Tim woke up in a cold and dark room,he struggled to make sense of his surroundings through his foggy brain. He was relieved to find that he wasn't restrained and his body didn't feel as if he was hurt. He called out with his mind,"Richard are you there?"

The reply was instantaneous,"Tim where are you? Are you hurt?"

"I don't know where I am,it is dark and the door is locked. I'm not hurt."

"Is there anything you can tell me,to help me found you?"

"They drugged me and I woke up here in the dark. They hurt your butler and the housekeeper. Are they okay?"

Tim couldn't hear the shout of anger,but he could feel the cold fury in his mind,"Is it Graham who took you?"

"I only saw his two goons,but I'm sure its him."

"I am going to kill them when I find you!"

Tim didn't know what more to say,"I'll be here."

"Just hold on Tim ,I will find you!"

Tim heard the door open and moved away from it in fear,trying in vain to escape what was going to be done to him. He saw the two vampires that took him the first time,standing there in the feint light,sneering at him. He tried to be brave,but couldn't think of anything to say. He knew if he was Tony he would have quoted some or other movie-reference and would have found a way to insult his captors. But he was geeky McGee and for the death of him,he couldn't find one appropriate thing to say,except,"Richard is going to take his time to kill you,if you let me go,he might just forget that you helped Graham."

They just looked at him bored,his meagre threat not even rising a response. He was dragged out of the room and carried down a narrow passage to a bigger room,holding a bed , a few chairs and a small table. They tore off his clothes and tied him up on the bed,anchoring his arms and legs wide-spread to the legs of the double bed. Tim reached out in fear,"Richard!"

"Tim,what is happening?",the voice in his mind was frantic.

"I can't do this,they tied me to a bed naked,I won't be able to do anything to help myself!"

"Please Tim,just calm down,don't show them you are afraid,don't give them the satisfaction to see your fear!"

"I can't do this! Please don't let him touch me!"

"Oh,God Tim! I cannot stop them,but I will stay right here in your mind and help you through everything they do to you."

"No,you have to keep on searching for me,if you stay in my mind you won't find me. I need you to go to Gibbs and get him to help you find me!"

"Tim,I don't know if that is such a good idea!"

"Please Richard! I beg you,he always find us when we are in trouble."

"Okay,but you have to promise me you will stay strong for both of us."

"I promise,please hurry!"

Gibbs was beyond irritated,explaining to Fornell and Vance what happened to Tim and how he was taken from protective custody was not something he wanted to live through in his lifetime again. Team Gibbs looked like fools and everyone made sure they knew it. Gibbs and his team were suspended for a weak after they violently complained when the case was given over to the FBI. The team gathered at his home,licking their wounds and in an effort to try and find their lost team-member.

It was late and Gibbs send the rest of the team to bed,knowing that he wouldn't be able to sleep he worked on his boat. He was tempted to pour himself a large jar full of bourbon,but refrained as he needed to keep a clear head. Gibbs dropped his favourite chisel when the figure appeared out of thin air next to him. He recoiled in fear ,searching frantically with his eyes for a weapon. He was sure one of his rules stippled that he didn't believe in ghosts,but for the life of him,he couldn't remember which one and if there wasn't one,he would make a new one.

The ghost stared at him and he stared back at the ghost. He reached out and touched the ghost,finding that its body was solid and cool to the touch. The ghost spoke first and it scared Gibbs that it knew his name,"Gibbs,I need you to help me find Timothy."

Gibbs had to ask first,"Are you a ghost?"

Richard sighed,he knew it wasn't going to be easy,talking to Gibbs,but he didn't have time to waste,his mate was in danger."No I'm not a ghost,now will you help me find Tim?"

"I saw you appear out of thin air,why do you want me to help you find Tim?"

"I am a vampire and Tim are important to me."

Gibbs laughed,fearing his mind was going insane,"You are not a ghost,but a vampire?"

"This is getting us nowhere,yes I'm a vampire!" He opened his mouth and his canines lengthened.

"Okay,I see the teeth,but it doesn't mean I believe you are a vampire."

"Does it really matter,when Tim is in trouble?"

"How do you know Tim is in danger?"

"Because he told me himself."

"You saw him after he was taken,you know who has him?"

Richard then slowly explained to Gibbs that he and Tim had a telepathic connection and that he could speak to the other man. He conveniently left out the part that he abducted Tim from the house the previous day and that he was Tim's mate He also told Gibbs that the persons who took Tim were vampires.

Gibbs had to verify that he heard correctly,"Tim was taken by vampires and you want me to help you,who are also a vampire to get him back?"

Richard was annoyed,"Yes. is that a problem?"

"No,but I'm not telling the rest of the team that you are a vampire and that vampires took their team-mate."

"I would prefer if you don't tell them,because I'm not going to explain it again."

Gibbs woke up the rest of the team and introduced Richard as an old friend,who had FBI-connections. They started to work on finding Tim. Graham was at the disadvantage that he didn't take into consideration,that Richard would use modern technology to find them. Abby was the first one to suggest that they should try and find out,if Graham had cellphone and then they could trace its location. They worked frantically to find out if he owned a cellphone and if any property was registered in his name. They checked for bank and credit card transactions.

While the rest of the team were busy searching for Graham,Gibbs had time to think about the situation. He pulled Richard away from the others and asked,"If it is vampires who took Tim,how do we kill them. Do we used wooden stakes like in the movies?"

Richard sighed,"Yes that would work,but it won't be necessary as I'm going to do all the killing there needs to be done."

Gibbs looked at him sceptically,"When you speak of 'them' ,how many are there?"

"There should be Graham and his two helpers."

"See there is where I have a problem,three against one,doesn't seem like great odds. You are going to need help and I'm planning to be your back-up."

"It isn't necessary,the vampire council will give me all the help I need."

"Yeah ,so why are you here?"

At that moment a desperate cry resounded in Richard's mind."RICHARD!" His eyes clouded and his fists clenched,the pure look of menace on his face drove Gibbs back a few steps."Tim,what is happening?

There was no response,he could just feel the terror and pain streaking through his mate's mind. It took all his willpower to focus on the human in front of him,"Gibbs we have to hurry,Graham is doing something to Tim."

"What is he doing to McGee?"

"I don't know,I can feel the terror and pain in his mind!"

Gibbs walked back to the rest of the team ,where they were still busy on the laptops in front of them. Abby noticed him first,"Gibbs,Gibbs,I think I found Graham's cellphone-number ,I am just tracing his location,but it is going to take a few minutes."

"Good work Abs! Just go as fast as possible!" The vampire was still standing in the corner,his face bathed in fury,his eyes glowing. Gibbs shivered,he wondered how Tim and the creature were connected.

"Tim,can you hear me,we are making progress, I will come and get you soon!" There was no response from Tim and for the first time in many centuries,he felt helpless. He never would have thought that he would have to rely on humans to find his mate. He just hoped that Tim could hang on,the only reassurance he had was that Graham liked to play with his prey.