Alec's Pov

It had been a usual day, we went through our usual training, then hunt, meeting, then hunt, guard, then hunt, meetings, then hunt, you get the picture. Very simple routine, so when something different happens it does tend to get the other rattled up, and excited.

At this moment Aro, Caius, Marcus, and a few other members of the guard was all waiting to hear from Demetri, he had found a young woman, who was indeed a vampire, but walking the streets with her daughter, blood daughter, completely human, and looking a lot like sisters. Aro had already decided they would both be sentenced to death as soon as they came walking through the doors.

I waited eagerly to watch, I had seen nothing new around here for months, and the thought of breaking away from the usual filled my with inner joy.

As the doors came open I watched as a tall, slender woman came in looking graceful, with short brown hair, and bright red eyes, obviously a vampire, but a weak on. She was pretty, if you could call it that, but there was something about her appearance that was rather off-putting.

But behind her, was another girl. I froze as I took her in. She had long brown hair, weaving all the way down to the middle of her back, big innocent looking brown eyes, perfect body, and the perfect most charming features.

This girl's beauty was something you could easily see, which for me was different. I had never found another woman that had attracted me like this. My insides almost ached at the thought of never getting to meet this girl, never getting to find out her name, or ever stroking her soft looking face.

I flinched at that thought in surprise, and a few of the others noticed, but stayed silent.

"Aw, yes the swan girls, it's a pleasure to meet the both of you." Aro said as he took in both girls, he didn't seem to notice that the one girl was far more beautiful then the other like I had.

"Aro please, I beg of you, let her go please, she has had know idea what I was, I hadn't told her a thing." The first less beautiful woman said. So I guess this was the mother.

"Oh my dear Emma, don't fret, you're daughter here…" Aro said with a raised brow. I to waited eagerly, wanting desperately to know the name of the beauty.

"Isabella." Emma said, looking to the gorgeous girl behind her still, looking confused, and scared. It hurt to see the girl so afraid, I wanted nothing more then to go to her, and just hug her.

I again was shocked by my thinking, why was I feeling so strongly towards this human, and so quickly, sure she was probably the most beautiful girl in the world, but that was no reason for me to get weak knees over her. I've seen plenty of pretty ladies before, why was she so different, she was human, it didn't make any sense.

"Isabella, what a pretty name, come here young one." Aro said with a gentle smile, and I inched forward as if to get in between them, but I quickly pulled myself back in place. To the others it looked like I was protective toward Aro, but I knew differently, I had acted on instinct for the girl, as if she was… my mate… but that can't be.

I looked into the human girl's brown eyes now as she bravely walked to Aro, and I felt my insides tying up in knots, and warming as her eyes flashed to mine.

I shivered a little, feeling weak… a mere human makes me feel weak..? Ridiculous…

Aro pulled his hand out to her, and I gulped my emotions as I watched Isabella closely as she took his hand.

Aro gave her a reassuring smile, but she stayed tense, so she wasn't dumb, she can sense the danger that Aro posed.

After a second he sighed, and let her hand drop, looking at Emma with a serious, and with a look to Demetri he nodded, and Demetri attacked.

He grabbed Emma around the neck, in seconds her neck could be broken, but Demetri hesitated, looking to Aro for the ok.

"It's wrong to lie Emma, Bella here has known about you for years now, you know there are laws, you have broken them, so you must pay for the consequences, I'm so sorry." Aro said with fake disappointment.

Emma was shaking in fear as she looked back to her daughter, and just like that Demetri snapped her head off, and began to rip her all to pieces.

Bella looked like she was in agony now as she watched this happen, and I found myself walking in her direction, I couldn't help myself, I was moving without my brain even telling me to.

Bella looked at me with wide eyes looking scared, but I quickly hugged her to me, just a little to hard when I heard her whimpers.

"Sorry." I whispered, and let my arms go looser, I forgot what it was like to handle humans, they were much more fragile then I had remembered.

"Alec..?" Jane asked looking to me with confusion and shock, but I ignored her, and continued to hug Bella, until finally she was hugging me back, and crying into my chest.

I turned us slightly to Aro.

"Aro please can we let Bella stay alive…?" I asked with a serious look, and Bella sniffed.

Aro had looked taken aback.

"And why would we do that Alec, is there a problem?" He asked raising a confused brow at me.

"I can't explain it, but I could stand to see her die, not ever, I'm sorry." I said looking down, I usually never spoke against Aro, or any of the others, I was nothing but loyal, but this was different.

"Let me have a look." Aro said pulling his hand to me now.

I laid my hand on his, eager to see what he thought of my emotions towards this girl.

When he pulled away he smiled with brightness, and surprise.

"Why Alec you have appeared to have fallen in love with this human." Aro said looking shocked, and Bella looked up at me with surprise.

I became a little nervous, and embarrassed as I looked back down at her, and gave her a smile. I couldn't help it, but it did now make sense as to why I had thought of her as so special.

"You aren't going to kill her then are you?" Jane asked with a spark of hope in her eyes, and I smiled at her, touched that she wanted me to be happy.

"Of course not, there is no way I could ever split a force of love this great, but you know a human in a all vampire castle isn't the safest place, Alec if you want to keep her you must change her yourself." Aro said with a serious look to me.

I bit my lip at that, looking down at Bella, with pain. It was true I noticed her scent was quite sweet, I'm sure this wouldn't be the best place for her to live from now on as a human, but I had never turned someone before, I never could find the will to stop once I got started. The thought of accidentally killing the girl sent waves of agony through my body that was even ten times worse then Jane's power at it's highest.

"Do it." Bella whispered up at me, and my dead heart fluttered at her words. The first thing she had ever said to me, and it had to be about this.

I nodded though, keeping her gaze as I slowly went to her neck, and let my mouth go to her neck, injecting my venom into her. I was filled with desire to drink but I suppressed the feelings as best I could, and somehow I managed to pull away with a gasp.

"Well done brother, I knew you could." Jane said touching my shoulder.

I smiled a little at her, but looked down at Bella, who was already withering in pain. My insides turned cold, and I was suddenly filled with regret, I had just ruined her life… But maybe she wouldn't feel bad if she knew how I felt, and that I would be here for her.

"Bella, you're going to be ok, three days, and it's all over, I'll be there the whole time." I said gently stroking her face, brushing a few pieces of her hair from her face.

She looked up at me with a small smile."I know, I've been wanting to be turned for some time now." Bella sighed, but then moaned, biting her lip, but the pain was clear in her eyes.

"Go ahead and take her to an empty room Alec." Aro said with a content smile.

I nodded, and lifted her up in my arms, and ran her to the only empty room lift in this place. I gently laid her down and sat down on the bed.

She looked up at me, panting a little, and her hand went out to me. I quickly took it, feeling sparks fly at the contact, and fill me with a happiness that I never thought I would ever feel.

"Hey, did I tell you… you're kinda beautiful." She said, with a small smile, and I thought my heart was going to flew out of my chest at her words.

I chuckled gently.

"Oh really, that's weird, I was thinking the same thing about you." I said giving her hand a little squeeze.

She giggled, but whimpered, and her hold on my hand tightened.

But she continued to look at me with a small smile.

"So you love me huh…." She grinned.

I gave her a shy smile at that as I looked down.

"I think I do." I said kissing her hand gently.

Even through all that pain I watched as her checks warmed to an attractive pink. My throat burned a little at that, but I kept my smile.

"I think I might love you to, but I don't know, I'll see if I might change my mind after this change." She teased, and I chuckled.

Who knew I would find a love like this, and in this way, but I didn't complain, I would just see were this new love would take me.

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