"Um Shizu-chan I think my arm is feeling better, so I really don't think we need to get any x-rays." Izaya said nervously. Thankfully the doctor had said Izaya's arm was just sprained from his elbow to his wrist; before Izaya could get a cast on it he had to get an x-ray.

"Don't be such a baby flea it's just an x-ray; I've had one done on my wrist once. All they're doing is taking a picture of you arm; it doesn't hurt at all." Shizuo said as he texted his mother to tell her where he was.

"What if it does hurt?" Izaya asked looking around nervously.

"Relax, all you have to do it lie down on an operating table then they put this really big picture taking thingy over you and take a picture of the inside of you arm. It'll be over before you know it…by the way, shouldn't you text your parents to tell them you're in the hospital?" Shizuo asked curiously.

"I called them already and told them you were taking me to the hospital; unfortunately my parents had to go on a business trip for the whole week. SO I have to rely on my sisters to help me around the house…but I think there's more of a chance of hell freezing over then my sisters even considering helping me." Izaya sighed and sunk down in his chair.

"Look…I do feel a little bad for you so if you want I could come over to your house in the morning and carry your backpack to school for you…and I guess I could help you carry your books to since we're in all the same classes." Shizuo said turning his head away from the brunet.

"Thanks Shizu-chan…and your sure that x-rays don't hurt?" Izaya asked again.

"I'm positive; you might feel a little pain when they have to stretch your arm out to actually take the picture, but other than that it's pretty simple."

"But what if it's not a sprain, what if my bone is all shattered and they'll have to cut off my arm?" Izaya yelped.

"I doubt that would happen." Shizuo laughed.

"SO your saying it's not impossible? What if it's not just my arm, what if my bone hit one of my major artery veins to my legs and they have to cut off my legs to!" Izaya started panting and looking around furiously; looking like he was ready to bolt out of the waiting room.

Shizuo put his hands gently on Izaya's shoulders and nudged his lips up against Izaya's soft ones. Izaya didn't protest; he gladly opened his mouth so Shizuo could stick his tongue inside. After a few minutes of their tongue's intertwining in each other's mouths, they both pulled away for air.

"Feel better?" Shizuo asked smiling at the brunet. Izaya just nuzzled his head into Shizuo's shoulder and smiled his creepy little smile.

"Thanks Shizu-chan." Shizuo wrapped his arms gently around the brunet and hugged him.

"No problem Izaya."

Author's Note: I thought this would be a good way to end this fanfic. I hope you all enjoyed it so please comment! I'll be writing my next fanfic for my lovely couple Shizaya probably tomorrow! Love you all!