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Author's Note: Based on when Ziva said in my world you grow up fast.

Fairy Tales

We had just come from a family that had two little girls and I had to tell them that their father had died. She hated doing this because she remembered having being told about her sister Tali's death. It's the worst feeling to having being told about a loved one being dead. She remembered seeing the little girls were in princess costumes. She had asked Gibbs about the costumes that they were wearing. He told her that little girls liked to play dress up as princesses because their parents read them fairy tales.

She watched the world go by and wondered what it would have been like to have her parents read her fairy tales and dress up as a princess. She had told Tony that they come from two different worlds because in her world she had to grow up fast. She barely had time to be a child when she was little. She didn't have time for children's games and pretend games.

She never had time to be a child and grow up as a child. She never had the chance to play pretend games, or have her parents read her fairy tales. She wondered if they did would she have turned out different? Would she have been so emotionless? Would she have been nicer to people?

She remembered killing her brother in front of Gibbs not because she wanted to, but because her father told her to. Would she have done it if she were raised different? Would she have told Ari to leave? Would things have turned out different? Would Ari still be alive? She would never know.

The End