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Chapter 20: The School year ends

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Over the next few days Harry decided that his thoughts a few months back about not ever getting any sleep again, was true, not only did his scar hurt none stop, and he was still having dream about Voldemort, but on top of that he now had nightmares that happened in the graveyard. Harry didn't think he would ever sleep again.

He was made to stay in the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey had claimed it was so she could keep an eye on him, but Harry knew it was to keep him away from the rest of the school. Cody, and Jesse along with Harry's friend stayed with him the whole time, not all at once,; except for Ginny who refused to leave his side, but the others took turns sitting with him to keep him company they said, but Harry knew it was to watch him, now that Voldemort was back they didn't know who they could trust. So no matter what time or day it was Harry always had at least two people with him. One of the good things that had come out of this was Hermione and Cody were back together and Jesse and Frona seemed to be growing even closer, especially now that she joined Dumbledore's little band of Voldemort fighters called the Order of the Phoenix.

The money that Harry won still sat on the night stand by the bed, despite the fact he had tried to give it to a number of people; he had tried to give it to Cedric's parents, who were two of the very few people outside of Harry's friends and family that Jesse allowed in to see him. They refused to take it though, and swore they didn't blame Harry, then he tried to give it to Teddy as a late birthday gift, with not getting any sleep and worrying over the last task he had forgotten to get him anything when he had a birthday in May. Teddy had laughed and said it was very tempting, but there wouldn't be any use taking it, because his dad would just make him give it back. Then when Fred and George Weasley had come in to try to cheer him up; which they did make Harry laugh when they turned Teddy into a yellow Carney when he took a bit out of a piece of cake they gave him. Harry had tried to give it to them to help start their joke shop, they said it was very kind of Harry, but they had already borrowed the money from Ginny when she and Harry had gotten their money from the suit against the Daily Prophet a few days before the task, it had been added to their bank accounts and Ginny had loaned Fred and George 3,000 galleons to get started, they promised once they started making money they would pay her back. Harry even tried to give it to Hermione for her house-elf rights thing, but she wouldn't take it either. She like Harry didn't like the idea of Cedric dying to win it. Harry decided maybe he would just "forget" it in the hospital wing, but Ginny pointed that Madam Pomfrey knew it was his and would just return it or give it to one of his brothers to give back to him.

"It's so boring." Harry complained on the fourth day of being there "I want out of here." Ginny snickered at him. "If I get hurt next school year I'm not coming in here. I'll just live with the injury."

"Harry, you sound like a two-year old." Ginny said. "Just calm down, I'm sure you'll be let out soon." Harry grumbled and Ginny smacked his arm. It has been four days since Harry was made to stay in the hospital wing. And he wanted out.

"Just wait." Ginny said. "Pomfrey will be letting you out soon."

"If not I'm going to just leave." Harry said, crossing his arms, as the hospital door opened and Rigel and Teddy came walking in.

"You can't just leave." Ginny said. She looked at Teddy and Rigel who had walked up to the bed. "Guys tell Harry he just can't get up and leave."

"Why not?" Rigel and Harry demanded.

"Because you can't." Ginny said, Harry rolled his eyes and turned to Rigel.

"Come on, mate." Rigel said. "Just leave. Pomfrey is not your mother, she can't force you to stay."

"You're right." Harry said. "Madam Pomfrey is not my boss." He threw the covers off and grabbed his clothes and headed toward the bathroom so he could change out of the hospital robs Madam Pomfrey insisted students wear when they were in here. He took the robes off and tossed them to the floor and put on his faded blue jeans and a T-shirt. Harry left the robes lying on the floor as he walked back toward the hospital bed to put on his shoes.

"We need to hurry, before Madam Pomfrey gets back." Harry said. "She'll try to stop me and I don't feel like arguing with the school nurse."

"You're really going to leave aren't you." Ginny demanded.

"Lighten up, Sassy." Rigel told her. "It's not like he's sick, so he was in a fight with Voldemort a few days ago. Lightning-bolt is a tough kid, I'm sure he can handle being among other people."

"Yeah, Gin," Harry said. "I need air it's hot and stuffy in here."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'm coming also then, tell you the truth I was getting a little sick of being in here too." Rigel and Teddy grinned.

"So, where should we go?" Teddy demanded. Harry just noticed that Teddy had his hair long and pulled back in a ponytail, it was also blue. He wore faded blue jeans with holes on both leg and rips on the bottoms, and an old faded Quidditch shirt. Harry was a little surprised, Teddy usually didn't wear his hair long.

"I don't care." Harry said. "As long as it's outside."

"How about a walk around the Quiddtich pitch?" Ginny suggested. She had on tight black pants that had pink, green, and blue zippers all over the legs and a shirt, with a picture of three witches flying over the moon and underneath the picture said: Girls Night Out. Her long fiery red hair hung down to her waist and she still wore the earrings Harry gave her, which was the only jewelry she had on.

"Yeah," Harry said. "That'll work." He grabbed the bag of galleons up off the bedside table. "Let's see if we can find Madam Hooch, I think I finally figured out what I can do with this."

The four good friends left the hospital wing and walked down to the pitch, Harry was grateful he didn't run into anyone on the way that would make him go back. He took Ginny's hand as they walked and chatted. And after walking around the pitch a few times, they found Madam Hooch where they kept the school brooms. Harry gave her his Triwizard winnings, to buy the school some new Quiddtich stuff, they had the same stuff ever since before his parents went to Hogwarts and it was battered and falling apart, but the school couldn't afford new, so Harry handed over the winnings, he thought Cedric would have liked to know his winnings was spent to buy new Quidditch stuff. Madam Pomfrey said it should buy a really good set. She thanked him and Harry and his friends left.

"That was real nice of you." Ginny said. As they headed down by the black lake to sit underneath the beech tree. Even though it was a beautiful day out no other students were outside at the moment. They were all in class, which is where Ginny, Teddy, and Rigel should have been. Ginny hadn't been in class since Harry was in the hospital wing and Rigel and Teddy as hardly went either.

"Yeah, well, I didn't want or need it." Harry shrugged. "And we could use some new Quidditch stuff."

He sat down under the tree and Ginny sat in front of him between his legs and leaned up against him and Harry wrapped his arms around her.

"This is all going to suck." Rigel said, sitting down across from them. Rigel didn't dress like the other ones, if he didn't have on wizard robes, he wore mostly jeans and button up dress shirts. Sometime he wore T-shirts or long sleeve shirts, but not often. He liked to keep himself looking nice. He got attention from girls that way.

"What is?" Teddy asked.

"Don't you realize, that now Voldemort is back :your parents, my uncle, Sassy's parents and Harry's brothers, are going to be a lot more protective of us." Rigel said. "I doubt they'll be willing to let us hang out together this summer, like we usually do. We'll have to sneak out or something."

"It's not like my mum ever let me out anyway." Ginny said. "I always had to sneak out. Now she'll be watching me like a hawk, Mum will never let me out of the house."

Rigel snorted. "Wouldn't shock me if she locked you in your room." Rigel didn't like many adults, well, most adults and one he really hated was Molly Weasley; Ginny's mother. He couldn't stand how she tried to mother and boss every kid she came across, as if they were hers and one thing that really ticked Rigel off, was when some tried to act like his mother.

"Well, she's not stopping me from seeing you." Harry said. "I'm not going all summer without seeing you." Ginny grinned. "Speaking of summer, I wish this school year would hurry up and end already."

"You and me both, mate." Teddy said. "With you hidden away in the hospital wing everyone whispers and points at us. Rigel has already cursed several Slytherins, a couple Hufflepuffs, and one Gryffindor."

"Gryffindor?" Harry asked. "Who?"

"Seamus." Ginny, Teddy, and Rigel said at the same time. Harry smirked he should have known it would be him. Ginny's ex-boyfriend.

"He doesn't believe you." Teddy said. "He was going around saying you killed Cedric."

"He was saying what?" Ginny demanded. "That little..."

"Don't worry about him, Gin." Harry said. He hugged her closer to him and kissed her temple. "He's just mad because he lost you and I have you." Ginny smiled.

"That's almost what Rigel said to him before cursing him." Teddy said. "But his words were; you're just pissed because Harry took Ginny from you."

Rigel smirked. "Yeah, well, you threaten to tell Cody what he's been saying if he didn't shut up." Harry snorted at that.

The four sat there and chatted for about an hour or two, before they all started to get hungry and headed up to the castle for dinner. Harry made sure he had his arm wrapped around Ginny; when they walked past Seamus on his way out of the Great Hall, he sneered at Harry and Harry glared back at him. Then they all took seats at the Gryffindor table. Ginny frowned and looked around. Then up at the Staff table.

"Where is everyone?" She demanded. Harry looked up. Cody, Fred and George along with Hermione was all gone from the table. And up at the staff table there was no, Dumbeldore, McGonagall, or Flitwick, and Tonks, Sirius and Jesse who were there until the end of the year were all gone too.

Harry groaned. "I know where they all are."

"Where?" Teddy asked. Harry looked at him.

"Give you a hint." He said. "I'm not in the hospital wing anymore."

"Oh." he said. "Well, that's stupid. It's not like you left the school."

"Ginny." Ron Weasley, Ginny's younger brother just spotted her. "Where have you been? Everyone's looking for you guys."

"We were just outside by the lake." Ginny shrugged. "And don't you dare owl Mum about me disappearing." Ron Weasley, was the youngest of seven kids, and tended to tell on his older brothers and sister; mostly his sister since they couldn't get along, because all Ron wanted to do was follow her around and nosey about what she was doing. He was the one that had found out about Ginny's tattoo and had snitched on her to their mom. He's even been known to red her owls.

"Here comes Snape." Teddy whispered. Harry looked and saw that Snape had left the staff table and was heading their way. He scowled and pushed his plate away.

"Potter," Snape spat, coming up behind him. "What do you think you are doing?"

"I was eating." Harry said. "Until some unwanted company made me feel sick." Ginny who had been taking a drink of pumpkin juice spit it out, Teddy covered his mouth to cover he was laughing and Rigel gave Harry an approving nod.

Snape ignored Harry's remark. "Potter, are you aware that there is people searching the whole castle and ground for you?"

"Much not be searching too hard." Ginny said. "We've just been sitting down by the lake under the beech tree."

"You are in deep... deep...trouble, Mr. Potter." Snape went on. "Sneaking out of the hospital wing, you were not given permission to leave. And the staff here at Hogwarts have better things to do with their time, then look for you as if you were a lost little puppy."

"For the love of Merlin's magic." Teddy said. "Harry only wanted air. He's been locked up in that hot and stuffy room for almost a week."

"Yeah." Rigel said. "Just because Voldemort is back doesn't mean Harry had to become a hermit. Let the man have room to breath."

"I should have known you, Black, and you Lupin, had something to do with Potter disappearing." Snape sneered, he grabbed Harry's arm and made him stand. "Detention, the both of you and twenty points from Gryffindor. You three stay put as I walk Harry back to the hospital wing." Snape led Harry out of the Great Hall by the arm and up the marble steps. "Just like your father aren't you? Never without your little friends. Tell me Potter do you need reminding of what happened not even a week ago?"

Harry jerked his arm out of Snape's hand and turned around and faced him. "No, I don't need you or anyone else reminding me what happen. I get reminded every time I close my eyes. And Rigel is right. I'm not hidding away or becoming a hermit or prisoner just because Voldemort doesn't know how to stay dead. I took him out once and I'll do it again."

Snape sneered. "Yes, just like your father. An arrogant little fool." He stepped up closer to Harry as Harry's hands drew into fist. "And like your father that arrogant attitude is going to get you killed one day."

Harry said nothing, he just felt anger flow through his body as he drew his fist back and punched Snape rightin the face, Snape grabbed his face and stumbled back holding on to his nose, which was now bleeding. Snape looked at his hand, then back up at Harry. And for the first time he saw a shock look on Snape's face.

"Harry," Someone said shocked. They both turned around to see Teddy, Rigel, and Ginny standing at the bottom of the stairs. It was Ginny who had spoken. Rigel was smirking and Teddy was not even trying to hide his laughter this time.

"I'm so sick of you bad mouthing my dad." Harry said. "Don't you ever do it again." He turned and walked off leaving Snape standing there with a broke nose and in shock. His three friends ran up the stair and past Snape to catch up with Harry, who was rubbing his hand.

"Bloody hell." Harry said.. "That git has a hard face."

"Harry, I can't believe you did that." Ginny cried.

"I can't either." Harry said. "But he just made so mad. I'm so sick of him talking about my dad. He's dead and gone." Harry choked up a little at that, he still missed his parents a lot. "Can't he just let him rest in peace."

"I don't blame you." Rigel said. "The way he was talking about your dad, you had every right." Teddy nodded.

They made their way back to the hospital wing so Harry could tell his brothers he was fine, and when he opened the door and walked in he was tackled in a hug by Cody.

"Harry, where the heck have you been?" He demanded, Harry rolled his eyes.

"Outside getting air." He said. "If you would have bothered walking down to the Black lake, you would have seen me."

"Harry, don't run off like that again." Jesse said., as he hugged Harry. "You can't do stuff like that anymore, not while Voldemort is around." Over his shoulder Harry saw Rigel whispering something in Sirius's ear. Harry watched as his godfather frowned, then his eyes widened in surprise, before he burst out laughing, making everyone turn and look at him.

"Sorry," Sirius said, between laughter. "My nephew just told me something I found funny." He winked at Harry, making him grin. At least one adult was happy about what he did. He knew Jesse wasn't going to be, even though Jesse had hit Snape himself just a few months ago.

The rest of the school year couldn't have gone by fast enough for Harry. With all the whispers and stares that followed him everywhere he went. Harry knew everyone was talking about him, but he ignored it and tried not to let it get to him. Rigel told him that one day when he was still in the hospital wing; Dumbeldore made an announcement during dinner about what happen and told everyone they were not to question Harry, that if he wanted to tell them of his own free well what happen, that he would. But Harry only told his friends the full story about his parents coming from their wands to stabbing Wormtail in the shoulder. Rigel had hissed and said too bad Harry didn't kill him. Which made Ginny smack him, and a shiver go down Harry's spine, thinking about killing someone made him think of Voldemort and he was the last person Harry wanted to think about. And on top everything else he was grounded for the first week of summer for hitting Snape, and had to attend detention for the rest of the year and had gotten fifty points taken from Ravenclaw, making them loose the house cup for the first time since Harry and Ginny was shorted into the house. But Harry didn't care, Hufflepuff had won the cup and Harry was glad, he thought it was the best way to remember Cedric.

Before Harry knew it, he was on his way home on the school train, he hadn't gotten the normal year he had wanted, far from it, the only good thing that happened was him getting a girlfriend. One he loved very much and had promised to sneak over to his house by as much as she could. He couldn't wait.

"Little bro, I hate to give you bad news." Cody had spoken up after Ginny had promised Harry that. For some reason Cody, the Weasley twins, and Hermione had all decided to sit with Harry and his friends, it was so crowded in the compartment that Ginny was sitting in Harry's lap, he didn't mind though, he rather have her as close to him as he could get her, and Ginny didn't mind, seeing as she looked real comfortable; sitting sideways, with her arm around the back of Harry's neck and her head lying on his shoulder. Her other arm was holding on to one of Harry, as both his arms were wrapped around her waist.

"What bad news?" Harry demanded.

"We are not going home." He said. Harry narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean we're not going home?" Harry demanded. "Where are we going then?"

Cody shrugged. "Someplace: Jesse, Padfoot and Moony sat up for us, for now. It's got all kinds of charms on it, on top of some new charm Dumbledore made. Jesse will explain it all when he picks us up at the station. But don't worry too much, I'm sure you could talk Jesse into letting you tell Ginny where it is."

"He better." Harry grumbled, pulling Ginny if possible closer. She smiled and gave him a kiss, which made both their brothers act like they were going to be sick.

"If I can't." Harry whispered in Ginny's ear. "Then we'll sneak out and meet each other somewhere." Ginny gave a nod, and they kissed again. Harry didn't like the thought of not being able to see Ginny all summer. He would if he had to go to her house to do it, who cares if Mrs. Weasley like it or not. His Ginevra met everything to him, and he would be damned if anyone was going to keep them apart.

Harry and Ginny kissed one last time, then she laid her head back down on his shoulder and went to sleep, Harry held her and soon fall asleep himself, this time he had no dreams or nightmares. Their friends stayed as quiet as they could and Teddy and the Wealsey twins played cards the rest of the trip home.

They all knew dark times were ahead, but why worry about it and not live their life as they always had. Voldemort might be back, but they decided not to let it get them down or live in fear. After all what would come would come, they couldn't stop it so why worry, just be ready when it did.

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