A/N This is a slash story,so there are going to be explicit sex. There might be also offending language and violence. If this is against your principals,please don't read this story and thank you for the interest.

Richard sat at a booth in the corner of the dark crowded night club,he was bored. The overwhelming stimuli in the club was overbearing,a death metal band was screeching loud insane lyrics,accompanied by crying guitars and thumping drums,the air was filled with sweat,pheromones and cloying perfumes. Dark Goths filled the place like buzzing blowflies on a ripe corpse.

His eye fell on an out-of-place,excited energetic Goth,her raven pigtails was swinging in rhythm with the writhing band as she entered the club. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt with a short mini-skirt,her body marked with several tattoos,her bulky boots scuffing on the ground. He could sense that she wasn't your normal Goth,obsessed with Death and depressively angry at the world,her aura shined with happiness and endless intrigue with the world around her.

Richard kept an eye on her,watching her actions with curiosity,she was followed by an attractive, tall brunet,which she was pulling by the hand,into the club. Although the man was dressed from top to bottom in black,no one would misjudge him as a Goth. He had an open ,almost childlike face with huge soulful green eyes,it was his aura that was truly amazing,it reflected innocence and pure goodness. The man was like a refreshing spring rain in the jaded,dark club,his body language was riddled with insecurity and nervousness,his partner obviously forced him to accompany her. The mysterious young man went to the bar to order drinks,while his exuberant partner started to dance to the weeping music.

Richard was surprised that his cock was becoming hard only from looking at the young man,he had to fight to keep his incisors from dropping and lengthening in his mouth,he wanted to bite into the white,smooth unblemished skin. He wanted the untouched youth in front of him,not only for his rich,intoxicating blood but also for his overbearing innocence. As a predator his hunger was awakened by the fresh,alluring man in front of him,he seldom these days fed from humans,but this man was like a siren calling out to him. He was both surprised and elated ,it was such a long time that he felt sexual attraction to another being. He needed to get to know more about the human in front of him,he wanted to be near him to inhale his intoxicating sent,it would be heaven sucking on his full,pouting lips. Sex and feeding was closely related to vampires,but the sexual want and need was more overpowering than the need to feed.

Timothy McGee was tired and stressed out,this was the last place he wanted to spend his Friday night,but refusing Abby when she was begging,was futile. He felt out of place in the dark,loud and busy club,he would rather be in his safe,boring apartment playing computer games. He ordered drinks and joined Abby,she was already surrounded by admirers and after gulping down her drink in a few swallows she joined a scruffy-looking man on the dance-floor. It left Tim alone staring at the strange occupants in the club,he put down his drink on a table behind him and leaned against the wall,keeping an eye on Abby.

Abby was enjoying herself,she had her designated driver in the form of a bored and pouting McGee,so she could let her hair down and just enjoy herself,she knew that her friend would get her safely home. She lost herself in the loud music and danced with her new admirer,forgetting about McGee.

Another pair of eyes was watching the couple and although the happy Goth was an alluring source of blood,her companion that she deserted was more so. Graham was truly evil and had no remorse for anything he did to appease his burning hunger,an innocent like the man waiting in the shadows on his friend was a tasty titbit. His mouth was watering ,watching the childlike face of his prey,he wanted to corrupt the innocence and break the man in front of him. The Council forbade feeding on children,but the fresh,young human in front of him was an adult,a rare pure ,untouched innocent.,his aura shining with goodness. Graham knew that other vampires would also be attracted to the human like moths to a flame and he had to make his move and get his prey out of the club,before anyone else noticed him. He would entertain himself for a while with the unsuspecting youth,keeping him as a source of blood supply and as an unwilling bed-partner. He unnoticed moved near to Tim,slipping a Roofie into his unguarded drink.

Tim woke up in the dark, his hands shackled above his head,his mind was foggy and it felt like someone stuffed cotton wool into his head. The room around him was cold and pitch black,either he was blind or there was no source of light in the room. He tried to process logically what had happened to bring him here,the last he remembered was going with Abby to a club,she was dancing while he was watching from the sidelines. He panicked,what if Abby was here also and called her name loudly,but after a few tries he gave up,there was no reply and only his own voice echoing in the room.

Tim was scared out of his mind,working for NCIS,meant that he had a myriad of potential kidnappers. He pulled on his restraints,but the sound of metal chains,stopped his pitiful efforts,he was stuck here. Suddenly the room was filled with a white ,glaring light ,his eyes blinking to clear his view,his hands were untied and he was dragged out of the room between two strong muscular men. Tim tried to protest but they ignored him,his efforts to struggle made no impact on their strong hands. Their hands were surprisingly cold,their faces pale white and a strong smell of wet ground surrounded them.

Tim was dragged up stone steps in to a large kitchen,his previous prison,obviously was in the basement,he was carried up two flights of steps in to a large luxurious bedroom. The room was filled with dark,heavy wooden furniture,rich velvet curtains covered the windows and on the floor was a thick plush Persian carpet. The two very attractive,virile men dragged Tim to the to the large Victorian,four poster bed that dominated the room,his clothes was swiftly torn off and he was strapped to the bed.

The only sounds in the room,were Tim's moans and struggling,"What do you want! I'm a federal agent you will get into a lot of trouble for kidnapping me. Let me go!"

They ignored his pleas and his threats,manhandling his body without any effort. As soon as they tied him down on the bed,they stood at the end of the bed glaring at Tim,as if appraising him. One of the men spoke to the other,"I hope the Master leaves something for us when he is finished with him,he looks very tasty."

The other man answered before they both left the room,"I don't think it is going to be soon,the Master is going to enjoy playing with him." " He sure is a price."

Once again Tim was left alone with his panicked thoughts,he struggled against his restraints,but accomplished nothing more than painful rope-burns on his wrists and ankles. Tim was feeling very scared and vulnerable,lying naked and tied-down in a strange bedroom.

Abby was really angry,it was time to go home and she couldn't find her designated driver,she was drunk and in no mood to phone a taxicab to go home. After an extensive search of the club she phoned Tony to come and fetch her,she was going to kill McGee for leaving her alone behind in the club,she knew he didn't want to be there,but to just desert her was unthinkable. She waited at the door for her ride.

"Abby I can't believe Probie just left you there,without saying a word. He has a lot to answer too on Monday morning.",Tony said angrily as Abby climbed into his car.

"I'm going to kill him without leaving any evidence!"

"You don't have to kill him yourself,just tell Gibbs that he left you alone ,drunk in a dangerous club and the job will be done."

Both of them didn't give Tim another thought and carried on with their weekend,Tony went back to his latest conquest waiting in his bed and Abby snuggled into her coffin.

The bedroom door opened and Tim waited anxiously in a cold sweat to see who his captor was,his heart was beating frantically like a trapped animal. A rich accented voice reached him first,"You truly are beautiful,Timothy!" A dark handsome man was standing at the foot-end of the big bed,he moved like a shadow without making a noise. Tim's big green eyes was filled with fear,he tried in vain to control his terror,his voice was shaking,barely above a whisper,"Who are you,what do you want from me?"

"I want everything you can give and you have no choice in the matter!"

"I am a federal agent and they will be looking for me."

"They are not going to find you,young Timmy."

Tim started to struggle once again against his restraints,the enigmatic man walked around the bed and sat next to his captive. His eyes shined with malice and hunger,his long thin fingers started to trail unwelcome paths on Tim's skin,scraping the skin with sharp,claw-like nails. A whimper escaped Tim's mouth,looking at his captor from so nearby he realised that the man touching him,wasn't human at all. It struck Tim with relief,that this had to be a dream,there was no monsters in real life."Wake up,wake up,its just a dream!",his unbelieving mind chanted.

His captor cackled,"Should,I pinch you Timmy?" Vicious nails bit into Tim's arm,slicing through his skin like a hot knife through butter. Graham licked his fingers clean,his eyes closing in ecstasy ,the intoxicating fear,innocence and pureness draining on to his tongue. He couldn't control himself any-more and with swift movements bit into Tim's neck,moaning as he drank the delicious blood.

A burning pain lanced through Tim's body,all his senses awakened,the fire moving through his body,there was no escape he could only endure. Something awful started to happen,with the pain an unwanted arousal started,and Tim started to fight against his own body,a smug voice laughed in his mind,"You are mine now Timmy,I am your Master."

Tim tried to hide in his mind in a dark corner,but there was nowhere the dark,evil voice couldn't follow him. A vicious hand clamped down on his erection and he yelped in fear and pain,"Now that I tasted your blood you belong to me,soon the rest of your body will be mine." His mind was numb,the blinding fear pushed him over the edge,Tim was sure this was how it felt to be insane,to be so helplessly locked into your own nightmare,that your mind started to give up,started to retreat into the Darkness.

Suddenly the nightmare was pulled from Tim's body and the burning pain stopped,he lay on the bed panting in fear. Richard pulled Graham from the young man he admired earlier in the night,although he was years older than the other vampire,he still struggled to control him. "He is mine! You won't ever touch him again,or your life would be forfeited !"

Graham wined like a petulant child,"I saw him first,he is mine!"

Richard threw him against the wall,plaster falling to the ground,"I am your superior and if I say he is mine ,you have no say!"

Graham knew when it was better to agree for his own health,the older vampire was far stronger and more influential than him,he had no choice in the matter,"Yes Sir,but he isn't marked,I didn't know he belonged to you!"

"Now you know,so keep away from him."

Tim was untied,he tried to cower away from his new attacker,but his weak protests were ignored,he was wrapped up in a blanket and then swung across his new captor's back and carried from the room. It all was too much for him and he slipped into a blessed darkness.

Richard Valdezia looked down on the pale young human sleeping in his bed, he was surprised by his actions in saving the young man. It was the first time in his life that he stuck out his neck to save a mere human,he lived in seclusion and seldom walked in the human world,preferring to keep his own company,he was one of the oldest living vampires and his interest in life has waned over the countless years of existence. Something in the young human attracted his attention,making the blood in his cold veins heat up,he had an unrelenting hunger to possess the young man in front of him. Vampires was by nature dominating creatures,who demanded obedience and compliance, but Richard recognised his driving need to possess the young human,as his need to own his mate.

He noticed the shallow scrapes that marred his mate's body,the deep laceration on his arm still oozing blood,he reach down instinctively and licked the small drops of blood from the wound,revelling in the rich intoxicating taste. Tim's eyes snapped open in fear,"You are one of...one of...them!"

A deep melodic voice answered him,"Yes I am,little one,but you have nothing to fear from me."

"Does that mean I'm free to go?"

"Unfortunately not,I cannot send you unmarked into the world."

Tim's heart started to race in his chest,"What do you mean by 'unmarked' ?"

"I need to drink from you to create a bond with you and we need to consummate our union."

The young agent tried to move away from the insane monster in front of him,"W..what do y..you...mean with...con...consummate?" His eyes was riddled with fear and his breath panted in fear.

"Timothy you are my mate,you belong to me,from now on you are under my protection."

Tim was shaking his head vigorously,"No! No,I belong to myself! I don't want to belong to you!"

"I'm sorry,little one,but you have no choice in the matter,you cannot go back to your life if you don't submit to me."

"I'm not gay! I don't want you for a mate!"

Richard saw the overwhelming fear in his unwilling mate,but to form a telepathic link he had to feed from his mate first,he hated to force him. He gathered the struggling anxious human in his arms and bit into his neck as painless as possible and started to drink. The soft cries and moans of his mate was smothered into his chest,"Please...I don't want to!"

The blood flowing into Richard's mouth was like ambrosia,it invigorated his dying soul and burned through his body,arousing a fierce need in his loins. Tim was overpowered with arousal,he body writhing in sexual need in his new Master's arms. Richard tried to calm the fear and terror in his new mate,"Ssshh ,ssshh,go to sleep little one,you are safe with me." He send waves of calm and relaxation to his mate,through their new telepathic link. He licked the small pinpricks on his new mate's neck and watched Tim lying relaxed in his arms,slipping into a peaceful sleep.

Richard sat on the bed watching his new mate sleep,his eyes feasted on the beautiful and perfect figure of his mate,mapping every contour on the smooth,silky skin. The few mouths of blood he had taken weaved a bond to his soul,chaining him to the young human in front of him indefinitely. The little time he spend in his mate's mind, showed him how gentle,kind and brilliant his mind was,his spirit stubborn and strong. He let Tim sleep for at least eight hours,smoothing his fear away by running a reassuring hand through his mate's silky,soft hair.

Tim awoke again bathed in fear ,looking at the strong and terrifying creature next to him on the bed. Richard was taller than Tim,his body ripped in bulky muscles,covered by a soft mat of fine hair,he had a strongly defined and handsome face,with a thick main of shoulder length raven black hair, a charismatic air surrounded him and his eyes were deep hypnotic hazel pools,his mouth was full and softly alluring.

"Are you a vampire?"

"Yes,little one,"

"As in Dracula?"

Richard laughed,his melodic voice echoing through the room,"Yes,but not all the things you think is true. I do need blood to survive,but I don't feed everyday,I don't go into the sun because it requires me to feed more often,I can withstand garlic,holy water and crosses. "

"Can you turn into a bat? Does wooden stakes kill you?"

"Ah are you already thinking of killing me?"

Tim stuttered,"No..no..of course not!"

"Yeah a wooden stake through the heart will kill me,but you will need to catch me first,we move very fast and can transform ourselves."

Richard de-solved into mist and appeared on the other side of Tim,scaring him even further."I'm not going to hurt you Timothy,calm down!",he bathed Tim's mind in a sense of calm.

"What do you want with me?"

"You are my mate and it is my job to keep you safe and to protect you."

"It isn't necessary ,I'm a federal agent ,I can protect myself."

"Like the great job you did last night?"

Tim blushed bright red,"They were much stronger than me,I think they drugged me."

"It isn't going to happen under my protection again."

Pouting Tim said,"I don't want your protection!"

"You have no choice in the matter ,my own."

"Are you going to keep me as a prisoner?"

"No you can go back to your life if you want to,but we first have to consummate our bond."

"Oh,God,you are really serious about that,I'm NOT GAY!",Tim tried to get of the bed but was trapped under the bigger body of the vampire.

"I felt your arousal when I fed from you."

Tim shrieked desperately,"It was only my body responding,not my heart,I am not going to sleep with you!"

Richard stood up and said before he left the room,"You won't go back to your life,if you don't give yourself to me!"

Tim jumped out of the bed,kicking the solid wooden door that was firmly locked. He had to get back to work on Monday or the Boss would kill him,he already knew Abby was going to kill him ,for leaving her behind in the club. He knew that he only had a place on the team for his technical abilities and that the team would have a token search for him but wouldn't be too much bothered by his disappearance. His traitorous mind was reminding him,that having sex with the gorgeous vampire wouldn't be so bad,if it let him free to be able to live his life again. He also knew that his parents and Sarah would be distressed if he disappeared,Jethro was still locked up in his apartment and would soon need to be fed.

Tim was tired and overwhelmed,he stepped into a nightmare world and would give anything just to return to his normal organised world. He knew that the vampire didn't need to have his consent for sex,he could force Tim if he wanted to. Tim reached out tentatively with his mind,"Are you there Mr. Vampire?"

"My name is Richard Valdez,little one."

"Can I really go after we had...had sex?"

"Yes,but we are mates,I will still be in your life."


"Timothy you are mine to protect,our minds will stay connected and I am going to want to feed from you again."

"And the ...sex...,how often?"

"I won't force you,I will only take what you give."

"But you are forcing me now!"

"I have to now,for your own protection,I cannot let you go without my mark?"

"Is it going to hurt?"

"I will never hurt you,Timothy."

"Okay lets get this over as soon as possible!"

"There is no rush,my own."

"Yes there is,I want to go home as soon as possible!"

It was only a few minutes before Richard returned,he sat on the bed watching Tim huddle frightened in the blanket that he covered him in the previous night,his eyes was filled with fear and vulnerability. Richard had become disconnected from his emotions over the years and didn't really know how to smooth his mate's fears,he was sexually attracted to Tim and knew he had to possess him,but the concept of love was foreign to him,having sex with Tim was a way of marking him,showing the world who he belonged to. He spoke reassuringly into Tim's mind,"Come here my own,I won't hurt you."

Tim moved a little bit closer,still keeping the blanket tightly wrapped around his body,he tried to calm his frantic heart,letting the mesmerising voice of the vampire drug his senses. A feather soft kiss was brushed over his lips,the contact not disgusting but luring his senses for more,he leaned slightly forward,the kiss was repeated a little more firmly. Tim could feel a deep underlying connection to the vampire,he felt a sense of belonging and attraction.

Richard moved nearer keeping the contact with his mate's lips,licking softly with his tongue on Tim's bottom lip,he was rewarded by the opening of his mate's lips and slipped his tongue in and deepened the kiss.

Tim wanted more,his logical mind telling him that he should be disgusted by allowing another male to kiss him,but his body responded in a deep-seated need,he tentatively started to participate in the kiss. Richard slipped into his natural role and started to dominate the kiss,reducing his lover to a bundle of need,the small whimpers his mate made, only motivated him to take more,leaving his lover's lips tender and ravished. They broke apart Tim gasping for breath,his lips red and his face flushed in arousal. Richard reached out and traced the lines of Tim's face,his lover turned into his hand and he pulled him nearer for a another hot,scorching kiss.

Tim felt the warm tongue slipping into his mouth,exploring everywhere,it was an intense kiss,far more fiercely than he ever experienced before,the passion of it overwhelming his senses. He came back to the present when he was pushed down on the bed and a cool hand started to stroke all over his body,leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. Tim panted in need,his cock starting to get hard,his mind was still freaked out ,but the arousal was\becoming more overbearing,quieting his mind,letting his body take over.

Richard relished in the warm satin feel of Tim's skin,his hands sliding everywhere mapping his mate's beautiful body,he felt his own cock harden with arousal. He ran his hands upwards on his lover's chest and let his fingers close around Tim's hard nipples,rolling and tweaking them. Tim's torso arched upwards,pressing more firmly into his lover's fingers,when the fingers started to teasingly pull harder on his nipples,he let out a hard moan. Richard was surprised at how sensitive and responsive his lover where,every touch registered in his big green eyes and his soft moans was like a motivation for more contact. He bend down and pulled his lover's nipple into his mouth,sucking softly at first and then scraping his sharp teeth against the tender nipple. Tim writhed on the bed,the slow seduction was killing him,he needed more,but his inexperienced body didn't know how to ask for more.

"Please...please... oh God...please.",slipped out of his mouth,he felt feverishly,his wet cock slapping against his abdomen,when he moved. Richard's hand slipped downwards,cradling the sensitive balls in his hands,measuring their weight. Tim needed him to touch his neglected cock,but his shyness prevented him from pleading for it,he reached for his own aching cock,wanting to stroke himself to the release he craved,but his hand was pushed away with a possessive growl."No its mine!"

Tim wailed pitiful,both his hands were pulled upwards and positioned above his head,"Keep them here." He grabbed onto the headboard,his legs falling open on their own accord,his hips bucked wildly in need,when a cool hand slipped around his warm,needy cock. All his rational thoughts left his mind and he surrendered control to his lover,the firm strokes on his cock,driving his desire higher,he was so near the release he craved,his head was thrashing on the pillow beneath his head,his face and body bathed in sweat. When the hand left him teetering on the brink of release he started to sob in need,"Please,please,I need..."

A slick finger slipped down his crack,making him thrust upwards,he was gently pushed down on the bed and the finger started to make teasing circles around his hole. Tim was beyond fear,the burning need in his groin dictating his actions,Richard stared at the breathtaking picture his lover made in the throws of passion. He slipped a finger into Tim's tight hole,slowly massaging and stretching the tight ring of muscles. The sensation was new to Tim,but it wasn't painful,a second finger joined the first and he gasped.

"Ssshh,ssshh,just relax. You are doing great.",Richard soothed his lover. His tongue snaked out and licked his lover's engorged cock,eliciting a litany of,"Ow,ow,ow God!" The third finger slipped in,Tim was to preoccupied by the wonderful wet mouth on his cock,that he didn't notice the three fingers stretching and preparing him."There,there lover that's good,take all the pleasure I can give you. Soon I'm going to slip my cock into you and claim you as mine."

Tim could hear and feel his lover in his mind,it was an alien feeling,making the whole experience so much more overwhelming. After a long while the fingers was pulled from his hole,leaving him empty,Tim's legs was lifted up and pulled over his lover's shoulder,the intimate position making him blush. He noticed for the first time that his lover was naked,his body ripped with defined muscles,like a Greek god,his cock thick and long.

Richard saw the fear in Tim's eyes,"Don't worry,it will fit,I'm not going to hurt you." Tim could only nod shyly,he felt the blunt head brushing against his hole and tensed up.

"Just relax for me,take deep breath and push down.",his lover kept on couching him. Richard slipped his cock slowly into Tim,giving him ample time to get used to the feeling of his rectum being filled. He stroked Tim's cock,inflating it back to its original engorged volume. Once again Tim started to croon in need and he started to move gently ,making small thrusts,his first stab at Tim' prostate elicited a shriek from him.

The electricity streaked through Tim's groin,stoking his need to come higher,he was holding desperately onto the headboard. Richard started to move with controlled strokes,brushing against his lover's prostate with every thrust,he leaned over Tim's body,capturing his mouth in a wet,hot kiss.

Tim was moaning and gasping,the sensations his body felt was new and overwhelming,he had a burning need to come and every thrust into his body pushed him nearer to his goal,there was some pain in his ass,but the need overshadowed it.

Richard was near to his own release,the tight channel of his lover,gripping his cock almost painfully,he bit into his lovers neck and the rich blood gushing into his mouth pushed him over the edge,his cock spurting deep into his lover pulse after pulse. Tim cried out spraying his semen over his stomach and over his lover as he felt the mind-blowing sensation of his lover sucking on his neck,"Gggggggnnnn!" The spasms of his orgasms milking his lover until he was empty.

The lay together on the bed ,the bond between them woven with an unbreakable chain,Tim was marked,belonging to his lover,he slipped into an exhausted sleep.