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How's my boy?"

"I'm going to have a brother or sister," Anthony said the moment we walked into Charlie's house. He was wasn't thrilled and did a sarcastic finger twirl along with his announcement; apparently

he was too old for a sibling.

Charlie's face went from happiness because we were visiting to shock over Anthony's nonchalant announcement of our second unplanned pregnancy to amusement. He had expected to hear all

about our impromptu trip not about Bella being pregnant again.

"Don't sound too happy," he lightly slapped Anthony's shoulder, letting him have his favorite recliner in spite of the gruff attitude. My eight-year-old son just grunted and changed the channel.

From the moment we picked him up from school and told him our good news, he's been a little standoffish.

"You two obviously haven't learned a thing about safe sex or you know, waiting for marriage," Charlie said while walking towards us. He was pretending to be disappointed but he was

unsuccessfully hiding his smile.

"Ahh but this time we are already married!" My wife said holding up her left hand and wiggling her fingers, flashing her wedding band.

"You lying? My heart can't take it," he joked, holding his hand against his chest.

"Dad that's not funny," Bella playfully pushed her father but laughed her loud, adorable laugh that I loved.

"Neither is messing with a sick, old man."

"You're not even fifty and we went to Vegas," Bella explained, rushing out the last part. We both wanted to avoid the flack that we'd received from my parents.

"I'm just saying would it kill you to get married then have a baby? You write about the old-fashion values, try living them. What the hell happened to you?" He asked theoretically.

"I wasn't raised right," Bella said with a sly smile.

This little exchange between them was entertaining but I knew at some point I would be getting that 'make my daughter happy or else' speech that I had heard years before. This time though I

knew more, knew myself and Bella better. We'd grown up together and apart and came back together again. I knew what it was to lose her and this time around, I would fight for her, for my life

because without her there was nothing. Bella, Anthony and this new baby were my life.

"Very funny, and what do you have to say for yourself?" Charlie asked finally looking at me.

Considering I had been through this whole unplanned pregnancy then marriage thing with him before one would think that I would be a little less nervous and a little more prepared but I wasn't.

My father in law still had the power to make me sweat and stutter.

"Well yeah, we got married and ah, we are having a baby so," I said rubbing the back of my head.

"And you got married in Vegas?" Charlie interrupted because I sounded like a fool. "Who does that? Didn't either of you think that maybe your parents would want to be there?" He asked the

both of us, just as my parents had hours ago.

"Well sir, it was a-" I started but thankfully was cut off.

"Oh stop it; you were there the first time. This time was for us."

Bella told him all about how she was the one to propose, making us all laugh but Charlie was practically bent over, holding his stomach. It wasn't that funny.

Honestly, I was too shocked over the whole pregnancy thing to ask and truthfully, I didn't think I would have. I assumed that Bella wasn't exactly pro marriage, especially since Renee was

swiftly approaching her second divorce. Apparently I was wrong and she had been dropping hints over the last few years. I had missed those because I would have asked and remarried her long

before now. She continued on, telling him how we decided to pull Anthony out of school and hopped on the first flight to Vegas.

Charlie laughed, joking about us getting married by Elvis.

Of course we didn't. In honor of Bella's books, we went with a vampire theme wedding complete with Dracula as our pastor. The whole thing said cheesy and fun, and it was but our vows, the

words we said to one another, there was nothing funny about that.

I will never forget a moment of it all how her hands felt in mine, how tears welled up in my eyes as she said, "I want to tie myself to you in every way imaginable, again. But this time when I say

forever I mean it; I can make those promises now and mean them with every fiber of my being." And I vowed to love her endlessly, make her laugh daily and be there always because there was

nowhere else I would ever want to be.

"I'm happy for you two but you break his heart again and you'll have to answer to me," Charlie said completely serious as he slung his arm over my shoulder with his eyes on his daughter. I was

shocked, but hell I'd take it; it was nice to know that I had Charlie on my side this time around.

"Talk a walk with me," Bella asked before I had a chance to shut my door.

We were alone and the last thing I wanted to do was go for a walk; I just wanted to spend the rest of the day and night in bed with my bride. Charlie offered to keep Anthony for the night so we

could celebrate since we weren't going on a honeymoon any time soon. Both Bella and I quickly agreed because the two days we spent in Vegas were with Anthony, not that having him there

was a bad thing but it didn't afford us much alone time.

"Wouldn't you rather go inside and celebrate?" I asked suggestively, wanting her sweaty and naked, not sweaty from hiking.

"Stop it," Bella grabbed my hand and pulled me to a path that I had had never been down.

The walk was longer than I imagined, Bella wasn't an outdoorsy kind of girl so this hike was surprising. I had been carrying her for the last fifteen minutes because she claimed she was fat and

tired. It was nice to know that the moment she found out she was pregnant all her original pregnancy symptoms popped up.

"Can you see anything?" Bella asked from behind me.

Besides tree after tree, there wasn't anything to see, except that we were approaching a clearing, which I didn't even know existed but that was how vast the property was.

"Let me down." I dropped her immediately. I wasn't as young as I once was and carrying her almost a mile was just about my limit.

"Now close your eyes," Bella said taking my hand. I did as she asked, knowing how excited she was over whatever she had to show me. My only hope was that it wasn't another 'exciting'

camping trip. I wasn't in the mood to build fires with so much as a lighter or sleep on the ground under stars so we could have the 'authentic' camping experience, rain and all.

"You sure you're ready for this?" she asked, I could hear the enthusiasm in her voice.

"Oh I guess," I opened my eyes and they immediately landed on my beautiful bride with her arms wide open and an enormous smile. Then I saw it, her surprise.

"What do you think?" she asked.

My mouth hung open as I took it all in. There were no words.

She had built me a fucking racetrack and not some tiny little thing but a professional grade track. Complete with a spectator's fence, a starting gate with lights so I could ride at night, if I wanted

to and an announcer's tower. And there was a motherfucking concession stand, who can say that they have one of those at home?

"What's all this?" I asked finally.

"Your dream," Bella answered quietly, she seemed so unsure of herself. Gone was the excitement she had the entire hike here. "I know I'm not a romantic kind of girl but it doesn't mean that I

don't love you because I do, I just suck at showing it." Bella started, taking a deep breath.

"You're the reason all my dreams came true and I wanted to make one of yours come true," my beautiful wife said looking sexy, shy and innocent. She was waiting for me to say something but I

had nothing, this was beyond fucking amazing.

"This is amazing baby, but you made my dreams come true the first time you married me and the second. You, Anthony and this new baby you are my dream."

Her gift was incredible but I needed her to realize that I would give up everything a million times over to be where we were right now.

"I know that, but you gave up all your dreams of becoming a famous rider when we got pregnant forever ago and I couldn't think of a better way to thank you for all your sacrifices. I know you

haven't really rode in a while but-"

"You give me everything just by breathing," I cut her off, saying the words without thinking but they were true. They had always been true, even when we weren't together she was it for me.

"What's so funny?" I had to ask because I had just said some seriously sweet shit and Bella was laughing; and not just giggling but full on laughing.

"Nothing," she said trying to compose herself but that shit wasn't working.

"Nothing? You're laughing," I pressed on.

"It's just that my Robert would totally say something like that," she finally said. "I should write that down it would be perfect for my next book."

I had to laugh right along with her because I read her books, even when I wanted them to flop but yeah it was something he would have said.

"Your Robert? Do I have to remind you that your Robert is based off me?" I pulled her to me and kissed her lips then that special spot under her ear; effectively reminding her that I was her


"No, you're my Edward; I don't need to be reminded," she moaned, leaning into me.

I liked the sound of that, that I was her Edward. I liked it so much that wanted to show her with my hands, all night, in our bedroom.

"Come on." It was my turn to grab her hand and did some Houdini type shit so she was on my back again. I walked as fast as I could, but let's be real here, I ain't no superhero.

"You don't want to ride?" my beautiful bride asked with a giggle, she knew I did not intend to ride today.

"No I can ride whenever, thanks to you," I took her hand that was wrapped loosely around my neck and kissed the back of it.

I walked with her on my back the entire way that was how much I wanted her. And I didn't want to waste any more time. The moment we entered the house I had her shirt off, then her pants,

then my shirt, leaving a trail of clothes to our bedroom. I watched as Bella crawled naked to the middle of our bed, feeling like the luckiest motherfucker in the world

"Edward?" Bella whispered, looking fucking stunning lying back against the pillows just waiting for me to make love to her.

"What?" I replied, still unable to move or take my eyes off her.

"Come here."

"Oh sorry, I was dazzled,"II smirked knowing that I stole that line directly from her book.

"You're such an asshole."

"But you love me enough to build me a race track," I climbed onto the bed; wanting to cover her body with mine but also wanting to show her how much I worshipped her.

"I guess," she whispered looking down at me as I kissed the top of her feet, the insides of her ankles and her knees.

"And to have my baby again," I kissed her deeply, letting my hands roam.


"And to spend the rest of your life with me," I swallowed hard; the feelings she ignited in me were overwhelming. She was my wife again, my forever again.

"Absolutely," Bella said with a smile. Both of moaned as I slowly pushed into her.

"Good because what you said about this being forever, "I'm holding you to that."

"Forever," she vowed for the second time in as many days.

And this time, I had no doubts.

Together forever, for always.

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