A/N: For HollyWrites' 'Love Potion Challenge' on HPFC.

How The Cookie Crumbles

When Blaise Zabini smelled Amortentia in his sixth year, it caused him great confusion. He smelled fine wine (courtesy of his Italian heritage); he smelled wood (courtesy of his love for Quidditch); he smelled…freshly baked cookies? The smell of freshly baked cookies was the cause of his confusion.

Zabini Manor never smelled of anything but cleanliness. Hogwarts only smelled old. None of the girls he consorted with would ever even consider going near freshly baked cookies. So what was the source of the scent? The question sat in the back of his mind for many months, but he didn't receive his answer until a spring afternoon unlike any other.

Blaise was searching the Hogwarts library for a book for his Transfiguration essay. He was scanning the shelves as he walked down one aisle after another. He didn't worry about possibly running into anyone; it was too nice a day for anyone sane to be inside (and he never claimed to be sane). Of course, he never considered that he wasn't the castle's only insane inhabitant.

As he scanned, he ended up running into someone. That someone fell onto him, causing him to crash to the ground. He turned his head to berate that someone, but then he smelled it. Freshly baked cookies! The person atop him seemed to exude the scent, along with that of wood. He had found the source!

"I'm sorry," murmured a lilting voice as the stranger got off him. He pushed himself up as she smoothed her skirt down. When she looked up to see if he was okay, Blaise gasped.

"W-Weasley?" he stammered. No! She could not be the source of the cookie-scent! She couldn't be the 'love of his life'! He couldn't be meant to fall in love with a blood-traitor!

He had to admit, though, that the youngest Weasley was no longer a little girl. Her hair was longer, she was taller, she had more curves, and she had filled out in all of the right places. Overall, she was… "Stunning."

"Excuse me?" she asked as cordially as possible. She didn't want to have to talk to the Slytherin more than she had to. Sure, she had seen him at his most charming, and he was definitely one of the fittest males at the school, but he was still a Slytherin. Stop it, Ginny! You're in love with Harry, remember?

"Umm…nothing," he mumbled. Can't believe I said that aloud!

She looked at him oddly, before offering another apology and walking away. As soon as she was out of sight, Blaise fell to the ground next to the bookshelf. He leaned back and sighed. So, the love of my life is the one girl that I'll never have. How bloody wonderful.