't catch on.

Hichigo growled, "He doesn't have to know, ok? It's between us. That's it."

Grimmjow raised a blue eyebrow, "Oh? But he's part of the deal, isn't he?" The man turned to the orange haired teen. "He's my sex toy too—I'm surprise you didn't figure it out."

Ichigo's eyes shot open in horror, "WHAT!"

Hichigo flinched at the pitch of his lover's voice. "Ichigo, shut up, we'll talk about it later." The hollow backed up, forcing the soul reaper to move away.

Grimmjow took a step closer, "Leaving so soon? But you just got here!" Grimmjow prowled a step closer, sneering.

Hichigo shoved Ichigo back more, "Grimmjow…"

The blue haired man suddenly lunged forward, past Hichigo, and grabbed the teen around his waist. He flung him over his shoulder and sprinted away, laughing like a maniac. "NOW HE'LL SEE WHAT YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH EVERY NIGHT!"

"NO!" Hichigo ran after him, "STOP!" He sprinted after the disappearing blue haired form.

(Grimmjow and Ichigo)

"Put me down!" Ichigo yelled as they raced through the streets.

"My, my, you're so loud!" Grimmjow chucked, grabbing Ichigo's butt.


"Your boyfriend was the exact same way; but people break incredibly easily." Grimmjow chuckled, squeezing the teen's butt again.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" Ichigo struggled even more.

"Quiet, my prey." Grimmjow purred, grabbing a much more sensitive area.

"AYYYYYIIII! DON'T TOUCH ME THERE!" Ichigo howled, thrashing around.

"Oh when I'm done with you you're going to wish you had never been born." Grimmjow laughed. "I hope you put up as much of a fight as your hollow did, I like 'em feisty."

Ichigo gave up on fighting as they ran deeper into the night, it only got him fondled.

As Grimmjow ran he listened behind him for the pursuit of his previous play toy. He was still following. How rude! Grimmjow made a sharp turn left then an immediate right, trying to shake him off. Grimmjow sprinted down the street and turned into an ally. He stopped at a door hidden behind some ivy; he shifted his prey and kicked the door down. He walked in and turned on the lights, illuminating a single room with one bed, complete with shackles. Grimmjow walked over and dumped Ichigo on the bed. Before the teen could move Grimmjow chained his ankles and wrists to the bed posts.

Ichigo then knew how Hichigo had broken his wrist. "Let me go, you bastard!"

Grimmjow leaned over and licked his cheek lightly. "Nope."

Ichigo jerked his head away.

Grimmjow suddenly lashed out and slashed his cheek, similar to Hichigo's old wound. "Every time you resist me I'll make you suffer. If you play along then I'll reward you. Simple rules."

Ichigo felt the blood stream down his face and he suppressed a shiver, not good.