Grimmjow returned to the house and opened the door, "Ulquiorra?"

"Mmph…" Came a muffled grunt.

Grimmjow laughed and slipped inside, closing the door. He glanced around the room until his eyes rested on an Ulquiorra shaped lump on the bed. "Hey…watchya doing?" Grimmjow murmured, sitting next to him and petting the raven locks.

Ulquiorra scooted closer to the blue haired man and smiled sleepily, "Sleeping…"

Grimmjow snickered and stood up. He shed his shirt and yanked off his pants.

"Grimmjow…?" Ulquiorra muttered, frowning.

The blue haired man climbed into bed in his boxers and cuddled next to the pale man. "Scoot over…"

"'Kay." Ulquiorra almost shoved him off the bed.

"Ack! No, the other way!" Grimmjow protested, hanging on to the bed.

Ulquiorra just shifted a little and began going back to sleep.

"What!" Grimmjow exclaimed. He glared at the back of his head for a second until an evil idea formed. Grimmjow rolled over Ulquiorra and smiled at his sleeping face. "Now you get punished."

"Mph." Was his reply.

Grimmjow chuckled and reached down under the sheets, his hand slid up the pale thigh and onto the growing bulge in his partner's boxers. He grinned and grabbed Ulquiorra's cock through the fabric and began stroking it fast and hard.

Green eyes shot open at once, "Nya! Hey! S-stop…uh…" Ulquiorra moaned, his owl eyes lusting over from pleasure. "G-Grimmjow…please…"

"Please what?" Grimmjow purred, nipping the pale neck.

"…more…" Ulquiorra breathed, bucking upwards into the pleasuring hand. "More…"

Grimmjow complied and sped up his hand job through his victim's boxers.

Ulquiorra moaned again and vainly attempted to push him off, "Nuh…G-Grimmjow…oh!" He bucked again and thrust his hips into his hand.

Grimmjow's face split into a grin as he nipped the pale neck. "No sleeping for you."

Ulquiorra's reply was a cut off moan, his breath hitching into pants.

The blue haired man stopped suddenly and dragged the pale white man from under the covers. He propped Ulquiorra up on the bed frame and slid off both their boxers.

Ulquiorra's face was flushed and his heart was thumping so loudly he could have sworn Grimmjow could hear it. His green owl eyes watched the as Grimmjow stripped his boxers off, reveling his pulsing member. "Doesn't take much to get you exited." Ulquiorra muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Grimmjow purred sliding on top of Ulquiorra and grinding harshly into him.

Ulquiorra's eyes shut and he bucked, "NGH! N-nothing…ah!" He spread his legs and moaned at the hot friction.

Grimmjow cocked a slim blue eyebrow, "Nothing?" He leaned down and licked Ulquiorra's erect member from tip to base.

Ulquiorra gasped at the sudden assault and jerked upwards, "S-stop teasing…"

Grimmjow wrapped his mouth around his dick and purred, "No."

The vibrations sent Ulquiorra's eyes rolling as his vision flooded with white pleasure, "Oh fuck! G-Grimm….more….moooorrrreeee…ugh…"

Grimmjow deep throated him again and then dragged the blissed out man onto his back, pushing his legs in the air. "Ready?"

"F-fuck, hurry!" Ulquiorra panted, gripping the bed sheets.

Grimmjow groaned and slammed into the warm cavern, moaning at the wet hotness that engulfed him fully. "Oh man…" He panted.

Ulquiorra hissed and bucked upwards, "Fuck me dammit!"

Grimmjow looked down at the flushed panting figure beneath him and grinned, "You bet." He drew out all the way and thrust back in, growling with pleasure.

"NGH!" Ulquiorra cried, convulsing up towards Grimmjow.

Grimmjow slammed into him again, keeping in rhythm of Ulquiorra's bucks. He reached down and grabbed his neglected member and started pumping it in time with their thrusts.

Ulquiorra lifted his hips to meet Grimmjow's crying out at every thrust. "G-Gonna…!"

"Release." Grimmjow commanded lustfully.

Ulquiorra howled and cummed into the tan hand, his world exploding into pleasure.

Grimmjow slammed inside once more and then released, shouting Ulquiorra's name. Grimmjow drew out and flopped next to the flushed form of his lover.

Ulquiorra snuggled closer to the blue haired form and smiled sleepily. "Now I'm going to sleep."

Grimmjow chuckled and held the hot pale body close to him, "Sleep well."

Ulquiorra mumbled something and passed out in his arms, his head resting on Grimmjow's strong tan chest.

Grimmjow smiles and stroked the raven locks thoughtfully, still puzzling over the fact he had made a peace treaty without anyone knowing but the hollow he had agreed with. Grimmjow rolled his blue eyes and snuggled deeper into bed, oh well.

(Ichigo and Hichigo)

Ichigo woke up covered in sticky stuff and wrapped in a pair of strong white arms. After much wiggling and a few curses he got free and surveyed the damage.

Holes in the sheets.


Ichigo rolled his eyes and smiled, those sheet where going to have to be burned. He sat on the edge of the bed and toyed with a strand of white hair from his sleeping lover. Ichigo's characteristic frown settled into his features as he thought about how he had caught Ulquiorra in the back of Urahara's shop. At first the orange haired teen thought the emo looking Espada was sneaking in to kill them, and Ichigo was fully prepared for an all out battle. But then…Ulquiorra said he needed medicine…and normally Ichigo would have told him to stuff it, but the look in those green eyes when he said that…Ichigo sighed and rested his hand in the white fluff. How could he tell Hichi? He would be furious. Ichigo sighed again and tried to think of a plan to make sure that they never crossed path with the Espada again.

Nothing was coming to him.

Hichigo cracked open a golden eye to see a dejected looking Ichigo sitting by his head, "Morning, Ichi." Hichigo yawned, sitting up, "What's the matter?"

Ichigo jumped slightly and plastered a fake grin on his face, "Nothing!"

Hichigo raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything; after all, he had a secret too. The albino sat up and stretched until he heard his back crack.

Ichigo swatted him with a pillow, "Don't do that, it'll cause you spine damage later on."

Hichigo grinned sadistically and cracked his neck and shoulders.

Ichigo glared, "Stop!"

Hichigo cracked his arms and knuckles.

Ichigo's look was turning evil, "Stop, Hichi!"

Hichigo's grin grew and he cracked his toes.

Ichigo jumped on him, flattening him to the bed, and pinned the pale arms over the amused looking hollow. "Knock it off!"

Hichigo grinned up at the angry teen, and then popped his jaw.

"Agh!" Ichigo slid backwards and wacked him with another pillow.

Hichigo sighed and relaxed, lulling to sleep under the warm weight.

"Yo! Hichi! Don't fall asleep AGAIN dammit!" Ichigo snapped, hitting him with the pillow.

Hichigo opened his golden eyes and grinned, "Ok, what do you want to do?"

Ichigo paused and tried to think of something, "Um, well we could…uh…"

Hichigo glanced down and felt his grin creep back on his face, "Well Ichi, the sheets are already trashed, we are both naked, and you did grind against me when you slid back…"

"Oh no!" Ichigo countered, raising the pillow up, "No more sex! I can barely walk!"

Hichigo licked his lips, "And I do love how you walk, swinging your sexy ass from side to side, cocking your delicious hips…" the hollow's eyes lusted over.

Ichigo blushed and hit him smack on the face with the pillow, "Pervert!"

Hichigo grabbed the pillow from the orange haired teen and threw it across the room, "Sexy bitch."

"Stupid hollow!"

"Arrogant Shinigami!"

"GGGRRRAAHH!" Ichigo body slammed into the offending 'stupid hollow' carrying them both off the bed.

Hichigo twisted around and wrapped his legs around Ichigo's, and then held his arms down with his hands.

Ichigo bucked upwards and snaked around the white waist, flipping him over and sitting on his chest.

Hichigo shoved him off and pounced again, flattening him to the floor, covering him like a rug.

Ichigo wiggled and squirmed around, panting, "Let…me…up!"

Hichigo rolled his eyes and planted a kiss gently on the gasping lips.

Ichigo's struggles subsided immediately and he wrapped his hands through the snow white hair, moaning into the kiss.

Hichigo stopped pressing the tan body into the floor and just laid on him gently, opening his mouth and poking his tongue out.

Ichigo felt shivers travel down his core as he twined his tongue around Hichigo's blue one, sucking lightly.

Hichigo moaned and deepened the kiss, his tongue exploring the well known moist cavern.

Ichigo wrapped his legs around the pale waist, blushing as their erections rubbed against each other.

Hichigo nipped his lover's pink tongue gently and drew back, gazing into the chocolate eyes.

Ichigo's face was flushed and his orange hair hung in sweaty disarray around his tan face. He stared up into the warm golden eyes and felt his chest flutter.

Hichigo opened his mouth to tell Ichigo something when—.


Ichigo's and Hichigo's eyes went from loving and lustful to traumatized and terror. Hichigo leapt up and whispered, "Hide the sheets!"

Ichigo ripped his bed sheets and comforter off and jammed them in the closet, hearing pounding footsteps come up the stairs, "Hichi! Hide!"

Hichigo dove into the bathroom and whisper-yelled, "Tell him you where taking a shower!" The hollow threw the teen a damp towel and closed the bathroom door quickly.

Ichigo had barely enough time to secure the towel around his waist when the door shot open with the force of a charging SWAT team. "MY DARLING SON!" The SWAT team related force cried.

Ichigo dove out of the way as his father flew past him, arms opened wide in a failed hug.


Isshin leaped to his feet and surveyed the room, "DARLING SON WHERE ARE YOUR SHEETS!"

Ichigo growled, "There dirty! NOW GET OUT!"

Isshin pouted, "Dirty?" Suddenly his goat face lit up, "YOU BROUGHT HOME A WOMAN!"

"NO!" Ichigo shouted, his face turning bright red.

"AH-HA! YOU HAVE!" Isshin looked wildly around the room, "WHERE IS THIS MYSTERIOUS BEAUTY!"

"NOBODY'S HERE!" Ichigo shouted trying to kick his father out.

Unfortunately Isshin had spotted the closed bathroom door, "SHE'S HIDDING IN THE BATHROOM! NO NEED TO FEAR—SUPER AWESOME DADDY IS HERE!" And with that Isshin kicked down the bathroom door.

(Grimmjow and Ulquiorra)

Ulquiorra woke up first and lay in his side. The Espada's raven hair fell into his eyes but he made no move to brush it away…He had to tell Grimmjow. Ulquiorra sat up and the sheets fell away, bunching up around his waist. His owl eyes traveled down his own pale body, counting seven hickeys from the man sleeping next to him.

Grimmjow mumbled something in his sleep and rolled over, cuddling up to the pale man's waist.

Ulquiorra wiggled a little as the soft blue hair ran over his skin, tickling him.

Grimmjow's eyes opened slowly and he blinked. "Ulquiorra…?"

"Yea?" Ulquiorra asked, lacing his finger through the silky blue hair.

"…I need to tell you something." Grimmjow murmured, sounding guilty.

Ulquiorra sighed and shook his head, "I actually have something I need to tell you as well." The owl eyes looked away.

Grimmjow sat up and yawned, "Ok…?"

Ulquiorra closed his eyes and addressed the blackness. "You remember how I went into the Urahara shop to steal medicine for you?"

Grimmjow nodded, "Yeah."

"And you remember who I said nobody saw me?" Ulquiorra asked.

"Yea." Grimmjow answered, confused.

"Well I lied." Ulquiorra said, his voice shaking very slightly, "Ichigo caught me."

Grimmjow snarled, "Did he hurt you!"

Ulquiorra shook his head, still gazing at the back of his eyelids, "No…we…I mean he…" The raven haired Espada sighed. "He understood why I needed the medicine; he didn't call for help or attack me. He gave me the medicine and told me what to do with it." Ulquiorra was now finishing in a rush, "And then we both agreed that…we hated seeing you hurt. Me with you and him with Hichigo, obviously. So we made a deal not to hurt or attack each other anymore. We aren't friends, more like allies." Ulquiorra finished and remained frozen, expecting an eruption of Mt. Grimmjow to take place any moment…

Instead he heard laughter.

Loud, amused, and relieved laughter.

The green owl eyes shot open and stared at Grimmjow, who was cracking up. "What is so amusing?"

Grimmjow hiccupped and grinned, "Hichigo and I made the same deal!"

Ulquiorra stared at him for a second and then joined in with the laughing, the tension rolling off his shoulders.

The two Espada laughed for a long time.

(Hichigo and Ichigo)

Hichigo was currently hiding inside the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist; his heart had nearly flown out of his chest when Isshin barged in, and now he was concentrating on not making any sound.

Ichigo raced into his bathroom and looked around wildly, Hichigo was nowhere to be seen. His eyes rested on the closed shower curtain and he felt his chest fill with dread.

Isshin had the same thought, "YOUR LADY IS HIDING IN THE SHOWER! COME OUT COME OUT DEARY!" and Isshin ripped open the shower curtain.

"NO!" Ichigo yelled.

The shower was empty.

Isshin scratched his head and looked around, "Where is she?"

Ichigo was just as confused, where was Hichi? "OUT! RIGHT NOW!"

Isshin turned around just in time to see the blurred shape of his beloved son's size 10 feet slam into his face. The force of it knocked him out of the bathroom, out of the teen's room, and down the stairs.

Ichigo ran after him and slammed his bed room door, "AND STAY OUT!" he quickly ran into the bathroom and looked into the shower, "Hichi?"

"Up here." Came a strained voice.

Ichigo looked up and his jaw dropped. Hichigo was on the ceiling. He had his hands and feet supporting him by pressing up against the wall. It looked like the albino version of Spiderman. "What the…?"

Hichigo's golden eyes widened and his arms shook. "Fuck…"

"What's wrong?"

"I can't hold myself up any longer!" Hichigo let go and tumbled toward the hard tile.

Ichigo's arms shot out automatically and caught the falling hollow. He held him bridal style, close to his chest, "Hey, are you ok, Hichi?"

Hichigo gripped Ichigo by the shoulder, "N-nice catch." He muttered meekly.

Ichigo smiled and held him close to his chest, "I'll always catch you when you fall."

Hichigo grinned and leaned up; capturing Ichigo's lips with his own pale ones. His other hand twined into the orange locks, brining the teen closer.

Ichigo walked out of the bathroom kissing Hichigo, his tongue danced and twirled with his partners.

Hichigo moaned and kissed him harder.

Ichigo's control wavered as he tossed the hollow on the mattress and jumped on top of him, kissing him wildly, "We…can't…my…uhh…dads…home!" he panted between frantic kisses.

Hichigo growled softly and kneaded the bulge hiding under Ichigo's towel. "Can we do it quietly?"

Ichigo's rely was cut off with a small whine at being touched, he bucked into the white hand. "I wish…but we're too loud…"

Hichigo growled again and squeezed the bulge while kissing the vibrant haired teen lavishly.

Ichigo moaned into the kiss, grinding against Hichigo's toweled erection. "F-fuck…we…gotta…stop…!"

Hichigo wrapped his legs around the teen's waist, revealing a little bit of his package, "Or we could suck each other off."

Ichigo moaned at the thought and his body seemed to agree. "Ok, but quietly!" The blushing teen removed Hichigo's towel and tossed it on the floor, the white dick was already fully erect and leaking pre-cum. Ichigo leaned down and took the member into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the head.

Hichigo bucked wildly and groaned, his fingers knotting into the orange hair.

"Shhh!" Ichigo mumbled, vibrating the cock.

Hichigo jerked and opened his mouth in a silent howl. He gripped the fluffy hair tighter and started panting, "Harder!" He whispered.

Ichigo sucked harder, bobbing his head and capturing the hollow's convulsing hips, pinning them down to the mattress.

Hichigo wrapped his legs around Ichigo's shoulders and moaned as he cummed, relaxing into the bed.

Ichigo drew back and swallowed Hichigo's seed.

The hollow lay there for a second, panting, and then sat up and grabbed the teen by his thighs. The hollow jerked him down onto his back and ripped the towel off, baring the teen's dick. He leaned down and licked it around the head, sliding his tongue into the slit.

Ichigo's eyes screwed shut and he bucked, moaning. "S-stop teasing!"

Hichigo swallowed him whole and started deep throating him, sucking hard and fast. The hollow twined his blue tongue around the cock, grazing his teeth against it lightly.

Ichigo cried out just as a white hand clamped over his mouth, muffling the noise. Ichigo moaned and shouted into the hand, until he came in a bust of bright light.

Hichigo drew Ichigo's now limp member out of his mouth and swallowed.

Ichigo looked up at him and grinned slightly, still out of breath and panting, "Fuck that felt good…"

Hichigo chuckled and leaned back, resting his head against the wall, "Hey Ichi…?"

Ichigo crawled over and rested his head on the hollow's lap, "Yes?"

Hichigo smiled warmly and began petting the orange fluff, "Love ya."

Ichigo's face split into a big smile and he closed his eyes, enjoying the petting, "I love you too, Hichi."

The hollow closed his own gold eyes and stared at the darkness, "I also think…we should stop fighting the Espada. We only get hurt…"

Ichigo's eyes shot open, "I-I think your right. A-actually Hichi…I…um…"

Hichigo ran his finger through the orange locks. "I actually made a deal…with Grimmjow."

Ichigo looked up at him, "Y-you did?"

Hichigo nodded, opening his eyes. "Yes. I did."

Suddenly Ichigo sat bolt upright, and his hands pinned Hichigo's shoulders to the wall. "Y-Your not selling yourself again!"

"No! I promised you I wouldn't remember!"

Ichigo relaxed and let his hand drape down so they rested on the pale chest. He put his head on Hichigo's shoulder and sighed, "I-I'm sorry…I just…overreacted."

Hichigo blinked and pulled the tan teen into a bear hug.

Ichigo nestled his head into the crook of the hollow's neck and pressed against him, hugging him back.

Hichigo smiled, "Our deal was no more fighting, were on the same side now…even though we can never be friends."

Ichigo nodded and then smiled, "I made the exact same deal with Ulquiorra."

Hichigo looked down on the orange fluff, "Really?"

Ichigo nodded and chuckled, "Same thing; no fighting. Allies but not friends."

Hichigo grinned and lay down, carrying the teen with him, "I'm glad this sorted out well."

Ichigo nodded and wiggled closer, "Me too…Hichigo I love you."

"I love you too….arrogant Shinigami."

"Stupid hollow…"

The End