Alec's Pov

It had been the longest three days of my life, and finally it would be over, in about two minutes.

Everyone was all waiting around outside Bella's door anxiously waiting for her change to be over. I was inside sitting on her bed, like I had been for the last three days.

Jane had been bringing me in blood in jugs every day, and even stayed to talk with me, and try to talk with Bella when she wasn't screaming in obvious pain.

I would be relieved when this was all over, and I wouldn't have to hear my angel going through this pain, it was almost just as painful to watch.

"How much longer?" Bella gasped, as she opened her eyes to look up to me.

I was startled by her blood red eyes as I looked into her eyes, but I smiled, already loving them. Like her brown eyes there were unique, there was swirls of black dotted in them, mixing with the red in the most charming way, it my insides feel as if they were being tangled.

"One more minute and it's over Bella." I said, taking her hand in mine again, and kissing her fingers.

She breathed heavily, letting out low cries, but she had a look of determination on her face now, and I knew she was going to pull through this.

The seconds ticked on, and I watched as Bella was transformed into a thing of absolute perfection. She was the most beautiful vampire I had ever laid eyes on.

As her heart began to pick up speed I held my breath, waiting anxious the faster and faster it went until suddenly it stopped beating.

Bella looked around now, and slowly sit up as she locked eyes with me, letting her hand go to my cheek in awe.

"Bella, are you ok my love?" I asked smiling at the feeling of her hand on my face, it sent shivers down my spine.

She nodded, but continued to stare at me with a look of amazement, until couldn't take it anymore.

"What is it?" I asked worriedly looking over her, in fear that something went wrong.

"I love you." She said her voice sounding as smooth as silk, and as she said those three little words I thought my heart was going to explode with jubilant happiness.

I hugged her to me now, pulling her into my lap.

"I love you to." I whispered to her, and closed my eyes in peace as she held herself to me.

I then did the one thing I've been wanting to do since I watched Bella walk into the room. I took her face in both of my hands, letting my fingers stroke her smooth cheeks, and slowly I leaned forward until my lips touched hers.

She responded tenderly, but soon her hold around my tightened, and it became passionate, unfortunately her hold was a little to tight, and I backed away a little from her, sighing as she loosened her grip on me.

"Care my sweet, ouch…" I said with an amused smile at her wide eyes.

"Oh, sorry." She said looking upset. I quickly pressed my lips back to hers, but more cautiously so she knew to be careful.

She kissed me back, our lips now coming together perfectly, fitting like puzzle pieces, and the feeling I got from it was something that couldn't be explained through words, it was like magic.

I didn't know how long we stayed like this, but when I began to hear people clearing their throats from outside the door I pulled away from Bella with a shy smile.

"Oh yea, the others are kinda expecting us." I said standing up, but not letting her go for a second.

She giggled at this, and nodded as I pulled her out the door, and to the waiting people.

"Finally." Jane said rolling her eyes in amusement.

I narrowed my eyes at my sister in embarrassment.

"Shut it Jane." I mumbled shyly, but smiled as Bella's eyes went to mine in humor.

"Bella, how are you feeling?" Aro asked with a nice smile as he took in Bella's appearance. The others also had noticed Bella's beauty, she obviously has moved up in the list as the most beautiful girl in the Volturi, her beauty was far greater then any other here.

"I'm ok, my throat hurts though." Bella said with a frown.

They others nodded at this in understanding.

"Then I think it's time for her first hunt, we'll make this easy for you until you get the hang of hunting." Aro said, and snapped his fingers, as two humans came running into the room, and bowed in front of him.

"Alright Bella, these two has been working for the Volturi for a week now, and came to me to be turned, if you are able to stop in the middle of drinking from them then their wish will be granted, if you can't they obviously will be die, they both decided that they will take the risk." Aro explained, and Bella looked at both of the young boys with a raised brow, then nodded at Aro.

She slowly moved to the first one, a blonde haired boy named Tony, and kneeled in front of him.

The boy looked up at her, and gave her a fearful nod.

She quickly bit his neck, and began to drink at a quick rate that some of us has never even seen before, it was so quick the boy had been dead in seconds.

Watching Bella hunt was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, yet at the same time I couldn't think that way because Bella had been so disappointed in herself that she almost looked like she was about to cry.

I quickly went to her side, and wrapped me arms around her.

"It's ok Bella, no newborn can pull away from a human easily, some vampires that has been around this world for a long time couldn't as well, there is no reason to be disappointed." I said soothing her, and she did seem to calm down.

"You did quite well Bella, and I'd image you're still hungry, the other one hasn't run away, go ahead, and try again." Caius said from behind us.

Bella sighed, and moved to the next boy.

She slowly took his face, and made him look up to her. A shot of jealousy hit me at this, but I didn't let it show, and willed myself to calm down, she was probably just trying to find the best angle to bit.

This boy had strange bronze hair, and emerald green eyes, he looked very boy-ish, and seemed to stare at Bella longer then the other had. He had noticed her intense beauty like I had, but as I watched Bella bit into his neck I again felt my envy swelling up inside me. Why was I feeling this way, this human meant nothing to Bella, she was about to kill him any way.

But something was different, she was drinking slowly, and sudden she flung herself away, and to the other end of the room in seconds, looking away from everything, and sticking her head out the window to breath in fresh air.

I glared down at the withering boy, wanting to kill him myself, I didn't know why, but I felt this boy might just be a problem.

Everyone was staring at Bella now in surprise.

"Bella that was the most amazing thing I have even seen, well done." Marcus said this was the most he has ever said in a long time, making this moment even more shocking.

Bella slowly came walking over, and hugged herself to me, breathing through my chest.

"This young man will be you're responsibility now Bella, you are his creator." Aro said with a proud smile.

Bella nodded, and looked at the boy now, still holding onto me.

"What is you're name?" She asked the boy, and the boy looked up at her, letting out low cries, and whimpers through the pain.

"My name is Edward Mason." He panted, and gave Bella a smile that made my insides burn, making my hands quiver to kill this boy.

"Can't we just kill him?" I asked turning to Aro with a frown,

Aro chuckled.

"Now now Alec no need to be hasty, Edward will make a fine new member, and so has Bella, any one with this much control already is bound to have an amazing power." Aro said smiling back at Bella.

I groaned, but hugged Bella close to me as I watched the little worm named Edward start crawling towards us.

Bella watched him with pain, and looked to me.

"Can we go hunt more, my throat hurts again." She said with a pout, and I chuckled.

I leaned down and kissed her gently, making sure Edward was watching, and glanced to see his narrowed eyes up at us.

"Of course my love, let's go." I said, and began to pull her our of the room, and Jane, and some of the others followed closely behind.

All I have to say about Edward us he better stay away from Bella, or I'll kill the worm myself.


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